Friday, April 30, 2010

Kill Me If You Can, Flu Virus

Quick quick,
ask me what I'm doing recently,
ask me, ask me!

I've been holding 2 jobs-
production and tuition.

I'm the production manager for an upcoming
Mediacorp Ch8 Teenage Drama, Cheerful Drum Beat.

We are at our pre-production stage now,
hence a peak period for me;
A strong foundation is essential for everything.

On top of that,
I'm given a golden opportunity to sing its theme and sub-theme song.
You wouldn't know HOW ESCTATIC I AM NOW!

I'm screaming my lungs out from within.

I will definitely cherish and make the best out of it!

5 classes, with at least 10students in each class,
their homework piling and waiting for me to mark.

I am really grateful to both my bosses,
who are understanding towards my committments on both sides.
They will give me time off in the weekends so that I really have a good rest.

On top of that,
I'm the event organiser for an upcoming
primary school mega gathering in November!
This is my first attempt to coordinate a event for 200ppl!

a gathering is FINALLY going to happen after 12 long years!!!

A committee to maintain,
A production to manage,
Tuition classes to look after,
2 new songs to train up for,
and of course,
not to forget my family and friends!

With increasing responsibilities,
and this hell weather,
i'm falling sick again- throat infection.

Not when I'm singing... *SOB SOB*
When I was younger,
i remembered losing my voice,
or down with fever on the day of my finals' singing contests.
i'll be bedridden on my audition day.


Please God,
don't do this to me!!!

Whenever I'm losing faith,
I will remember someone close ever saying this to me,
"Think like a Superstar."

I refuse to raise the white flag against this flu virus;

Another thing that I am grateful for-
My boyfriend who found his way to ease my worries and upsetting matters.
He never fails.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I feel fiery whenever someone doesn't trust me.

My blood will boil.
I will feel like screaming my head off.

When I said I will return something,
it means I will.
When you said I spouted nonsense,
I responded immediately,
what nonsense did I spout?


You did your explanation.
I have sounded my stand too.

did I ever said I will return,
and I never did?
did I tell you something,
and change my mind thereafter without giving it much consideration?

I know you too well oh yes I do.
I spouted nonsense?
you spouted nonsense too.

you didn't know how foul your mouth is, don't you?
One day,
everyone in the world will turn their back on you.

Carry on,
you can pretend to be in your up-up position.
When you fall,
I will see how painful you may be from up above.

Go ahead,
let your ego eat you up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twist Potato, Twist!

Potatos, yuck?!

Potatos with skin, double yucks?!

Not anymore if you try this!

Twist Potato!

Korean Band, Shinee,
ate this on korean TBS variety show.
While they were doing a short "sorry sorry" dance.
They are so Cute!!!!

Now here in Singapore's very reowned Pasar Malam,
it's up for consumption for only $2.50 per stick.

There are 4 flavours to choose from:
Korean BBQ, Kimchi Chilli, Onion and Cheese.

I tried the BBQ, and as I expected,
it's just like those BBQ potato chips taste.
The lady vendor said her hot seller are the Cheese Flavour ones.

How it was done:

The lady first attach a whole potato onto the specially designed potato cutter machine.
She then twist the handle of the machine until the potato pops down from the other side.
Thereafter,she grab a long satay stick and in a twisting motion,
creates a long twirling potato on the satay stick.
Now, the whole potato on the stick will be deep fried.
Once crispy and golden brown,
she rolls in a plate of seasoning powder chosen by the consumers!

It was so addictive,
I ate up everyting in a flash!

DD later went down to buy the Kimchi Chilli one.
He recommended that it's best to eat it piping hot
since it's something deep fried.

For more Info on the potato cutter machine, check out this website:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Candy Booster

My candy booster.
Dd surprised me with my favourite sunflower and baby's breath flowers
when he came and picked me up at the tuition centre.

Totally drained out over the past few days.
Caught up with tuition and my new production job to look for sponsorships.

No doubt, life is fulfiliing.
But I think I'm falling sick again.

I still have a lot to learn...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back To...

The smell of the canteen is still as familiar.
The noodles stall auntie still remembers me.

I recognise the cleaning attendant the moment I see him.
Mdm Hazlina,my favourite teacher, is still teaching at the school.

The moment I stepped back into the school,
waves of flashbacks would overwhelm my mind.
I love my dearest Primary School, so much!

Bukit Panjang Primary School.

The Overcrowding Box

It's KTV!
The entire family of mine went for a KTV session yesterday at Chevrons!

The Package:
we had reserved a room for 15 pax.
The hourly charge for the room is $16.
Brother got a deal that's 1+1hour free.
So we ended up singing for 4hours,
but paying only the room charge of 2hours.

The only criteria was that we have to order
a minimium of 1 drink per person.

Here's what we ordered:
1 jug of coke enough for 4,
1 jug of green tea,
3 glasses of ice honey,
2 cups of hot honey,
1 for 1 glass of housepour,
1 for 1 SOL(beer) bottle,
1 for 1 Shirley Temple

Total bill: $86.47

My word;
It's super worthwhile and money saving as compared to
going for other family KTVs!

we didn't forget to miss our two little cousins out!
They had their fair share of the mic.

While the rest of my family went for dinner together after the session,
i headed home with DD to celebrate his mother's birthday.
we bought a BATA tote bag with a small bouquet of a lily for her.

Happy Birthday, Auntie!

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's fun and what's not?

Oh yes,
I like to try all kinds of weird stuff.
Not that extreme like bungy jump or air-borne of course,
but something not everyone in this world would know.

For fun's sake. :)

The Y Bloggist 2010

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Here are some of the nominees.

Yesterday on my way to tuition class,
I was stucked in a traffic jump along TPE.

The traffic was crawling to its maximum.

It started from the exit at Jalan Kayu up till the exit at Lorong Halus!
In midst of the jam,
I thought it was really just those K-po drivers causing that jam.
With all the cursing and swearing going on in the car-
I was already half an hour late for my class-
my mind flooded with a hundred and one assumptions
deduced from the scenario.

I changed my mind as the deafening siren of the ambulance sounded from behind.
Within seconds,
the supersonic ambulance sped past me via the road shoulder.

That caught my immediate attention.

As i observe my surroundings-
cramped up roads,
irritated-looking on the drivers, who,
were getting restless and frantically cutting lanes,
flashing signal lights coming from every car on the road-
I caught sight of the ERP signboard a few hundred metres ahead of me.

As I approached the accident zone,
this is what i saw:

And this, is not fun at all.

Life is so vulnerable in the hands of fate.

I remember i read this somewhere,
"Live today like there's no tomorrow!"
Please, cherish your life, as well as others,
drive safely on the road.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Once again,
I stepped my feet into my Primary School-
Bukit Panjang Primary School.

How long has it been?
12 years, I suppose.

Everything is so miniature;
right from the canteen benches to the desks in the classrooms.
I was like a giant in school.
please do not mention this 'giant' thing to Jo,
my primary schoolmate, who was with me.

*nonchalant smile*

My P6 classroom.
Nothing is changed except for
the additional lockers and interior furnishings of the upgraded school.

So many flashbacks:
standing outside the classroom for not doing my homework,
passing of little notes among my BFFs,
the unwillingness to leave the school on the last day as a P6 student,
the outdoor bags, tweety bird bags, and not to forget the pager trend,
sharp combs, long hush puppies socks etc.

So many nostalgic moments overwhelmed me as i walk around the school once more.

I loved it;
I know you will too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The MP3 was a surprise from Nave!
I hadn't expected him to edit my recording of this song at all.
I loved this version so much that
i decided to make it into a slideshow for Nave. :)

Thank you!

I miss the times at Flutter very much.
spare me time to enjoy my little hobby once again!!!

Fly kite, Fly!

Our kites' first outing!

DD, Mummy, Manfred and I.
our new toys didn't soar as high as we expected due to the inconstant wind.
We all agreed to try again when the wind is strong.

Needless to say,
although our kites did not manage to fly,
we enjoyed ourselves all the same.

New Sport: Kite Flying

The dinner we had was sumptous!