Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taiwan Day 2/7: In search for NAZA Bridal Photography Boutique in Ximen

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It was dark when I reached Taiwan the previous day. So when I woke up in the morning and on my way out, I was astonished to realise that the famous architecture , Ximen Red House(西门红楼) is right opposite my hotel.


NAZA was really easy to spot.
I took a right turn at the main junction and immediately saw it in a distance.



I spent the entire afternoon choosing & trying out NAZA's gowns.

The thing I realize about gowns is that if you put on the right one, that ONE, and look into the mirror, you will be amazed princess-like you'll look and everything around you becomes 'royal'.
*SLAP* Okay back to reality.

Their gowns are elegantly designed; simple details yet meticulous. Tried almost everything & still had a hard time deciding which 4 sets of gowns I should wear before my photoshoot. My 'fairy godmother', Jia Ru, was extremely patient & helpful.

Within my stay, we had became good friends and still keeping in contact with each other via Facebook. In fact, most of the the NAZA Staff are now in my Facebook friend list.

~How I wish I can keep them in my pockets and bring them back with me!~

The steps to upstairs were really high, or was it because I haven't been climbing stairs for awhile...



The baroque-inspired changing room where brides-to-be try on the gowns.



Mr Jackie Goh keeping himself occupied with Cookie Dozer game while I was trying on the gowns. Chee. That was helpful.

I was so lucky to bump into the lady boss, Miss Sherry, in the shop! She was in Singapore the first time I saw her. :)

Guy in the middle: Ah-Yo, our photographer discussing about tomorrow's photoshoot journey with us.

I spent the rest of the evening exploring Ximen. The night is never old here; the shops, the youths who hangs around, the restaurants, the gigantic banners. The later it gets, the livelier Ximen becomes.


The outlook of this restaurant attracted me to have my dinner there. The name of the restaurant in mandarin "Ah Mao(阿毛)" is called after the owner's Golden Retriever. They have several branches so Ah Mao the golden retriever can be anywhere.



Looked how the adorable bunny is humping the doggie in doggie-style. LOLx


And I caught sight of him at one of their other branch! Boy, am I lucky.

Quail eggs sold at the road side; miss it SOOOO much!

I seriously miss Taiwan food! Taiwanese take pride in preparing the food for their customers; even from the roadside stalls. I lost my appetite after I came back and have been taking junk food on the go most of the time.

Particularly want to mention this little shop hidden away at a quiet corner;
Tiny but compact, it sells the most limited edition disney items.

Of course, I bought STITCH items: a comb & a ring!



Show you the comb another day~

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  1. Hi, May i know your review about the Naza wedding packges photoshoot? how s the outcome of the wedding photos