Wednesday, June 29, 2011

N.E.mation! - An annual animation competition for students now open for registration!

National Service; something every Singapore BOY in thinks about and sometimes to the extent, avoids. It's also something every Singapore MAN thinks about and share with their peers; of those nostalgic times they had when they were still serving their country.

Not to be bimbotic, but men in army uniforms make my knees weak and my heart skips a beat. Disciplined, reliable, smart, organised-- suave & nothing less!

Earlier this month when I was in Taiwan, Boyfriend and I caught this new taiwanese drama by chance, Rookies' Dairy on one of their TV channels. The drama is about how a group of recruits survived 30 days of their recruit lives.

Expect bursting hilarious moments, puppy love scenes, touching brotherhood moments, team-bonding spirits, human obstacles & difficulties and how these group of soldiers overcome them together. There is part 1 and part 2, 43 episodes each & about 1hr 30 min for each episode. I've just finished watching Episode 29 of Part 1.



Funny moments aside, this drama links me back about NS life in Singapore. Well, I've never been in the army. Perhaps, the best ways to know more about 'the army' is via word of mouth. My friends who've been in the army never stops talking it over suppers and stayovers. I remember repeated watching this very classic Singapore movie, Army Daze, which was first staged in 1987, at a really young age. This production remains as one of my all-time favourites to date.


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Has life in the army change? What about the values it upholds? How many more types of army boys can you categorize now that the world has changed so much, and that people have changed so much? Rumours have spread that girls might have to serve the army as well in the near future. Do you think it's true?

When talking about NS, regardless whether its girls or boys, men or women, young and old, I believe it's a topic never-end. Now here is another way to share your perception & story about National Service.

N.E.mation! 6 is here!


This year, students are asked to use their creativity to produce storylines centred on the theme of “NS: From Father to Son”. Just form a team of at least 3 members and sign-up now at

Registration closes 14 August 2011.
No prior animation knowledge or skill required.

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