Monday, April 19, 2010

The Overcrowding Box

It's KTV!
The entire family of mine went for a KTV session yesterday at Chevrons!

The Package:
we had reserved a room for 15 pax.
The hourly charge for the room is $16.
Brother got a deal that's 1+1hour free.
So we ended up singing for 4hours,
but paying only the room charge of 2hours.

The only criteria was that we have to order
a minimium of 1 drink per person.

Here's what we ordered:
1 jug of coke enough for 4,
1 jug of green tea,
3 glasses of ice honey,
2 cups of hot honey,
1 for 1 glass of housepour,
1 for 1 SOL(beer) bottle,
1 for 1 Shirley Temple

Total bill: $86.47

My word;
It's super worthwhile and money saving as compared to
going for other family KTVs!

we didn't forget to miss our two little cousins out!
They had their fair share of the mic.

While the rest of my family went for dinner together after the session,
i headed home with DD to celebrate his mother's birthday.
we bought a BATA tote bag with a small bouquet of a lily for her.

Happy Birthday, Auntie!

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