Wednesday, June 29, 2011

N.E.mation! - An annual animation competition for students now open for registration!

National Service; something every Singapore BOY in thinks about and sometimes to the extent, avoids. It's also something every Singapore MAN thinks about and share with their peers; of those nostalgic times they had when they were still serving their country.

Not to be bimbotic, but men in army uniforms make my knees weak and my heart skips a beat. Disciplined, reliable, smart, organised-- suave & nothing less!

Earlier this month when I was in Taiwan, Boyfriend and I caught this new taiwanese drama by chance, Rookies' Dairy on one of their TV channels. The drama is about how a group of recruits survived 30 days of their recruit lives.

Expect bursting hilarious moments, puppy love scenes, touching brotherhood moments, team-bonding spirits, human obstacles & difficulties and how these group of soldiers overcome them together. There is part 1 and part 2, 43 episodes each & about 1hr 30 min for each episode. I've just finished watching Episode 29 of Part 1.



Funny moments aside, this drama links me back about NS life in Singapore. Well, I've never been in the army. Perhaps, the best ways to know more about 'the army' is via word of mouth. My friends who've been in the army never stops talking it over suppers and stayovers. I remember repeated watching this very classic Singapore movie, Army Daze, which was first staged in 1987, at a really young age. This production remains as one of my all-time favourites to date.


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Has life in the army change? What about the values it upholds? How many more types of army boys can you categorize now that the world has changed so much, and that people have changed so much? Rumours have spread that girls might have to serve the army as well in the near future. Do you think it's true?

When talking about NS, regardless whether its girls or boys, men or women, young and old, I believe it's a topic never-end. Now here is another way to share your perception & story about National Service.

N.E.mation! 6 is here!


This year, students are asked to use their creativity to produce storylines centred on the theme of “NS: From Father to Son”. Just form a team of at least 3 members and sign-up now at

Registration closes 14 August 2011.
No prior animation knowledge or skill required.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[Review]Have you gotten the right pair of lenses for your eyes?

I was at the Integrated Eyecare Centre, Vivocity for an eyecheck. The reason? Getting my eyes checked to make a pair of new CRIZAL LENSES SPECTACLES!




Beyond aesthetics, spectacle lenses plays a fundamental, if not more vital role. Not only should you choose a nice spectacle frame, the lenses of your spectacles should also be carefully selected such that it does not affect your vision. You may not realize this, but spectacle wearers spend two-thirds of their lives seeing the world though their lenses.


Shumin(right) & HuiTing(centre) from Vibes Communications explained to me the benefits of crizal lenses by Essilor.


Essilor is founded in 1972. It offers a wide range of lenses to correct myopia, hyperopia, presbyobia & astigmatism. The company has subsidaries in more than 30 countries and is represented in more than 100 countries with major production in Europe, North & Central America & Asia.

When inferior lenses are chosen, spectacle wearers encounter the five enemies of clear vision. These 5 enemies can affect vision in the long term as you suffer perpetual discomfort, develop eye fatigue & eye strain and other eye problems. Moreover, asthetically, if your inferior lenses which looked dirty & highly reflective will also make you look dull as it blocks your eyes no matter how perfect the frame is.

There are a few types of crizal lenses.

My pair of latest advanced Crizal Lenses by Essilor are the only lenses in the market that can eliminate all the five enemies of clear vision, while enabling the wearer to maintain a pleasant disposition:

Enemy #1. Reflections


No reflections


Crizal lenses eliminate reflections and 'ghost' images caused by artificial light.


Look at the two lenses above, are you able to tell which is the crizal lens?

If you guess the one on the left, you are correct!

Enemy #2. Water


No Water


Crizal lenses feature hydrophopic(Water-repellent) properties that prevent water from lingering and spreading across the lenses. Water droplets will simply roll off the lenses. Yongwei used to demonstrate how his perspiration chalked up on his lenses. He no longer experience that now.

Now, you can engage in water sports like sailing or boating without fretting over blurred vision. Oh yes, rainy days as well!

Enemy #3. Smudges

This enemy is the most irritating of all. You know how sometimes eye lashes gets into your eyes and it itches so much you have to rub it out? After you did that you realize your lenses become smudged with your own thumbprints? Crizal lenses' in-built smudge-repellent feature eliminates the occurrence of oily smudges or dirty spots.


No Smudges


I was testing it out and it works!


Enemy #4. Dust

Crizal lenses have also been designed to resist dust accumulation because it have anti-static properties that help to keep dust and grit particles at bay. Convenient and simple to keep lenses clean and free of blurriness!


No Dust


Look at the anti-static demonstration. The little styrofoam balls represents dust particles.

In this picture, the 'dust particles' gets stucked on the lens.

Look at the crizal lens, no particles at all! :)

Enemy #5. Scratches

Lenses surfaces are highly susceptible to scratches, which adversely affect vision quality. Crizal lenses provide unrivalled scratch resistance, protecting one's lenses at all times to ensure optimal visual clarity, hence reducing eye strains due to blurriness.


No Scratches


For more Crizal Information, visit

Back to my eyecheck. The was an increase in my degree! *SCREAM* Using the correct lenses are essential to reduce such issues from happening. The rooms at Integrated Eyecare Centre are spacious and clean. The equipment they used are also clean, smell-free and well maintained. *Encountered a smelly & yellowish chin supporter before. YUCKS*





I look like chee-kok.



The 'E' looked like 'C' or 'B', the 'P' looked like 'F' from my vision. That was how bad my eyesight is.


Now trying different spectacle frames! Which one suit me most?






I decided to get this: Evisu black frame, the casual & geeky look.


See that, no REFLECTION!


This is how the inner side of the frame looks like.

My favourite side, the red Evisu logo on my new specs.



I'll be wearing my new crizal lenses specs to Universal Studios on 2nd July 2011 with 14 other bloggers! It'll be a crizal lens bloggers' outing! *So Excited!*



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