Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a leap year; February

February is the shortest month of the year.
However, there's a day more this year due to the leap year.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the leap year except some random stuff I did in the month of February.

Blog reviews are stacking up in my draft folder,overdue. It dreads to see them in dormant positions when the content is still so fresh.

There's still about 6 + 3 travelogue posts to go.

I didn't have a PC for over 2 weeks to blog and update photographs Which also explains why I've stopped going for events temporary, knowing I won't be in time to blog them all out anytime soon.

Yes, Social Media has officially become a part of my life, undeniably. I admit, it's somehow EATING into my life too, based on the time I spend drafting blog posts. Imagine, it took me 3 months to sort out the photographs and videos for my Jakarta trip, gather information and another 4 days just to blog my day 1 about it.

Don't ask me why I take so long; simply because I like to search and digest information completely before I have the confidence to blog about it.

School outreach programmes with Silver zir  and the FDP Coaching Team has commenced. Within this short period of time, I've learnt so much: to handle huge crowds, brushing up my public-speaking techniques, crowd control, present the best of myself... ...I will keep improving!

The first school we went to this year, where we held our FDP's Coaching school outreach programme, was Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School. Read Silver's post here.

Next, we've just been to Ping Yi Secondary School and it was a blast!
Ping Yi Secondary School have many good-looking students.

Other than that, I'm trying to spend more time with friends and family. One day, Mum popped up the idea of having a BBQ with our family and friends. So we had one and I am really so thankful everyone was totally spontaneous!


I'd call them my housemates from now on, so close and dear to me. Always lending a helping hand when I'm in need:
left to right: Cho's friend, Cho, Sienn.

Where did all this mobs come from?
My cousins, younger brother(specs), his friend Kelcin and Yongwei(black) BBQ-ing for the crowd.

I was doing my usual Monday singing performance at All About Eve Bar, when someone whom I've been looking for over a decade came popping up to watch my performance!


Meet Edgar, my 'Dad'(爹爹) since Secondary School.

He dotes on me the most, ever! Always patting my head in school, speaking up for me, get caught by teachers passing letters and notes, chat with me on the phone, help my with my school work... After secondary school, I lost his contact number and couldn't find him anymore. Even though I've been looking up on Friendster and facebook, he's couldn't be found because of the username he's using.

Thank you so much, Jennifer Jie, for bringing 爹爹 and reunite us again!
Muacks x264890054598439856498.

Here's something special I wish I'd done long long time ago: To buy a ticket and support a friend's recital/concert/performance!

Yiyang, my keyboardist at All About Eve Bar, is the Vice-president of the NUS Jazz Band. The concert was so entertaining! Presenting to the audience the essence of jazzy songs of  different genres, including Bossa Nova, swing, blues, salsa and samba.


I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I fell in love with Funk Jazz after listening to one of their bands remixed and played this song: RIO FUNK.

Hey everyone, this is my most talented keyboardist, Chan Yiyang.
Remember his name friends,


Last but not least, I attended Low Kay Hwa's first book launch. The man carries the deepest passion you can ever imagine. The heartfelt words his friend and him shared at the launch brought tears to my eyes.


He recapped about how he started Goody Books, the difficulties he face, being outcast as a child, to finally being accepted by someone who understands him, being accepted by the society, being accepted of his works, the difficulties they face and brave together as a team etc.

Through their speeches, you can sincerely feel the friendship that was bonded, the trust that was built, the simplicity of passion, love and everything that was so inspiringly cosy.

Someone asked if he'll ever stop writing, he turned so solemn and when he said he will never, even if it is with no one's support and he's not earning anything, as long he knows that there's someone out there, waiting for his story to be published, he'll never give up writing.

How many of you out there, have lost this feeling so long ago, after being faced with the practicality of the society, the harsh reality of financial status and fame? Have you become a slave for money, or are you stil in control of your passion? What makes you really contented and happy? Have you spent most of your moments to the fullest? Are there colours?

Find your soul again.

Kay Hwa, thank you reinforcing the passion I carry, with its fire dimming as days goes by. Thank you for re-lighting this passion of mine.

Life, the simplicity of it.

Here's to the two winners who won A Singapore Love Story novel, autographed by Low Kay Hwa:

winner2 of Mintbloggiveaway
Meet Bryan. Congratulations!

And April (1st from the right), sweet girl.




I must get his autographed too!

Here are the bloggers who took the extra mile to come down and support Low Kay Hwa.You all are the best!

There are some bloggers out there who really blog for the sake of fees and freebies. It's sad to know that there are such people out there. Your capacity of love is so little, blogging for the wrong purposes. There are times where you can always choose to blog out of love instead, you know. My 2 cents worth.

Clockwise from the left:
Terence Yeo:
Low Kay Hwa:
Jessie Quek:
Yeo Hong Peng:

Two very shy lovelies who were left out of the photo unintentionally, were there to show their support:

Hayley Woo:
Jayley Woo:

I support them all! 


I'm very blessed to befriend many inspiring and passionate people. Even more blessed to have the chance to walk into their lives. Their live testimonials keep me going.

Here's a toast to our passion!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Review] GaGa-Z Fashion is at Far East Plaza

GaGa-Z is about 5 months old, located at Far East Plaza.

Bringing in mainly female apparels and footwear from Hong Kong and Korea, GaGa-Z's most distinguished feature is that their clothes are mostly exclusive. Their apparels comes in only ONE piece of each design and colour. GaGa-Z brings in accessories and bags as well!

Check out why I actually spent 2 hours at GaGa-Z as you scroll down.
 I shall let the photos speak for themselves!


NOTE: Signboard has yet to be changed.






In the end I bought this top home! :)


Fell in love with this skirt.



I got this top and bottom too! The bottoms are actually leggings which look like denim jeans. So when you wear it, it looks as if you're wearing skinnys!




Wings that could fly! Imaginatively.











I felt I was at least 1.8m!
Exaggeration, of course.
However I did felt really tall.

Now you know I spent over 2 hours at GaGa-Z? YES!!!

I visited the boutique and did a mix-and-match session with their products from top to bottom, bags to accessories!

According to GaGa-Z, customers patronise their boutique often for their uniquely pretty heels.
Take a look:



Tops @GaGa-Z from S$39 onwards.
Heels @GaGa-Z from S$70 onwards.
Payment mode: CASH only.

How can I end this post without grabbing any special offer for you, my dears!

Flash this e-coupon at GaGa-Z's counter to receive a 20% discount at GaGa-Z today!
Promotion is until 31st March 2012.


GaGa-Z Fashion Boutique

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 228213

Click to access GaGa-Z's facebook page here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What will you do when you're 100 years old?

When I'm 100 years old, I'll be wearing dentures for sure. But what I really want is to stay forever young-looking, always looking 20+ years old. Come to think of it, I'm already a quarter of a century old!


When we think about staying forever young, there are a few people we can think of. They never seem to show any signs of aging. People like Vivian Hsu.

Vivan Hsu was born in 1975. At the age of 50, which means she's half a century old, she hasn't aged a single bit, only sexier, prettier and more elegant!

A photograph she has taken during her younger days, taken from internet.

A recent CD Album cover of her in Year 2006, taken from the internet.

She doesn't age, does she?!
How do you think you'll look like when you're 100 years old?

Here's someone who has remained so close to our hearts. She's a 100 years old this year, yet as young and energetic as ever. To her, her 100th year marks a new and better beginning. --- NESTLE!

Since 1912, Nestle has journeyed together with Singapore in more ways than one. From products, to services to community and social projects. First, let's take a look at the legendary Milo Van, past and now.  It's amazing how Milo has always been with us.

1948 Singapore cars
Photo courtesy of Nestlé Historical Archives, Vevey

Taken from:

The Milo van is a classic.
Remember how students will flock down to a stationed milo van for a cup of Ice Milo at your school's annual Sport's Day, or at National Day Parades? The taste of Milo taken from the Milo van will always taste better than the ones we make at home ourselves! Perhaps it's the environment, when a school of students is after a milo van, the ones you get always taste the best.

During school and outdoor camps, breakfast and supper will be accompanied with either Milo or plain water. Camp leaders wakes up and make hot Milo with sugar for the campers to start and end the day!

Old MILO ad 2
Photo courtesy of Nestlé Historical Archives, Vevey

Then there's Milo Dinosaur, Milo crunchy bars and Milo powder spread on bread and so much more!

Here's another Nestle product: Milkmaid condensed milk. The chinese characters on the milkmaid means 'red letters'. Which explains the colour of the fonts you see.

Clarified: The “red word” in Milkmaid is an OLD logo. It is printed as part of the logo back then because not many people could read English then. Thus, the old people call it “ang zi gu ni”. It means “the milk with red words” in Hokkien.

MILKMAID used to be labelled 'red text'
Photo courtesy of Nestlé Historical Archives, Vevey

This is my favourite cereal, Koko Crunch. The image below is the oldern cover of Koko Krunch. The cover is being replaced by a Koala bear now. You know what I remembered most about the cereal?

Old packaging of KOKO KRUNCH
Photo courtesy of Nestlé Historical Archives, Vevey

Its their TV commercials!

Do you still remember this little boy who'll ask the Koala bear in the commercial, "How do they pack so much chocolate in Koko Krunch?"

And POOF, It became Koko Krunch!
I've always believed that the tornado really did that to the wheat field.  *bleah*


Now there's classic Kit kit commercials too! The one about the Panda, remember?
Have a break, have a Kit Kat!

Like I said, Nestle remains young and energetic, full of NEW surprises! Marking their 100th year with Singapore, check out their new product, the Dolce Gusto series which comes in 6 flavours & its machine.

Indulge in luxurious coffee, cafe style, right at home!




To celebrate Nestle's 100 years birthday, I was invited to Children Little Museum at Kampong Glam to attend a toy-making workshop, reminiscing paper kite and gyroscope making with a group of bloggers!








Our workshop instructor showing us how to make the toys.



Chris balancing 5 gyroscope on her with ease. :)

The guys took turns to play the Chapteh.
That's AussiePete daddy showing his son, Jaime, how to play the chapteh.

And this is the most adorable Jamie!

The girls took turns to try out the 5 stones games.

The group then learnt how to make paper kites and paint the respective kites revolving around the theme "Nestle 100 years".

Jerome very engross in his kite-making.



Here's what I painted. The last time I did art and craft was more than a decade ago.


There was a nail on the floor and I accidentally tore my leggings! But all well ends well, I was given a kit kat shirt which was long enough to cover the hole before I head off to the Super Junior Concert!


Children Little Museum
42 Bussorah Street (in front of Sultan Mosque)
Singapore 199460
Opening Hours: 10.30am - 10.00 daily
Admission: $2 

Here's how YOU can celebrate with Nestle.

Nestle is making 100 wishes from 100 people come true this year!

Visit and submit your wishes which reflects a "Good Food, Good Life" theme. The moment I logged on, I saw one that says "I wish for all my wedding guests to drink from the Milo Van!".

What will you wish for?

Also, evoking the nostalgia in you, there will be a Nestle 100 Years exhibition where Nestle will be bringing you artifacts and photos from the past as well as innovations for the future!

The exhibition will be held at these locations:

  • 24 & 25 March, 11am to 9pm, Marina Square Shopping Centre(Main Atrium, Level 1)
  • 7 & 8 April, 11am to 9pm, Ang Mo Kio Hub(Exhibition Area, B1)

Come and join them!

Last but not least, Nestle Singapore will be bringing you great promotions and discounts throughout the year when you spend on Nestle Products. Wohooooo~!