Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flash Mob For Love; The Ultimate Singapore Wedding Proposal

This is one of the sweetest memories I get to keep for the rest of my life...


I'm doing this in the NAME OF LOVE; and purely love. For the 80+ people who shares this wonderful memory at the Singapore Flyer for doing something awesomely meaningful &amazingly beautiful, WE DID IT!!!

*3 ultra-cheers!*

A group of friends did a Flash Mob wedding proposal together on Saturday to help a young man named Aaron, who planned to propose to his girlfriend, Tracy. The Singapore Flyer was where they had their first date. I was invited by my BFF, Felicia Sim, to join the flash mob via a private facebook event which Aaron's close friends had created about a month ago. The dance steps of the songs were also edited and uploaded for us to learn from home, specially done by his close friends.

At the Singapore Flyer, I was randomly asking around (as usual I'm very Kpo) and based on statistics gathered, most who came down to lend a helping hand had no direct friendship with Aaron.  Most of us were friend's friend, friend's friend's friend & friend's friend's friend's friend! Like in my case, I was Felicia's friend and had no direct relationship with Aaron. So while the close friends planned and organised everything, we dance!

See how lovely these people are! (Uh-hem, self praise. Bleah~)


Starting as early as 1pm (I reached only at 5.20pm after my Liveomusic show),  friends were already at the scene decorating the place, setting up the speakers, rehearsing for the flash mob later. Prior to that, there were also dance practices organised by a dance crew from CCK ITE Collage West for everyone who came forward to help out.



The Changing Point Productions Crew was also there to film down this wonderful event!





Traditional saying: If you are doing an outdoor shoot and hope it doesn't rain, place some onions & chilli at the venue to 'ward off the rain god'. We were so kiasu, we placed onions & chilli ALL AROUND the theatre, and even throw them all over the grass patches. They were everywhere! Miraculously, it worked!

The rain stopped even though it was raining earlier!



To show my utmost support for such a loving boyfriend, I joined the flash mob too, even though throughout the flash mob I chose a spot right at the back so that I can 'smoke through' the crowd. I had no time to learn the steps at all and there was only 30minutes left for me to learn the dancesteps to 2 songs: All I Want For Christmas Is You and All About You by Mcfly.

Impossible but I did it.


Final rehearsal:

By 6pm, all of us were dispersed into the crowd until the song, All I want for Christmas is you, was heard; our call since most of us couldn't recognise Tracy at all.


To avoid suspicion, I decided to bring my camera around for photo-taking sessions with friends who were there for the Flash Mob too!

(TOP)Left: Felicia, Pin Wen, Me

(BELOW) I was overjoyed to see Pin Wen because I've not met him since my Poly Days! We both came alone so we decided to stick together through thick and thin for awhile. Thanks for being there for me otherwise I will be too embarrassed to dance on my own.


Photo of the day(below):
Look who I bumped into, SEAN, the man who first started The Changing Point Productions(TCP)!
TCP is a Singapore-based independent film production group doing online youth drama productions. They are also Singapore’s 1st Online Broadcaster for Online Drama Serials. You can engage them for film-making or videography services too!


Thick skinned enough to pull Aaron(THAT loving boyfriend I was praising about all this while) for a quick shot even though he was SUPER busy.:

The dancing spot for All I Want For Christmas Is You:


Can you spot the dancers?

While the dancers were positioning themselves comfortably outside the theatre, things were even more happening back inside!


Inside, Aaron's brothers were dolling themselves up for the ultimate task: Dance to Super Junior's song with the actual steps! Yes, Tracy adores SuJu (I know you too!!! *squeal*). At about the same time, Tracy & Aaron's families, who were invited to witness THE MOMENT, arrived.

Left: Tracy's dad & mum, Aaron's Grandparents, Aaron's Mum & Elder Sister.

The bouquet & flash cards were ready in position too!



So was the videographer:

Final boost and we're all set to go!


The plan:
Tracy's best friend, Kaile, who was already shopping with her since afternoon, was to lead her to the ticketing booth eventually; the best view to watch the flash mob. She would encourage Tracy to join the gathering crowd to check out 'some dance' for 'some Singapore Flyer event'. When the song reaches the last line of the chorus 'All I want for Christmas... is YOU...', all the dancers had to point to Tracy and guide her to walk to the theatre by forming a human chain.

Inside the theatre, the brothers and the man himself will dance to a Super Junior's song. Thereafter, another flash mob will be done to the song All About You by Mcfly. Then, Aaron will propose to her.

With the plan all set, the final task was to wait for the female lead to arrive while I continued going around to snap more photographs.

*Tourist-in-disguise mode*


This photo is so cute! Look, I've made new friends!

When Tracy arrived, everyone got into position and started dancing their best, including me which explains why I didn't record anything of the dance. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT, I had specially requested for the video to be placed here to share with everyone! (Will do so once I get it)

The 'Suju boys' can't be more suave, can they?
Everyone was cheering so loudly that it almost blew the roof down!

The 2nd flash mob is going to start in a jiffy, I gotta go!

tracy spotted

And she said YES!
By the way Aaron, what kind of question was most important when you asked, "Baby, will you... want to see me dance again?"

I'm kidding.
It was the sweetest moment ever!!!

Congratulations, Tracy and Aaron!
I plan to invite Tracy & Aaron up onto my talkshow( on 21st December 2011 from 8pm to 9pm, to share their experience. *keeping my fingers cross that they'll come*


Well, the crowd just got bigger and bigger.

At the end of the day, Aaron treated everyone to Popeyes!

The food voucher has a validity, Love has not.

To me, this flash mob for love is not only about Aaron's Love for Tracy, but also about the love of the couple's friends, the love and blessings from their kin & close friends, and the love of other friends for their friends!

This event filled the night sky with so much love, it means so much to me.
Cherish your loved ones today!


  1. So sweet and touching! I wish i can be there to witness it too but really sorry have to be at a friend's birthday party.

    Glad that Tracy said yes to Aaron! Wishing them always together, happily ever after! :)

  2. awwww! this is really sweet! and so nice of you to join in even though you didn't know the couple! :))

  3. This looks so fun and sweet! Must be a great memory for everyone there, especially the couple! :D

  4. this is such a touching thing to do. :) such a lucky girl! :)

  5. My husband has been at the Singapore Flyer and he told me it is an amazing experience so... lucky you :) it seems I should try it as soon as possible :)

  6. Calvin: Yala, I wish more bloggers would come down to help that day. In the end only I turn up.

    Jiaxin: Now I know the couple! :p

    Ruiting, Ju Ann, Maureen, Amanda Silver: Yup, it was so sweet right! I was touched to tears on the spot though I don't know the couple.

  7. Mint Leong: He told me it is really taking your breath

  8. can i join with you all??