Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Latest Mobile App: LoveByte

Just downloaded this app & already hooked on it~

LoveByte, a Singapore startup mobile app first launched its first beta version on the App Store in July 2012.

Girlfriends, it's a dating app where you pen down memories with your boyfriends!
Boyfriends, you'll never forget important dates in your relationship anymore!

Over 100K Downloads & with presence in 96 countries since its iOS open-beta launch, this 'Made In Singapore' by Singaporean Steve Sng mobile app is AWESOME!


You get scratchcards from your other halves.
You can send them one too.

About Scratchcard

Voted as the most unique and innovative feature of LoveByte, the scratchcard is very popular among users. Couples are encouraged to send each other date ideas through the form of a silver-filmed scratchcard. The receiver will then get to ‘scratch’ by rubbing the screen to reveal the content. LoveByte believes that this helps to add an element of surprise and fun into a couple’s relationship.

“We found that finding things to do together was a common problem that most couples faced”, Steve shared. “As such, we hope that the scratchcard feature can encourage couples to go out and try new activities together.” 


Register a new account and start noting down your dates, photos & notes in your relationship.

Here's my new account:



MinutemanSG and I are now connected.
As always. :p

We can even use this app to CHAT with each other.


LoveByte Mobile App even calculates how many days we are together already!
I can't wait until the 1,000,000th day.
Wonder what we'll be doing~



I designed a cover photo to 'customised' my account.
The downside of this function, you can't adjust, resize and crop the photo so the photos you choose for your avatars and cover have to be sized perfectly before you upload it.

I designed this photo 6 times before I got my satisfied cover:


About LoveByte

LoveByte Pte. Ltd. is a young growing company with the aim of bringing couples closer using technology. Incorporated in 2011, the company’s general focus is on developing applications on new media for couples and is passionate in helping couples to grow closer by building stronger relationships.
LoveByte is supported by the Interactive Digital Media Programme of the Media Development Authority (MDA) and funded by the National Research Foundation.

Connect with LoveByte

Site: http://lovebyte.us/
To download the app: http://lovebyte.us/getapp 
Facebook: http://facebook.com/lovebyte.us
Blog: http://blog.lovebyte.us/ Instagram: @lovebyteapp

Your turn to try!
Download is FREE.

Monday, March 18, 2013

[Hankook LJH Cosmetics] Cellabel Eyelash Queen & Prep Eye Primer

Hankook Cosmetics is ready to introduce a brand series of facial & body products from LJH! I'm most honoured to be the appointed LJH Social Ambassador 2013, alongside with my bff -- Silver Ang.

LJH Hankook Cosmetics Mint Leong

We have gotten a line-up of LJH product reviews for you over the next few months and yes, you'll be reading up on these information from Silver and I, FIRST-HAND in Singapore.

On top of that, these reviews are going to come with attractive discounts specially for YOU reading about them.

BONUS: Use VIP code "LJHMintLeong" to receive an additional 20% discount when you purchase from their newly revamped website: http://www.cosmetic-singapore.com

About LJH

LeeJiHam was named after the family names of doctors.

LJH Skin Clinic is founded in 1994 and is the 1st specialised dermatology clinic established in Korea. Until now, its brand has maintained its reputation as the first and best dermatology clinic in Korea, being able to adapt quick to fast changing technologies for treating wrinkles, acnes, freckles & other skin problems that we face.

Their facial cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, creams, lotions, sun pact and more.
I'll gradually reveal them within the next few months so stay tune!

About LJH Cosmeceuticals: Cellabel

Beautifying yourself works best when the products also provides beauty benefits. A term known as 'cosmeceuticals', which is a combination of cosmetics & pharmarcuticals. Cellabel not only enhances your appearance, it also deliver nutrients necessary for healthy skin.

We know about all-in-1 beverage, all-in-1 shampoo, all-in-1 smartphones; convenience has it in this all-in-1 cosmetics!

Let's kick-start this Hankook Ambassador Product Review Programme with 2 of their latest trend in Korea:

The all-in-1 3D eyes makeup: Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen and Prep Eye Primer


Product 01: Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen

Are you feeling sick and tired of spending time sticking and re-sticking those fake eyelashes just to get them the right shape and angle, just like me? Always dreamt of having not just naturally long, but also thick eyelashes?

The Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen is just the product you need:


Apart from helping our eyelashes NATURALLY grow thicker and longer, the Cellabel M.C. Eyelash Queen also helps to refresh our tired eyes with fruit and plant extracts. There have even been reports of eyelashes growing from 3mm to 12mm with the help of Cellabel M.C.Eyelash Queen!

The product comes with a measuring ruler to help track the growth of your eyelashes:


The solution is almost transparent in colour so that you won't look weird after applying it on your eyelashes.


The brush is also curved slightly, so that it is easier to apply the solution onto your eyelashes.



Clumsy me accidentally got some of the solution into my eyes but luckily it didn't really hurt! There was only this 'spicy' sensation in my eyes that lasted for only a few seconds. Phew!

Time to snap a before and after picture with the handy eyelash ruler.
Put this ruler under your closed eye to find out how long your eyelashes are:


It took a few tries to get used to the positioning of the ruler, but after a while it gets pretty easy.



My eyelash length before Cellabel Eyelash Queen, Day 0: 6mm

Here's a quick snapshot guide on how to use the curved brush to apply the solution onto your lashes. (Don't ask me what the Korean words mean, I have no idea too :P)

Picture 9

Pretty easy to apply when you have a mirror in front of you.
My suggestion to you is to apply it like how you'd apply your mascara.
Avoid the extension brush in your eyes to avoid that spicy sensation.

This is how I apply:

You'll be able to see results in about 10 days, the length depending on each individual.
Today is my 6th and I'm going to update the length with a photo on my 10th day so watch this space:

Day 10: ???? MM

The Cellabel M.C. Eyelash Queen (6ml) is S$68.


Online Promotions

Hankook LJH Cosmetics is having a 23.5% discount for everyone:
S$68 - 23.5% = S$52
*Valid from 15 March - 27 March 2013

Use VIP code "LJHMintLeong" to receive an additional 20% discount:
S$52 - 20% = S$41.60

Order your Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen through MintLeong.sg Blog here to get a FREE facial mask worth S$5!
*Promotion is valid from 15 March - 27 March 2013

Here's the Facial Mask set; you'll be getting ONE of the FOUR, absolutely FREE:
facial_mask_all in 1





Last 10 Days to get your 20% Discount + FREE mask!

Product 2: Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer


Save time while beautifying your eyes!

The Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer is an all-in-1 eye care product: eye cream, eye makeup base, eye concealer, eye filler gel! It's a KFDA approved whitening and wrinkle improvement product specially for the eyes.

The Eye Primer can be used as a concealer for covering fine wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles around the eye area for your radiant makeup.  Its skincare benefits further maintains the eye area with anti-wrinkle and firming effects.


You'll only need a PINCH, like I really mean 3 full-stop size of eye primer for BOTH your eyes.
So the bottle should last between 6 - 9 months, value for its price~!

Here's a picture of my eyes taken without applying ANYTHING:
LJH Eye Primer

Notice the eyebags & dark circles beneath my eyes yet:
LJH Eye Primer

I accidentally press out too much and end up applying some of the eye primer around my lip area too:
LJH Eye Primer

Pat the eye primer around your eyes to give it better absorption BEFORE applying your eye makeup:
LJH Eye Primer

Notice any difference here:
LJH Eye Primer

It's quite obvious that the primer worked its concealer-function on my left eye(which is your right side):
LJH Eye Primer

It's so much easier to put on make up when you apply primers on your face BEFORE wearing any cosmetics. Here's a natural shade of eye shadow I did:

LJH Eye Primer

LJH Eye Primer

I added eyeliner to enhance the shape of my eyes:

LJH Eye Primer

Close up:
LJH Eye Primer

Drawing my left eye with Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer was all I did:
LJH Eye Primer

The Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer is S$88.


Online Promotions:
S$88 - 22.7% = S$68

MintLeong 20% blog discount:
S$68 - 20% = S$54.40

You'll be getting a FREE mask if you purchase this product too!
*Promotion valid from 15 - 27 March 2013

Coming up: Korea Face Slimming Treatment Workshop,


Thursday, March 14, 2013

FREE Mcdonald's Egg McMuffin on National Breakfast Day!

According to studies, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Study shows that someone who eats breakfast has better work performance than one who doesn't. On top of that, it reduces the hunger of a person throughout the day.

Do you have a habit of eating BREAKFAST?!

If you do, keep it up!
If you don't, this upcoming event is a SIGN to tell you to start eating breakfast!

I take my breakfast regularly.
Sometimes it's just a slice of plain bread or a glass of hot cereal.
With my prince, we'll wake up for my favourite breakfast sometimes, Mcdonald's Hotcakes Meal with sausage + sausage!

Yes, that's 2 sausages, hahahaha...

*Alamak I'm craving for Mcdonald's Hotcakes right now...*

This coming 18th March 2013, join in the


McDonald's National Breakfast Day_Overview
photo credit: McDonald's

On 18 March 2013 (MONDAY), 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore will participate in National Breakfast Day by giving away over 100,000 Egg McMuffins, as part of Singapore’s (and the world’s) largest ever breakfast giveaway. National Breakfast Day is a regional McDonald’s initiative that will see 5,000 McDonald’s Restaurants in Asia, the Middle East and Africa give away some five million Egg McMuffins in all.

NBD - McDonald's crew preparing Egg McMuffins
photo credit: McDonald's

Each participating restaurant will be giving away 1,000 free Egg McMuffins to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here now to get the list of participating Mcdonald's restaurants.

Mcdonald's FREE Egg McMuffin Giveaway
Date: 18 March 2013, MONDAY
Time: 5AM - 10AM
First Come First Serve Basis

Let's be gracious Singapore, 
Everyone be guai-guai & peaceful.

Explore interesting breakfast facts and also join in the countdown to National Breakfast Day on the official microsite www.notamorningperson.org.

I believe others will start tweeting about this event using hastag #FreeEggMcMuffin 

So People, remember to:

Mcdonald National Breakfast Day
photo credit: McDonald's

Good things are meant to be shared!
Tell your friends and family by sharing this post with them~

A few decades ago, there was a Mcdonald's Hello Kitty Craze...
I sense a Mcdonald's #FreeEggMcMuffin craze in a few days' time.

I'm EGG-cited!!!
*Set alarm at 4.30AM on 18 March 2013*

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SpringWave Music Festival 2013 (春浪) Singapore Media Conference with 张震岳 and 王若林!

Currently on speakers: Zhang Zhen Yue Songs On Youtube 
(Click on the next Zhang Zhen Yue's song after listening to this one & next & next & next...)

People, let's 春浪.....!!! (pronounced as 'Chun Lang')

Created by Friendly Dog Entertainment to celebrate peace, love and music during spring time in Taiwan, the Spring Wave Music Festival is held annually in Kenting, Taiwan. This Music festival is one of the biggest Mandopop events globally and is widely known to feature performances by some of the biggest names in the Mandopop industry including May Day (Wu Yue Tian), Eason Chan, JJ Lin and more!

Ohhhh Kenting Kenting.
I want to go Kenting!

Kenting National Park is Taiwan's oldest and southernmost national park well known for its tropical climate and sunshine, scenic mountain and beach. When I visited Taiwan, their locals have strongly recommended me to visit Kenting because it's one of their favourite resort places!

Image of Kenting taken from Internet.

Mandopop lovers, I'm sure you're going to scream once you know who's performing for Chun Lang 2013.

Let me cover my ears first:

Tiger Beer Presents Spring Wave 2013 - Poster

Finish screaming yet?
Jam Hsiao, Wu Bai, Chen Qi Zhen, Joanna Wang, Olivia Ong, Zhang Zhen Yue!!!!
Ok I'd give you 1 more minute to scream.

*1 minute later*

Actually I was giving myself that 1 minute to scream together with you there.

Currently running into its 7th year, Spring Wave Music Festival will be hosted out of Taiwan for the first time and yes, it'll be in Singapore!

Tiger Beer is thrilled to be the presenter of the Spring Wave Music Festival in Singapore and they are whipping up something extremely exciting. I'll get to that part later.

At Chun Lang 2013, you'll be partying LATE INTO THE NIGHT with leading DJs and enjoy LIVE music performances by the Mandopop Superstars!!! The festival will kick-off with the Mandopop segment from 3PM to 10PM.  After that the venue will be transformed into a massive outdoor party venue for an Electronic Dance Music Segment known as Spring Wave Dance from 11AM to 4AM.

Widely travellers and legendary German DJs ATB and Markus Schuluz as well as trance musician Jochen Miller from Holland will be there at Chun Lang 2013 too!

Chun Lang 2013 will be held at:

The Meadow @ Gardens By The Bay
3PM to 10PM: LIVE Mandopop Performances
11PM to 4AM: Spring Wave Dance

Ticket Sales
Free-standing tickets to Chun Lang 2013: S$158 & S$98
Spring Wave Dance: S$88

Available at all SISTIC outlets and its website www.sistic.com.sg
Tickets sold separately

I can feel the adrenaline rush right now~

Hello Zhang Zhen Yue & Joanna Wang at the Media Conference!




I was out of breath when I was up-close with one of my favourite Mandopop singers of all times, Zhang Zhen Yue, who is in the Mandopop industry for almost 20 years now. I grew up listening to his song compositions.

His song 'Ai Wo Bie Zou' which means 'Don't go if you love me'.
I sing this song every other week at my singing gig:

I can listen to this song a zillion times and yet still feel the attaction to the song like I've only listened to it for the very first time and fall in love.

Zhang Zheng Yue
Photos from Hpility Camera

I love what he said at the Media Conference yesterday. As a passionate song writer, he thrives & insist that he puts his truest, most genuine feelings into his composition rather than considering and catering to what the market wants him to do. He feels that when someone writes a song using his most honest & sincere feelings at that point of time, he believes his audience will be able to feel the same and will be able to relate to the song.

Awww... I'll always bear this in mind.
To write my truest and most sincere feelings. :)

Take a sneak peek into Chun Lang 2011 in Kenting featuring Zhang Zhen Yue:

My long papa LOVES the voice of Joanna Wang Ruo Lin so much that he bought her CD and play it at his bar! Joanna has got beautiful jazzy vocals which immediately caught my attention the first time I heard the songs she sang playing.

Joanna Wang Ruo Ling
Photos from Hpility Camera

Joanna shares with us at the Media conference she'll be performing other songs apart from the songs in her album. Whee~

Try mimmick her singing at Karaoke; not easy really.

Here's a toast to Tiger beer!


And here's a Hello from Hpility and I at the Spring Wave Music Festival Singapore 2013 Media Conference!


Opportunity for 10 fans to meet an artist

10 Lucky tiger beer fans will stand a chance to win backstage passes for an intimate and exclusive meet & greet session with an artist from the Spring Wave Singapore line-up. Fans keen on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can simply log on to Tiger Beer's Facebook Page here to participate in the brand's Spring Wave Singapore 2013 contest.

Thank you for reading!
Support Mandopop!!