Monday, May 30, 2011

EcTv Short Film: Mission Easy Trailer

The short film which I have been really busy about for the past 1 month...

The trailer is out! :)

There are 3 short films altogether in this trailer. Mine's the one with two chinese teenagers-starring Tomato Lee and Edwin Goh(From Ch5 Fighting Spiders).

Theme: LOVE.

Credits to : EcTv & the super-duper camera & video crew for making my dream come true!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Review] I need a clean & tidy organiser, Pilot Pen!

When it voices down to my daily life, I am handicapped without my organiser. It pens down ALL my schedules, events & task lists.

And, they are in a mess; always.

Life is unpredictable, there are always changes which you have to do--spelling & writing mistakes, change in timings, liquid paper marks, correction tape, endless cancellation...





Until the perfect solution came along-- The NEW Pilot FriXion Point.


Available in 10 diverse colours, the pens also add colours to my life!
Apart from the fact that its barrel shape is thin with an ergonomic design that features a rubber cushion grip & ease of smooth-writing, these magical pens will help you keep a fuss-free, clean & neat organiser.

LOOK HERE: I've accidentally written my letter 'm' over to the next day(this was unplanned for).



Using the rubber tail of the pen, I can 'lub' away the mistake made, like how you usually use an eraser & pencil!




No eraser traces, no marks. The green ink vanishes & you can correct your mistake. (How I wish life's like that!)


As part of the FriXion series, these pens uses the same thermo-sensitive ink, allowing writing to be done & also be cleanly erased by friction with the same pen.

Look at how clean & colourful my organiser is now! *Beam with pride*


Boyfriend came over to plan the itinerary for our week-long Taiwan trip when I told him to use my pilot pens. I didn't tell him about the magic of the pens though.



At first, he chose and used the black-coloured FriXion Pilot pen. Then he told me that he wished he had used the red one instead. When I said I can do magic and change it into red for him, he didn't believe it.





He exclaimed in disbelief, "WOA, COOL!"

With the pens, he planned a really awesome Taiwan trip(I'll be blogging them up!).



Life is all about making plans.

It's better to make & correct your mistakes at this stage rather than make & not being able to undo them once you've done so.



FriXion Pilot Pens
Available in 10 different ink colours:
brown, light green, orange, pink, light blue, violet, green, blue, red & black.

Retail Price: S$2.35 each.

Note: Pilot Pen advises AGAINST the use of Pilot FriXion Point ink on documents where writing needs to be of permanent nature such as legal documents, examination papers & cheques. To avoid accidental erasure, DO NOT leave the written words in places where it may be subjected to temperatures above 65 degree Celsius.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Review] Rendezvous Dumplings

You love dumplings?


I do!

I was fortunate enough to be able to taste all 6 dumplings prepared specially by Rendezvous Hotel, to celebrate the Chinese Dumpling Festival, or what is better known as "Duan Wu Jie" 端午节. tonight, identified by their respective coloured strings!

Blue:Black Pepper Chicken Dumpling.
Yellow: Traditional Dumpling with Salted Egg.
Green: Nonya Dumpling. Red is the XO Dumpling.
White: Four Treasures Dumpling.
Finally, the Abalone with Dried Scallop Dumpling is being tied by straw grass!

Let you drool! *Yummy Yummy*

20Apr2011-StickRiceDumpling 2
Photo Courtesy of Rendezvous Hotel.

Does this StickRice Dumpling look yummy to you?
Wait till you see what I ate!

I'm going into the details of all the dumplings, every single one of them.

What do you see?

Yes you are right!

That's the Abalone with Dried Scallop Dumpling aka 鲍鱼干贝粽. The taste of the Abalone is of cause somewhat different from those you open from the New Moon Cans. Coupled with the scallops and kept in the dumpling itself, it really has an unique taste! Go and get 1 and you will get what i mean. It is selling for $14.50+ each dumpling.

Is that an egg?

You are half right if you think that's an egg, that is actually a salted egg! I do not know if it's just me, but I've never eaten any dumpling with any kind of egg inside before. I thought that the Traditional Dumpling with Salted Egg,原味咸肉粽 is a very creative idea by the Chefs.

Imagine a dumpling with a yolk of a salted egg like a mooncake. You ought to give it a try! It is selling for only $6.50+. Simply Delicious!

The XO Dumpling!

The XO Dumpling,XO香芋肉粽 consists of some meat coupled with some chili and not forgetting the all important XO! I guessed my headache actually affected my sense of taste, or was it that the XO is blended too well into the dumpling itself? Try it and let me know! It is selling for $7.90, quite affordable considering it's XO.

Does it look like a sweet potato?

Hmm, looks like those of you who thought it looked like a sweet potato are wrong! The meat on the fork is actually...DRUM ROLL................

Duck Liver!!

The Duck Liver is actually part of the Fantastic Four(Not the Movie)ingredient mixed together in the Four Treasures Dumpling,四宝粽子. The other three ingredients are Chinese Sausage, Roast Meat and Chicken Meat respectively. If you think that by looking at the ingredient, the dumpling should be quite salty. Well, I beg to differ, the dumpling's actually quite sweet.

The Four Treasures Dumpling is selling at $13.50+, go and grab one, you will not be disappointed. Just a side note, the Four Treasures Dumpling is a new flavor!

Nonya Dumpling

Personally, I've always loved the Nonya Dumpling.

From my perspective, it is actually the more "traditional" dumpling for me. Nevertheless, this dumpling prepared by the chefs really impressed me. I expected a typical taste in this Nonya Dumpling,兰叶娘惹粽. I was pleasantly surprise that this dumpling is actually quite sweet as well as there is an element of winter melon in it.The meat within the dumpling is also in the right proportion, selling at $6.50+

The Black and the Pepper- new flavor, selling at $6.50+

Last but not least, I have come to the highlight for today, or rather it is MY highlight. This Black Pepper Chicken Dumpling,黑胡搅鸡肉粽子, really living up to its name. It is Black Pepper in and out! The glutinous rice has got the black pepper taste too! The chicken serving is also generous in its own way.

Now, visualize a hot plate of black pepper chicken prepared by your date maybe? Add that to the dumpling. Clueless? Then I suggest you going for the Black Pepper Chicken Dumpling!

The Black Pepper Chicken Dumpling is my favourite of them all! What is yours?

Hurry down to Rendezvous Hotel and try these dumplings, and you really gotta hurry, no joke!
The promotion is only until 6th June 2011.

Happily holding my Abalone with Dried Scallop Dumpling! Wahaha.


Rendezvous Hotel is on Wordpress.
Like them on their Facebook.

For enquiries and purchases, contact Straits Cafe@ Rendezvous Hotel at 6335 1777 or F&B Dept at 6335 1880. Fax: 6335 1888.

Alternatively, you may email to

Rendezvous Hotel is located at 9 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559.

Prices are subjected to prevailing government taxes & valid for TAKE AWAY ONLY.

  • Please allow 3 working days for processing of orders.
  • Confirmation call will be made upon receipt of your order.
  • A non-refundable full payment will be charged to your credit card accordingly upon confirmation of your order.
  • Flavour subject to availability.

Friday, May 27, 2011

[Review] Shokutsu 10, Japanese Food Trail at NEX Mega-Mall

Shokutsu 10 is located at BASEMENT 1 of NEX Mega-mall in Serangoon.
If you're not familiar with the layout of NEX mall, it is highly recommended that you check out the floor plan first.

It's here:


Shokutsu 10_entrance

Shokutsu 10 is E&S Enterprises Pte Ltd's second Japanese Food Street, the first is located in Jurong Point. Both food streets are conceptualized with a different theme and the theme at Nex is 'Yokoso Japan', which means 'Welcome to Japan'. Its interior designer, Keisuke Kawauchi, attempted to recreate the contemporary Japanese F&B scene by integrating Japanese traditional elements, like stone walls & rice papers, with modern twists.

As the number 10 indicates, Shokutsu 10 comprises of 10 different concepts, including 6 individual restaurants, a Japanese fresh fish market, a Japanese Cafe & bakery, as well as 2 yatai stalls offering popular street food(Japanese pancake & crispy sticks meat as well as seafood), with each individual restaurant offering a different menu and ambience.

Yaki Yaki Bo Teppanyaki Restaurant dishes up juicy beef, chicken, vegetables and seafood such as lobster, shrimp & squid on crispy garlic bread.

If you like, you may choose to dine in front of the high temperature flat griddle and be fascinated by the chef, who'll whip up your teppanyaki meals right in front of you!

Yaki Yaki Bo

Yaki Yaki Bo_ext

Yaki Yaki Bo_int

Men-ichi Japanese Ramen is filled with fortune cats on the walls(really love the design). Men-ichi's tonkotsu broth(the soup base) is developed by its master chef who has more than 40 years of experience in ramen kitchens which is brewed for over 14 hours! One of its ramen dish, Kyoto Tonkutsu Shoyu Ramen, is rich in collagen & kotteri from long hours of boiling pork & chicken bones.




Shimbashi Soba is an authentic handmade soba restaurant has an outlet in Gold Coast, Australia & another in Paragon Shopping Centre.

Soba is actually a type of fruit. Together with buckwheat, these ingredients are being made into noodles from scratch daily. The buckwheat seeds are imported from Tasmania, which are then milled & ground into flour on the spot.

The water which is used to boil Soba can be served as a drink in the restaurant. Not only that, Soba desserts are available too! Soba noodle-making displays are between 12pm-2pm daily.

For Soba Lovers, there are seasonal promotions such as the Shin Soba(New Crop) Promotion, where the freshest & newest soba seeds are being harvested & imported to the restaurant, and Yuzu Kiri(Citrus-flavoured) Soba Promotion, where Yuzu Kiri are added into the dough and made into noodles.

Shimbashi Soba

Shimbashi Soba_ext

Shimbashi Soba_int

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy, Soba Seeds on display.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Soba noodle-making display, where I was entertained for the next 20min and so, amused by the master who miraculously converted what seems like powder into strands and strands of noodles. For every milestone, he meticulously chose his tools, rods thick & thin, the patient kneading. How did you manage to flatten the round dough into a square? I was looking at it the entire time where it became squarish right in front of my eyes without me knowing...

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Currently the ONLY ONE in the region, Tontei Pork Restaurant.

Together with the Katsuhiro tonkatsu house in Kyoto, RE&S has created this restaurant which specialises in pork delicacies such as shabu shabu, sukiyaki, tonjiru etc. Designed with wood and bamboo elements, the interior deco & menu is kept traditional Japanese. Its crockery is also carefully selected to compliment the food.

Calvin Timothy and I had brunch here and we ate to our hearts' content.
This is definitely a restaurant not be missed, a place where you'll want to come back, again & again, until you complete trying out all the items on the menu!



My favourite dish of all: Pork Salad.
Fresh salad veges, thin pork slices, the sauce is sweet & slightly sour(like plum). It's a perfect mix, where you'll experience a sudden burst of sesame flavour as you enjoy your salad.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

This chawanmushi, this heavenly chawanmushi. I want 10 cups, all to myself! And I'm going to finish it ALL!

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Katsu with cheese.
Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

The Green Pumpkin is divided into two sections: the bakery cafe & bakery concept. Its bread & cakes includes no preservatives nor additives--a healthier choice! The texture of their bread is unique; a mochi-mochi kind of biting feel, the kind that kind of bounces in between your teeth before it melts down your throat. If you're someone who loves plain bread & cheese, you'll love the white cheese bread as much as I did.

This Japanese Bakery is only found here, at Shokutsu 10, quite sad for me as I stay in the west. Otherwise, I'll definitely frequent this place.

Green Pumpkin Bakery
Green Pumpkin Bakery1.2

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy


Green Pumpkin bakery1.1

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Its bread cost about $1.50 and more whilst its cake cost about $5 per slice.

Opt to enjoy your cake order at its cafe. There is a promotion now where you may also order certain meals from other restaurants and have it here.

Green Pumpkin Cafe

Green Pumpkin Cafe1.2

S10 street1.2

S10 street1.2

Yes, this was the other place where I had my second brunch of the day!

Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Restaurant.

Established in 1953 and with 12 restaurants throughout Japan, this restaurant is THE ORIGINAL SPAGHETTI HOUSE. It has been featured in many publications and TV programmes and is a favourite haunt among many Japanese Celebrities.

Their original spaghetti is created especially in Italy. However, these strands are cooked to something not as soft as the locals here usually eat so don't be surprised and think it's uncooked. The spaghetti is supposed to like that and the texture is actually well-liked in Japan. I think, if you really love Japanese food, you should adapt and learn to appreciate their eating-style. Besides, what's a better way to experience real japanese food than the chefs preserving the original Japanese taste & texture for us to try? :)

The soup is simply delicious & so was the Mentaiko toasted bread which I tried! *Yummy*

Kabe no Ana

Kabe no Ana_ext

Kabe no Ana_int

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Did I mention that their Hokkaido salad is one of those dishes which I would recommend too? It's a bit like the non-spicy thai salad with cuttlefish soup(taste like that I feel).

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

Photo courtesy of Calvin Timothy

The Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market imports fresh fish directly from Japan three times a week. There are sushi, sashimis, condiments & recipes which you can pick up from here for your Japanese Homemade dishes.

Kuriya Fish Market

Kuriya Fish Market1.2

These two Yatai Japanese street food sells pancakes & Kushiyaki(skewered meats & vegetables on sticks). If you're looking for quick bites on the go, head for one of these casual food stalls.






Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant, a popular Japanese restaurant which is a common sight in Singapore. However one thing which most of us do not know is that each Ichiban restaurants has its own speciality dishes. For this particular one at Nex, they specialize in Kaisen(seafood). Be spoilt for choice, their menus vary from appetizers, set meals, sashimi & sushi on conveyor belts as well as set meals to choose from.
Ichiban Boshi

Ichiban Boshi_ext

Ichiban Boshi_int

Yokoso Japan, Friends!

Specials thanks to Winnie & Phoebe for this Shokutsu 10 Food Tasting Tour. It was truly an eye-opener! *especially the one about the kitchens which are linked together! An intellectual design indeed. :p*