Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey, let's DRIFT!

Apart from the fact that both a car and a crab begin with the letter 'C', the underlying similarity is that a car can move SIDEWAYS, just like a crab!


As defined by

drift  (drɪft) n
a controlled four-wheel skid, used by racing drivers to takebends at high speed

The movie about drifting racing cars titled Initial D, starring Jay Chou & other Hong Kong celebrities created such a wave in Singapore in the year 2005. Everyone was running to the arcade, buying game cards, challenging one another on simulators to become the best drifter. Years down the road, simulators are no longer enough to satisfy; guys &; girls alike.They yearn for the real thrill on real tracks: the fierce rides, the hot & sexy music, the gorgeous race queens...

An ordinary car can drift; All it takes is courage & learning from the right masters.

9tro Group Pte Ltd, an automotive lifestyle company in Singapore, decided to take the stand and challenge the impossible.

On the 20th November 2011, I headed down to Changi Exhibition Centre to witness 9tro Drift II, held by 9tro Group Pte Ltd. Not that I can drive, I didn't pass my final theory test! Nevertheless I can feel my adrenaline rush as the tyres screech and the smell of rubber consume my senses. Who would have thought that cars can drift in a small country like Singapore just a few years back?




The weather is perfect!
The exhibition centre is in Changi, slightly further down Changi Beach Park.
This place doesn't look like Singapore to you, does it?





Photographers, arm your gadgets ready. This is a great photography event where the colours & speed of these cars are great for your shots!


The very first car I spotted:

I was wondering if we can drift on this too... *Oh, I'm such a Bimbo*

The 9tro cars are here:


Wait, this is Vincent's Subaru Impreza WRX (Am I right?)


The emcee of the event is baking in the sun.


What's a drift event without music. Everyone's nodding their heads in momentum was the KJ played.

Check out the course track:


The wrist tags identify your the kind of drivers you are. Assistance is given accordingly to the colour tags. So far, the pretties I caught sight of wear orange tags. If you think you're up for it, you can give them a ride! I would be!

From 10am to 5pm , different time slots are allocated for different groups of drivers. During the slot for intermediate drivers, only ONE car can enter the track at a time. Two cars can enter the track at the same time for the pink-tag drivers. If you would like to learn how to drift, you may contact the in-charge of the event beforehand & they're more than willing to assist you!





Saw someone fixing a video cam onto his ride to record his drifting process.
Wonder where I can get that footage from?




The weather is really so good!!! It's not been this great for the longest time! However, the weather doesn't seem so on the other side of Singapore.

Recorded one of the drifts with two cars drifting in the track together!

Of course, there are basic amenities & help assistance arranged at 9tro Drift II:


9tro Drift is not purely for the car drifters.

So what if I can't drive?
So what if I know nuts about tuning cars engines & parts?

 I spotted kids, grandparents, couples, the entire families, groups of friends in the crowd. They were there to enjoy the sun, the thrill as spectators & the music. Some of them(including me) even brought our dogs down for a walk!

Why waste a weather as perfect as this!

Admission is FREE if you're just there to see see look look.



Papa & his fan club(wife & 2 children). The area is so spacious children can play with their kick-scooters. Within the safe zone, of course.

The stickers on his car are made by his company. So if you'd like to make some car stickers too, you can look for him:

At the back of his car, I spotted Cheryl Tay's sticker!!!

Bubble, Jackie Goh & I too, spent our family day at the 9tro Drift II.




Information & more pictures will be published on 9tro Magazine in the next issue so if you see one on the shelf, grab it! I own at least half of the issues so far, have been a 9tro supporter since they first started. The other issues were already sold out by the time I asked for them!


At an affordable price of just $5 (Not like some super expensive automobile magazines out there!), there will be TWO books with THREE exclusive covers! The content is not all about cars & cars & cars. They write about in-car entertainment & lifestyle elements too! Not to forget, there are events which they cover too!

Like this one here:
Mr YAM AH MEE spotted in Issue 15. 9tro was there at Bishan East CC with Mr Yam Ah Mee and Bishan East residents for this year's Singapore F1 race. Read about it in 9tro magazine Issue 15.

The best thing I like about 9tro magazine, is that they are so generous with pictures! Plenty for you to gawd at: the cars, the race queens, places to go, ordinary people like me(not just MODELS)!



Click on the 9tro logo below to access their facebook page with more than 10000 likes currently:

9tro Magazine Logo(black)

Official 9tro Twitter: @9tro
Official Youtube Channel: 9tro9lives

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Singha Full Moon Party was a blast!

What's this commotion about?


I don't have to refer to the directory board to check out where Attica was at Clarke Quay. The big crowd led me there!


Lasers, Music, People, Dancing, Free flow of Singha beer; it was more than I could ask for a night's out.


I think before I knew it, I already had a drink too many, toasting to all my friends! The bar was flocked with people waiting for their Singha beer. But the bartenders were swift. I didn't have to wait long.


Yet, what I yearned for most, was to see DJ Sophia Lin in person.
I waited, on the dance floor, closest to the spinning table...


DJs who were spinning didn't look any bit like 'Sophia Lin'. Where is she?!

Oh my god, there she is!
(I thought she was. She's actually Vicky, Attica's DJ)
While she spun the night away, I caught up with more friends for photo taking sessions!

There was Herwan & his friends:

And Hello Jessie, Shu Qing & Darren!

The long queue didn't seem shorter even when I was about to leave. It was lucky that I was given the priority queue. *phew* For those who were in my guest list, I really hoped you've enjoyed your night! Friends like Arvind, Horace, Claire & more!



Thanks for coming to this party with me Mummy, Auntie Anna, Uncle Jia ming & zir.

So sad. I didn't get to see Sophia. :(

PARTY SUCCESS--- need bigger room next year because I wanna dance my night away!
More Singha beer for you?


Join Singha's facebook here: