Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twist Potato, Twist!

Potatos, yuck?!

Potatos with skin, double yucks?!

Not anymore if you try this!

Twist Potato!

Korean Band, Shinee,
ate this on korean TBS variety show.
While they were doing a short "sorry sorry" dance.
They are so Cute!!!!

Now here in Singapore's very reowned Pasar Malam,
it's up for consumption for only $2.50 per stick.

There are 4 flavours to choose from:
Korean BBQ, Kimchi Chilli, Onion and Cheese.

I tried the BBQ, and as I expected,
it's just like those BBQ potato chips taste.
The lady vendor said her hot seller are the Cheese Flavour ones.

How it was done:

The lady first attach a whole potato onto the specially designed potato cutter machine.
She then twist the handle of the machine until the potato pops down from the other side.
Thereafter,she grab a long satay stick and in a twisting motion,
creates a long twirling potato on the satay stick.
Now, the whole potato on the stick will be deep fried.
Once crispy and golden brown,
she rolls in a plate of seasoning powder chosen by the consumers!

It was so addictive,
I ate up everyting in a flash!

DD later went down to buy the Kimchi Chilli one.
He recommended that it's best to eat it piping hot
since it's something deep fried.

For more Info on the potato cutter machine, check out this website:

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