Friday, December 2, 2011

[Guinness LIVE] Yee Siling VS Alvin Ng at Firefly

Guinness Live 2011 UPDATE

Guinness LIVE is a singing contest which is held every Tuesday, Wednesday &; Thursday respectively at Shanghai Dolly, Dragonfly & Firefly until the end of February 2012.

Since it's a Thursday, the Guinness LIVE group was at FIREFLY & THE LIVING ROOM. It's located at Singapore Marriot Hotel, Orchard Road.

Guinness Live Round 15: Alvin Ng VS Yee Siling:


I was 15 minutes late and almost missed them singing their first songs! The tables were fully occupied when I reached!


Siling using her new prop, a fan, which suited her performing song titled, 夜来香(Ye Lai Xiang), perfectly.  The fan was definitely suitable for this song! However, an advice which both Fatt Zhai & Jason gave her was that perhaps she should think about what she could do with the fan while singing. I guess perhaps it was her first song so she seemed a little nervous; to open or close the fan? When's the right time to do so? Other than that, I thought she could wear something more flattery next time.

On a lighter note, I think she looks a little like Jesseca Liu, 刘子绚.


One thing I totally agree with everyone is that Team Firefly a "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" group. Like Alfred from the same team, Siling C.A.N. S.I.N.G. Superstar-quality singer who makes you sway to her grooves, rock along with her tempo, indulge in her vocals.

Alvin is one courageous performer. He's not afraid to show you what he's got; he poses, he grooves, he entertains. Now, who can 'tahan' a man singing so close to you while looking right into your eyes?





Photo of the day:
Finally got a CLEAR photo of the GreenQueen Band. JasonJaccent, the keyboardist from Green Queen Band, is a piano teacher by day. If you notice, he's using THREE, that's T-H-R-E-E keyboards that day!

I think that during when doing a LIVE showcase, the most powerful people have to be the band musicians. Should the singer skip a phrase or a stenza in the song, they have to do impromptu changes to complement their vocalists. Then, they have to cater to the singers' comfortable keys, adjust the chords accordingly, coordinate with the other musicians.

Next time when you watch a live band, please give your loudest applause to the musicians who played the wonderful music for you. 3 cheers to Green Band!

Wait a minute, right at the back of the crowd, I thought I saw some familiar faces...I did! Other Guinness Live contestants spotted!


 Left to right: Aydan, Regine who refuse to take a photo w/o make up, Jeremy.

They had come down to support their fellow friends! What you see on stage are ALL outstanding performers who shine in their own ways. Although it's a harsh contest, personally I feel what really matters is the friendship & passion that binds total strangers together; a form of mutual encouragement. It's so heart-warming to know that everyone's a part of the big Guinness family, supporting one another in times of need.

Look how happy they are! Except Regine of course, I can't see her face when she covers it like that. *bleah*

See who I manage to take a photo with this time:

Yes with Aydan(top) & Alvin(below)!!!



You NEED not be jealous of me, NO.
Guinness LIVE is open to public so you can come down and immerse yourself in an hour of music and entertainment. From 10pm to 11pm, catch any TWO of the 12 contestants perform on stage and catch them for a photo-taking session!

There will be Guinness promotions too!


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  1. Hey babe!!! They are the QUEEN band!!!! And the keyboardist name is spelt as Jaccent :x
    Anyway, hope to see you soon! :)

  2. Thanks for correcting! I'll edit it right away! :)