Monday, November 14, 2011

My Private Sea Outing with Duke, a yacht!

You know how I love entering Crocs boutique?
It's so colourful, sending out so much happy vibes once you step inside!

This time round, I visited Crocs at Vivocity. The interior is so much bigger and more spacious than the rest of their other boutiques.


Gim & I were on a mission to....


find the biggest Crocs shoes!
And guess what we found:


The shoe is VERY VERY BIG indeed!

Our Gim is totally obsessed!



There were other bloggers with us: Smith, Christine, the Cambelles & of course, Silver. Try to take notice the 2 pictures below, we are ALL wearing our Crocs shoes by coincidence!



Come on, don't Silver, Kaye and I look like some Crocs Shoes Models being featured on magazines or catalogues? Please say YES!

Modern Crocs shoes are really different now. It even comes in comfortable wedges, unlike the past where they are just covered sandals with holes on it. No more child-foot-stuck-between-escalators.

Wait till you see the children's footwear! There's even school bags, pencil cases, handbags & figurines. Talking about these, *alamak* why didn't I take photos of those pretty things?! I will definitely do that on my next visit to Crocs!


The wedges are so comfortable that I have to get a pair! I choose the turquoise one because everyone were nodding their heads in agreement that I look really feminine in them.


Apparently, the wedges are the hotsellers because all the ladies in the house got a pair of those! I would say it's because they are so much lighter than other wedges. On top of that, the bumpy surfaces on the crocs will increase your blood circulation of your feet.


My honest experience is, ever since I started wearing Crocs shoes (esp the pair of Crocs Tone shoes which I've blogged about it here), I no longer suffer from feet aching. I don't know if you have the same feet problem as I do; I will get this really aching feeling in the part of my sole just beneath my toes, a burning-sensation for pressing the sole against the ground for too long.

This aching was solved after I started wearing Crocs Shoes.

Yesterday, i was wearing my boots out for a hosting event, the aching feeling came back after 1 hour. I had to change back to my crocs shoes straight after the event because it was aching so much that I was limping.

Happy girls, Christine, Silver & I on our way to the yacht club! Duke, wait for us?








I've been talking so much about Duke, so who is he?
Unfortunate, or in this case MORE fortunately for guys reading this post now, Duke is a SHE. She's the yacht which we are going to sail on in awhile!




I'm super excited as this is my first yacht trip!


I remembered to tie up my hair this time, unlike the previous Nikoi Island trip where I got my hair all tangled up. It hurt a lot as untangled the mess.


The sun is beaming on our side but look at Singapore! The thunder clouds seemed to be chasing after us. It started raining 'behind' us, after our trail.


The interior is really comfortable & cosy, with its own couch, kitchen, 3 bedrooms & even a toilet!
I've uploaded more photos on my facebooe page here.


SmithChristineSilver & me. You know, I simply enjoy eavesdropping listening to their conversation *ops*. The topics which they discuss & share makes me hunger for more knowledge. Sometimes I feel that I'm quite naive and someone with little knowledge.

Meanwhile, Gim is playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

It's kind of awkward once you see the BIGGER picture:



Soon, I caught Gim falling asleep against our Captain Joe. The rocking sea works like a bedtime lullaby for him.


Golden retriever spotted on our way back:

Nearer to the end of the trip, the yacht engine stalled and we were being towed back. We almost reached the pier when the tow boat capsized! It's really no one's fault but I wished that the staff on the tow boat could be more patient.

Overall, it was an awesome adventure! It marked yet another chapter of my life, a story to me that our lives are precious.

See, we made it back, safe & sound!



Access the Crocs Facebook page by clicking on the logo above.

There WAS a pair of CROCS Giveaway through Gim & my Liveomusic (Mandarin)Talkshow last Wednesday and a lucky viewer got to walk away with a brand new pair of Crocs!

I was spreading the news all over facebook and twitter and am so glad that the response was amazing. If you are watching or have watched our talkshow before, Gim & I sincerely thank you for supporting us thus far!

Click on the logo below to watch the playback video. For first time applicants, you'll have to install microsoft silverlight for the FIRST time. Scroll to 1:00:00 to begin watching our show:


Liveomusic's brand new mandarin talkshow, Wu Suo Bu Tan, will be aired every Wednesday, 8pm to 9pm. It's LIVE streaming so we'll be responding to your SMS, comments and tweets on the spot if you send them in! :)

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  1. I love crocs!! Sure looks like you guys had fun on the yacht! =)