Saturday, March 26, 2016

Another #LifeGoal Achieved: I'm Officially a COMPASS Member!

It's Official!

Another Life Goal achieved.

The member card is also a NETS flashpay, cashcard, ez-link card and could be used at so many places to get discounts. HOHOHO.

Mint is a happy girl. 


What is COMPASS?

The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) is an organisation created to protect and promote the copyright interests of composers, authors* (and their heir) and publishers of musical works and their related lyrics. COMPASS is a non-profit public company which administers the public performance, broadcast, diffusion and reproduction rights in music and musical associated literary works on behalf of its members. COMPASS deals specifically with music copyright and the usage of musical works.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Life Goals 2016

They say new year resolutions are a waste of time.
You make them at the beginning of the year and forgot about them all by the following month.

I beg to differ.
I feel good when I have something to focus and look forward to every year.
I may not fulfil all my resolutions but I aim to complete as many as I can.
I don't talk about them all the time but periodically I will visit and review them to make sure I'm on track.

Here are my resolutions for 2015.
It's also about time I make new ones for 2016!

Resolutions 2015

I made 10 and here are my results:

1. Lose weight and maintain at 48KG PERMANENTLY! - lost 2KG and counting
2. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments. - decided to postpone this until further notice so that I can allocate my finances for more important priorities.
3. Get my driving license. - could never get started on this.
4. Learn and Play the Ukulele AS WELL AS the keyboard smoothly. - keyboard classes checked!
5. Grow roomiesWorld locally so that more people will recognised local bilingual music talents. - still working on more opportunities for my fellow musician friends, fighting!

Photo credit: Expressionately Yours

6. Work and save up for my wedding plans & preparations. - in progress
7. Bring Mama, Er Yi and Xiao Yi on another short overseas trip/luxury staycation! - Taiwan holiday checked!

8. Bring Bubble out at least once every quarter year. - checked!

9. Stabilise The Aircon Uncle for a stable income.
10. Focus on becoming an even better host and emcee! - I'm still doing my best. Thank you for the opportunities!

Resolutions 2016

1. Lose weight and maintain at 50KG PERMANENTLY.
2. MUST get my driving license.
3. Grow roomiesWorld locally so that the mass public will start to support local bilingual music talents and listen to their original creations (spread the love for local music).
4. Create more opportunities to showcase my original compositions with Mint Show 2016.
5. Improve on my conversational skills to become a more engaging/fun-loving bilingual emcee for roadshows, community functions and weddings.
6. Bring Bubble on outings at least once every 2 months. Picnic at Beach/Walk in the Park/Dog Cafe/Friend's house.
7. Execute Wedding Plans.
8. Cultivate a habit to save up 50% of all my earnings from now on.