Saturday, March 2, 2013

HANKOOK COSMETICS: 40% - 70% MEGA SALE + 20% Coupon Discount!

It's been ONE year already?!
I'm still an avid Hankook Cosmetics User to date.

There's a mega sale going on and I MUST share this piece of awesome deal with you!

Hankook Cosmetics OSSION Mega Sale
40% - 70%
+ 20% Reduction
28 FEB - 03 MAR 2013

Do you still remember/ If you don't know what's going on, here's a quick recap:

I was introduced to skincare & beauty products from Hankook Cosmetics from Korea in the year 2012.
These products ranged from our daily skincare routine skincare needs like the facial cleanser, toner & moisturiser, to BB cream, Hand lotion & even slimming body wash.


It was also these products I used that got my face from Baby-fat chubby to SHARPER.


Read my very first review here:

Their time curator series also got my mother looking at least 10 years younger overnight!




Read about our experiences with the Time Curator Series here:

Last but not least, a detailed review of how my face REALLY got so much slimmer overnight:

Readers & friends have been asking about the Hankook Cosmetics website and why the link seems to be broken. Well, that's because they are giving the site a brand new look & new functions to make shopping online easier for us!

Hankook Cosmetics Website Revamping

On behalf of Hankook cosmetics, thank you for your support in the year 2012!
They are ready for the year 2013 with more products, better deals & here's something to kickstart their newly revamped site to thank you good people.

singapore cosmetics

Hankook Cosmetics is having an OSSION MEGA SALE!
There are going to be 40% - 70% discounts for the OSSION products from 28 Feb 2013 - 03 Mar 2013.

Here are some of them:

Ossion merdel toner

Ossion Merdel Moisturiser

Ossion Time Curator Toner

Ossion Time Curator Moisturiser

I'm not finished here.

If you key in this coupon code: "MintLeong"
You'll get a further 20% discount from the DISCOUNTED PRICE!
This coupon code expires on 03 March 2013, Sunday.

Let me quote you an example:

Let's say the original price of the Merdel toner is S$94.00.
It's having a 50% discount where you can purchase this product for S$47.00.

After adding it into your shopping cart, Key in Coupon Key "MintLeong" and you'll be given an additional 20% discount from S$47.00. (This coupon code expires on 03 March 2013, Sunday.)

The final price will be S$37.60!
Once again, this coupon code expires on 03 March 2013, Sunday!

Don't miss this mega sale people!
Hankook Cosmetics mail internationally.

For friends who are paying by cash, Hankook Cosmetics now provide this new service known as "MailOrder*". You may meet up to collect your products but please get ready exact cash with you!

*MailOrder service is only available in Singapore & Malaysia

PS: I've started using some of their latest products....  Stay tuned for more reviews about their lash lengthening product, eye primer, new LJH bubble mask & 3-in-1 facial egg soap bar!

For further enquiries,

I'm not the one selling Hankook Cosmetics,
I'm just sharing this piece of awesome news with you.

You may contact the operators at or leave a message on their facebook page here. Thank you!

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