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RSAF Open House 2011- My Chinook Riding Experience


It's happening this weekend- 28th & 29th May 2011 at Paya Lebar Airbase.

Well, I've NEVER been to one all my life.

The reason being, I thought it was just going to be some aircraft exhibits which will only interest pilots-to-be, soldiers who wants to sign on to the air force or avid airplane-lovers. Aircraft will be on display but it's a see-no-touch, touch-no-see, see-&-touch, pay-money kind of exhibition.

Friends who've been there the previous years were sharing with me their awesome experiences. But as it turns out, those aircraft models sounded nothing but resemblance of my poly modules: A112, C213, B101...

Hey, call me ignorant & laugh about it but I'm ignorant no more.

Monday's RSAF Open house blogger preview totally changed my perception of the RSAF Open House. I was there to experience half a day FUN, FUN & more Fun plus, to oogle at men in uniforms!

I know what's a Super Puma(it's no longer an animal but a helicopter) by now, how it looks like and what this baby can do, how many passengers it can take at a time... I can rattle on but I don't want to bore you out.

My RSAF Open House tour begins in the Paya Lebar Officers' Mess with refreshments served.








Met HP in this mickey mouse top which I really like. The other day, I was just telling him I haven't seen him for a long time and there he was!

ME5 Ryan Boon, Ryan(that's what we call him), giving us an overview of the Open House, the map and the itinerary of the day. You know why I like going for this event? The organisers are so meticulous that they even gotten the Group Photo Taking Session planned in at 17 55! *thumbs up*

Sidetrack: Group Photo Taking are essential for events. Nevertheless, many events I went to did not consider this segment, in the end leaving out one another's face, sometimes mine. For most of the events I've been to, if it's not for William who'll gather everyone for a group photo taking session, i doubt we'll even get a decent one. Thank you Bro!

The highlights of the event are:


This year, there is an inclusion of a carnival hall which comprises of approximately 20 stations of Wii Games, Aviation related Game Stalls & a kids' playground. On top of that, more exhibition halls are fully air-conditioned: includes Exhibit 1-2, Performance Hall, the food court & the carnival hall.

You heard it, AIR-CON!!! So bring your kids & tai-tais along.

What to expect at the RSAF Open House:
RSAF Centre Fold Front
(Red houses on the map, left to right)

Exhibit 1: Exhibits on the various air force commands.
Exhibit 2: Flight Simulators, Technology Exhibition
Performance Hall: Stage Performances, Aircraft Ride Lucky Draws
Young Aviator: Air Spot-Landing Contest, Aviation Related Games, Playstation 3 Games
Dining Hall: FOOD!
Carnival Hall(Yellow behind the red houses): Wii Games, Kids' playground, Station Games

Check out who'll be performing on both days in the Performance Hall:

SAF Music & Drama Company
28th May(Sat), 9.45am
29th May(Sun), 9am, 5.15pm

Silent Precision Drill by MP Command
both days, 10.30am & 2.45pm

Appearance by Mediacorp Artiste

29th May 2011, 3pm:
Taken from RSAF Open house Facebook

28th May 2011, 3pm:

Know Our Air Force Contest Lucky draw
12.25pm & 4.15pm

There'll be arming demonstrations performed on 3 of the aircraft in front of the performance hall too(you'll see the aircraft fenced up).

The timings for arming demostrations on both days will be:

F-15SG Fighter Aircraft, 10.15am & 2pm
AH-64D Attack Helipcopter, 12pm & 4pm
F-16D Blk 52+ fighter aircraft, 1pm & 6pm

A preview of the arming demostration:

Video taken from CyberpioneerTV.

Admission is FREE.

I was very privileged to be one of the first to preview this year's Ariel Display & an exclusive invitation to a Chinook Helicopter ride!

Ariel Displays are at 11am & 4.30pm respectively.

Each display is about 30min long, featuring aircraft, ground-based Air Defence Systems as well as the roles they play to protect Singapore.

Watch how the planes take off, zoom past and how accurate these air crafts are. I'm like watching a reality Rambo Movie; The guns go 'ta-ta-ta-ta' & the explosion of the bombs went 'boom' with the ground on fire. Feel the adrenaline rush as the RSAF integrates with the Army to neutralise the enemies in an exciting battle. *Shiok* Don't worry if you have short-sightedness. The screens placed in the middle of the stage will show you close-ups of the actions. There'll be subtitles too.

The sun looks really hot, but it's actually just nice(not the scorching type) with constant breeze. The blogger in green top is Hisham. He's a lifestyle, tech & arts appreciation blogger.


Photo courtesy of cyberpioneer

Remember to wear ear plugs!

See. So exclusive. So undisturbed. No blockage by human heads, no pushing & squeezing. Just me, a group of excited bloggers & the RSAF ambassadors who are very attentive towards us. It makes this event all worthwhile to go to.



Not to forget, the SAF Red Lions Parachuting team will also be there for a spectacular jump off & perfect landing in front of you. WAVE!

















The excitement of the Ariel Display:

Video taken from CyberpioneerTV.

A glimpse of the exhibits in Exhibition 1:



The bloggers as well as media listening to the introduction about the Air Force Training Command.

Hisham laying his hands on one of the exhibits & really indulged himself in controlling the remote aircraft:


I wonder where to get a smart-board for my tuition classes. I love the fact it doesn't have the marker smell although it's a little lag when you write something on it. I can do online tutorials like games with my students and they'll love it!




RSAF Open House Ambassadors are being situated around, 140 of them if I've not mistaken. They are specially trained to guide & lead you in case you have queries. Feel free to ask them questions!


Photo courtesy of cyberpioneer


Take a look at some of the aircraft displays I saw. Feel free to touch them if they are not fenced up, ask how they work and take photographs. What other opportunities do you have to know how fighter planes feel like? Invite the good-looking pilots to take photos with you too(don't say I teach you)!

Take Note:
Cameras are allowed but telephoto lenses beyond 500mm are prohibited.


Pilots names and their engineers are painted on the airplanes, on the right & left respectively. Look out for their names and match them to the ones on their uniforms and you'll find out which fighter jets belongs to who!

Play this game: the last person in your group to match any aircraft to its rightful pilot & engineer will be forfeited to treat drinks for the day. Sounds fun?




I feel myself 100 times more powerful! HoHo. And it's really heavy!


The displays come with descriptions so you know more about the weapons. Again, you may ask any ambassadors should you have any queries.


See. I got help from Ryan. :)
Photo courtesy of cyberpioneer

And Yongwei got help from me. Haha.

To the Chinook Helicopter ride- SCREAM!

Tickets are only allocated by Aircraft Rides Lucky Draw. Visitors should register at the Aircraft Rides Counter near the main stage to participate. Draws are conducted at the Performance Hall.

The rides are available only at 11.40am, 12.30pm & 1.30pm. So do remember to drop your lucky draw tickets way BEFORE these timings.

Good Luck to you!

We had a safety briefing before the ride with Yongwei sitting in front looking like a lump of meat, blocking my view of the screen. Yongwei ah, i realise you have grown fatter. It's time to go on a diet. That DK's(tech blogger) hand poking at the lump of meat.


With the chinook waiting less than 50m away from me, I can feel my heart beating fast, the blood rushing to my brain.

This is my FIRST TIME to be on a flight. I don't know what to expect: whether my ears will block, whether they'll go pop, what happens when the plane flies to the left/right. We are expected to be flying off to as far as St. John's Island and back. (Duh. Of course they're are not dropping us at St. John Island and get us to swim back.)

After-ride conclusion : I want to fly again!!!
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Punggol, Tuas, Sentosa, City Hall were in full view. It happened to be sunset as we are heading back. Singapore is TRULY beautiful!

I wonder how people think when they saw the chinook I was in. Usually when I see planes in the sky, I'll think that they are empty. It's funny to think that everytime I see one, there are actually people looking back at me. Next time I'll wave! Lolx.


The air generated by the chinook almost blew me away!




Remember your earplugs, again!
















Photo courtesy of cyberpioneer

Attend RSAF Open House 2011 event page by clicking on the printscreen below:


Video taken from RediscoverSG.
'Like' RediscoverSG on facebook.

Be friends with RSAF Open House here, they're extremely friendly!
Last but not least do support RSAF by clicking this link:




FREE shuttle bus services are available at Hougang & Eunos MRT on Sunday from 8am to 7.30pm, about 5-10minutes interval.


Once again, Admission is FREE.
You are advised NOT to bring any sharp objects like knives, paper cutters etc.

There will be a photo contest with great prizes to be won. Interested participants can submit your best photographs of the RSAF Open House 2011. More details can be found on the Facebook Event page nearer to the actual open house dates.

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