Saturday, April 3, 2010

His First Excursion!

Manfred's first excursion to the Jurong Bird Park.
he was darn excited...

And he can't stop telling people about it when he went home.
He told us that he loved the Jurong Bird Park VERY MUCH.

Manfred is our little photographer.
He took MOST of these pictures for us,
in fact 99% of it.

He's a really gifted boy to know how to use a digi cam properly
at the age of 5.

The helpful little one,

offering to pull the wagon for us.

The toucan looks so artificial.

It's a real toucan!

When i asked him to take a photo with me,

he tried to camwhore both of us with the camera.

It wasn't successful of course,

his hands were too short.


a good attempt.

The abrupt rain didn't dampen our vivacious spirits.

We were well prepared for wet-weather.

I gave him a little reward.

I think he deserves it for being our FOC photographer.

We had dinner at THE SOUP RESTAURANT @ Jurong Point

before taking him home.

I had a fun day!

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