Saturday, January 31, 2015

Applications Now Open for NAC’s Youth Arts Overseas Attachment Programme 2015

This is god sent, really god sent. 
I'm 1000000000000% going to sign up for this and I really hope to be in the same class as my WDA, V Singer and musician friends!

*Screaming in my head*
This is an open call to:
1. A fully sponsored trip, accomodation to UK for 3 months.
2. A programme to which is meant to develop Singaporean artists, initiators, facilitators and youth engagement workers to contribute to Singapore's vibrant youth arts landscape. 
3. Conducted by award-winning teachers to share insights.

Closing date for applications is 13 February 2015

All other musician friends, once in a lifetime!!!
Faster write in! 

Good Luck to all of you and me!
*po-pi po-pi*

======= Please allow me piak the press release here so you have a better idea =======

Applications are now open for outstanding and committed individuals to participate in a three-month attachment programme in the United Kingdom from May to October 2015.

Eligible individuals, aged at least 25 years or older, with a minimum of two years of involvement in the arts, and some experience in collaborating or working with children or youths are invited to apply for the Youth Arts Overseas Attachment (YAOA) Programme by the National Arts Council (NAC) by Friday, 13 February 2015, 12 noon.

The YAOA Programme is part of the NAC’s on-going efforts to develop Singaporean artists, initiators, facilitators and youth engagement workers who can contribute to Singapore’s youth arts landscape. This year, each successful applicant will be attached to one of six youth arts organisations in the UK – ‘a space’ arts, Artswork, Chichester Festival Theatre, British Film Institute, Pegasus Theatre and Rhythmix.

During the three-month attachment, successful candidates will have opportunities to network with international counterparts and learn through first-hand experiences.  Candidates will also need to provide fortnightly updates with a summary of learning points and experiences, and on returning to Singapore, a written Evaluation Report on project involvement, key learning points and an update on how these experiences and learnings can be translated to benefit Singapore’s arts and youth communities,  will be required.

Award winning music producer and mix engineer Roland Lim was one of the participants in the 2014 programme attached to Rhythmix, one of the UK’s leading music charities. He said of his experience with Rhythmix: “The entire experience has broadened my mind and made me re-think my practice both personally and professionally. The programme changed my perspective on how music can be used to help young people in challenging circumstances. It has also given me insights on how we can further develop and grow our music community in Singapore." Roland continues to be actively involved in album production, but plans to take on a larger mentorship role in his future work with younger musicians.

Dancer and choreographer Lam Gin Chia from O School was attached to Wessex Dance Academy, dedicated to at-risk youth. A spokesperson from Wessex Dance Academy said this of Gin: “Gin’s placement here has had an amazing impact on the cohort she was with. She brought new skills, a huge sense of fun and an opportunity for our young people to learn and be introduced to another culture.” Since her return, Gin has continued developing on her work with at-risk youth, including spearheading EDGE, a dance and choreography training programme for at-risk youth amongst other plans.

Nur Sahirrah bte Mohamed Safit, chief programming officer for The Playtent, was attached to All Change Arts in London. She said of her attachment, “It has broadened my knowledge on how to bring together different art forms and learning to manage multi-disciplinary arts programmes effectively.” Upon coming back to Singapore, she has been actively involved in contributing to the arts scene.

Claire Devine, Director at The Playtent and Artistic Director for Buds Youth Company, said, “Sahirrah’s experience overseas has helped her to better appreciate how best to explore diversity within society. With the launch of Going Local 4 and other projects we are working on, we are aiming to help bridge the disconnect between different communities through the arts.

Each successful applicant will receive financial support of up to SGD$14,000 for the three-month attachment, and this will include a subsidy for basic living expenses, a return economy air fare, and insurance for the period.

The Application Process
Applicants will be assessed based on:
  • Their ability to complete the programme
  • The benefits of the proposed programme to their creative and/or professional development
  • Their inclination to learn and explore different perspectives and share knowledge and ideas about young people and the arts
  • Merit and potential of their short and long-term plans that apply ideas and skills gained
  • Their capacity and commitment to developing and contributing to Singapore’s youth arts scene
Priority is given to applicants who are able to commit to the full three-month duration of the programme. Applicants who are unable to commit to the full duration should indicate their minimum commitment period in the Application Form.

Applications must include the completed application form, a detailed curriculum vitae, brief personal bio with the focus on the applicant’s involvement in the arts, and experience with regard to working or collaborating with young people; and a write-up that proposes the benefits that the programme would have on the applicant’s creative and/or professional development; and the applicant’s short and long-term plans for applying ideas and skills gained post-trip.

Deadline for applications: Friday 13 February 2015, 12 noon. Application forms are available at, and must be submitted to Hardcopy applications can be addressed to:

NAC Youth Arts Overseas Attachment Programme
Attn: Lu Xiaohui (Manager, Youth Arts)
National Arts Council
90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Blk A #01-01
Singapore 439053

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 23 February 2015, and will have to attend a sharing session on 27 February 2015, organised by the NAC.  For enquiries, please contact Ms Lu Xiaohui at 6346 9631

I'm going to do my best for the local music scene. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 And Happy Burstday To Me!

My birthday is just 3 days away from New Year's day.
With Christmas, New Year and my birthday celebrations happening concurrently one after another, I'm always the busiest during this period; busy celebrating lah~

I'm so fortunate that I've celebrated a few unique, special and fun birthdays!
28th at Sentosa and Home 
This year's at NSRCC Changi.

To all my family and friends who came down especially for my birthday slumber party this year, thank you for making this celebration a success. It was so entertaining.

Beautiful people in the house, meet them all!
Actually, there's only 90% of the guests in this photo, some of them left earlier because my party started too late awwwww, I really wanted them to stay until the very end! 

So sorry. :(

It's the 2nd consecutive year I ordered this birthday cake because it's just too yummy.
Chocolate fudge cake rom Patissier, slurps~

It was a slumber-themed party so everyone had to come in their nighties and we had cup noodles for dinner!

What's a party without music and games?
I invited some of my very good friends to perform songs for us. 
Thank you Ben, Yiyang, Shan Jie, Morgan, Jona, Silver, Fenny, and Yongwei for the love!

Hmmm... I should have an animal party instead.
They are so adorable!
I've got Stitch (STITCHIE!!!), a lion, a unicorn and a penguin in the house that night.

Happy Birthday to all January babies in the house!

2014 has been the most awesome year ever.
Smooth-sailing, filled with Love, Peace, Happiness and Full of surprises!

Here are some of my happiest moments in 2014:

Praying to Taisui with EE (Daiyu) and OneFirst at Sembawang God of Wealth:

My first BFF photoshoot

Participated in 1 year of roomiesTV Production

roomiesOuting rocks!

Attended Cousin Ben's and Yingzi Darling's 21st

Celebrated bff's birthday every year without fail!

Got irritated by Yong Wei once again!

Helped Bff planned a wedding proposal for her most beloved family member

Bubble Leong is 4 Years old and still growing up healthily (and super happy)

Attended Baohui's Big Day!

Met up with V singer classmates for a picnic!

Receiving Keyboard lessons with beloved Chi Sheng Lao Shi~

Found these lovegetty cards I took with Buddy when I was younger

Attended my first Yoga Class

Joined Migme!
You Join me too, Mint Leong!

Did a proper recording for my original composition, Yikao, at one of Singapore's biggest music studio with my beautiful Razer Headphones woots!

Thank you advisor Wee Gor and Philip for this chance. 

Celebrated Christmas with my beloves, yes!

 My first Haidilao with Reggez, Onefirst and MummyChua

New Year Eve's breakfast with my fellow colleagues from Lifeskills Enrichment, a place where I began to really learn how to become a better self and better leader over the year. 

Thank you for your guidance and love!

I so loveh Staycations and Travels!

Managed to travel to Taiwan and HongKong this year.
Stayed at DoubleTree and Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Taiwan 2014 at Rainbow Village

Hong Kong 2014
Fulfilled my Disneyland trip and OneFirst surprised me with a wedding proposal with my favourite flowers and witness by my BFF!!!!!!


I was flushed and overwhelmed with job opportunities that were related to what I really want to do. 
I befriended this enormous group of happy friends who fully supported and helped me through my work to make this life journey smooth-sailing. 

I would want 2014 to last forever, I really do.
Then again, I know this abundance of goodness will continue into 2015!

The universe is so kind to me.
I am grateful, so so grateful and ultimately grateful.
Blessed be, Universe.

With all the goodness overwhelming, I welcomed 2015 with open arms.

Instead of fulfilling my 48KG New Year resolution, I gained 6KG.
I'm an official 56KG now OH NO!
Guess I'm too Xing Fu, heh-heh.

But my mama she told me don't worry about a thing~

Mama is wrong. I AM WORRIED.
This weight-maintaining issue is extremely necessary in 2015 because I'd want to fit perfectly in my wedding gown, not let it fit me in 2016. ;p

Hence this is gonna be my Number 1 resolution for the new year!

Mint's New Year Resolutions 2014

1.Get my driving license.
2. Learn and Play the Ukulele AS WELL AS the keyboard smoothly.
3. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments.
4. Save up at least 5K BY Dec 2014.
5. Pay off my bills promptly on my own.
6. Lose weight and maintain at 48KG PERMANENTLY!
7. Make and upload at least FIVE better-quality videos of my originals compositions on my youtube channel.
8. Give myself a break at least ONCE a week.
9. Practise and Improve my emcee skills such that I'd be able to present myself confidently, fluently and more flexibly at events and functions.
10. Spend more time with my loved ones.
11. Take more B.M.W.

No. 7 is way better than I had aimed for because TWO of my original compositions will be released in an album at the end of Jan 2015, wohooo!!!

I know I know, Number One appeared in my new year resolutions every year but I never got that fulfilled.
2015 is gonna be it, I promised myself.

7 out of 11 checked.
I'm aiming to complete a FULL list in the year 2015.

Here's my New Year Resolutions 2015 which will keep me on track.

1. Lose weight and maintain at 48KG PERMANENTLY!
Hanrey Low has promised to help me with this.
2. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments.
Colin Chang is introducing me his Taekwondo teacher who is also a dentist.
3. Get my driving license.
4. Learn and Play the Ukulele AS WELL AS the keyboard smoothly.
I'm already taking KB lessons with Chi Sheng Lao Shi from Intune Music School so I'm just gonna keep it up!
5. Grow roomiesWorld locally so that more people will recognised local bilingual music talents.
6. Work and save up for my wedding plans & preparations.
7. Bring Mama, Er Yi and Xiao Yi on another short overseas trip/luxury staycation!
8. Bring Bubble out at least once every quarter year.
9. Stabilise The Aircon Uncle for a stable income.
10. Focus on becoming an even better host & emcee!

Last but not least I'm also taking up the 52-week savings challenge by Life As You Live It.
Say Hi to $1,378, ka-ching!

Good job for coming up with this challenge, very useful indeed.

Hello to 2015 once again, I'm ready for you.
Life's gonna be so awesome and this will be my motivation quote of Year 2015:

More miracles WILL happen!