Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good Night Sleep Equation

Work + Discussion + Stress = Worn Out.

I came back to DD's house for the night.
And found this on the bed:

DD's mum had put this on the bed FOR ME.
She said Dd's Ah ma had given it to me,
something made by one of DD's Aunt.

His mother had done so because DD's Primary 4 cousin,
had asked the adults how could Jie Jie(me) sleep when I come to stay
without a pillow?

Thoughtfulness + Sensitive + Comfort = A good night sleep.
I slept for an additional hour that morning,
my heart full of warmth that DD's cousin had been so thoughtful.

Oh by the way,
this cousin is one of my Private Tuition Student.

Love him to bits.

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