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[Hankook LJH Cosmetics] Cellabel Eyelash Queen & Prep Eye Primer

Hankook Cosmetics is ready to introduce a brand series of facial & body products from LJH! I'm most honoured to be the appointed LJH Social Ambassador 2013, alongside with my bff -- Silver Ang.

LJH Hankook Cosmetics Mint Leong

We have gotten a line-up of LJH product reviews for you over the next few months and yes, you'll be reading up on these information from Silver and I, FIRST-HAND in Singapore.

On top of that, these reviews are going to come with attractive discounts specially for YOU reading about them.

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About LJH

LeeJiHam was named after the family names of doctors.

LJH Skin Clinic is founded in 1994 and is the 1st specialised dermatology clinic established in Korea. Until now, its brand has maintained its reputation as the first and best dermatology clinic in Korea, being able to adapt quick to fast changing technologies for treating wrinkles, acnes, freckles & other skin problems that we face.

Their facial cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, creams, lotions, sun pact and more.
I'll gradually reveal them within the next few months so stay tune!

About LJH Cosmeceuticals: Cellabel

Beautifying yourself works best when the products also provides beauty benefits. A term known as 'cosmeceuticals', which is a combination of cosmetics & pharmarcuticals. Cellabel not only enhances your appearance, it also deliver nutrients necessary for healthy skin.

We know about all-in-1 beverage, all-in-1 shampoo, all-in-1 smartphones; convenience has it in this all-in-1 cosmetics!

Let's kick-start this Hankook Ambassador Product Review Programme with 2 of their latest trend in Korea:

The all-in-1 3D eyes makeup: Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen and Prep Eye Primer


Product 01: Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen

Are you feeling sick and tired of spending time sticking and re-sticking those fake eyelashes just to get them the right shape and angle, just like me? Always dreamt of having not just naturally long, but also thick eyelashes?

The Cellabell M.C. Eyelash Queen is just the product you need:


Apart from helping our eyelashes NATURALLY grow thicker and longer, the Cellabel M.C. Eyelash Queen also helps to refresh our tired eyes with fruit and plant extracts. There have even been reports of eyelashes growing from 3mm to 12mm with the help of Cellabel M.C.Eyelash Queen!

The product comes with a measuring ruler to help track the growth of your eyelashes:


The solution is almost transparent in colour so that you won't look weird after applying it on your eyelashes.


The brush is also curved slightly, so that it is easier to apply the solution onto your eyelashes.



Clumsy me accidentally got some of the solution into my eyes but luckily it didn't really hurt! There was only this 'spicy' sensation in my eyes that lasted for only a few seconds. Phew!

Time to snap a before and after picture with the handy eyelash ruler.
Put this ruler under your closed eye to find out how long your eyelashes are:


It took a few tries to get used to the positioning of the ruler, but after a while it gets pretty easy.



My eyelash length before Cellabel Eyelash Queen, Day 0: 6mm

Here's a quick snapshot guide on how to use the curved brush to apply the solution onto your lashes. (Don't ask me what the Korean words mean, I have no idea too :P)

Picture 9

Pretty easy to apply when you have a mirror in front of you.
My suggestion to you is to apply it like how you'd apply your mascara.
Avoid the extension brush in your eyes to avoid that spicy sensation.

This is how I apply:

You'll be able to see results in about 10 days, the length depending on each individual.
Today is my 6th and I'm going to update the length with a photo on my 10th day so watch this space:

Day 10: ???? MM

The Cellabel M.C. Eyelash Queen (6ml) is S$68.


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Here's the Facial Mask set; you'll be getting ONE of the FOUR, absolutely FREE:
facial_mask_all in 1





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Product 2: Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer


Save time while beautifying your eyes!

The Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer is an all-in-1 eye care product: eye cream, eye makeup base, eye concealer, eye filler gel! It's a KFDA approved whitening and wrinkle improvement product specially for the eyes.

The Eye Primer can be used as a concealer for covering fine wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles around the eye area for your radiant makeup.  Its skincare benefits further maintains the eye area with anti-wrinkle and firming effects.


You'll only need a PINCH, like I really mean 3 full-stop size of eye primer for BOTH your eyes.
So the bottle should last between 6 - 9 months, value for its price~!

Here's a picture of my eyes taken without applying ANYTHING:
LJH Eye Primer

Notice the eyebags & dark circles beneath my eyes yet:
LJH Eye Primer

I accidentally press out too much and end up applying some of the eye primer around my lip area too:
LJH Eye Primer

Pat the eye primer around your eyes to give it better absorption BEFORE applying your eye makeup:
LJH Eye Primer

Notice any difference here:
LJH Eye Primer

It's quite obvious that the primer worked its concealer-function on my left eye(which is your right side):
LJH Eye Primer

It's so much easier to put on make up when you apply primers on your face BEFORE wearing any cosmetics. Here's a natural shade of eye shadow I did:

LJH Eye Primer

LJH Eye Primer

I added eyeliner to enhance the shape of my eyes:

LJH Eye Primer

Close up:
LJH Eye Primer

Drawing my left eye with Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer was all I did:
LJH Eye Primer

The Cellabel M.C.Prep Eye Primer is S$88.


Online Promotions:
S$88 - 22.7% = S$68

MintLeong 20% blog discount:
S$68 - 20% = S$54.40

You'll be getting a FREE mask if you purchase this product too!
*Promotion valid from 15 - 27 March 2013

Coming up: Korea Face Slimming Treatment Workshop,


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