Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Counting Down to 1-Week Selection For N.E.mation 11: Together We Keep Singapore Strong

The annual inter-school digital animation competition is back!

The theme for this year's NEmation contest is 'Together We Keep Singapore Strong'. Total Defence remains relevant to us in this little red dot. Terrorism, cyberattacks, Zira Virus and more are spreading like wild fire around the world. We must continue to do our part to keep Singapore peaceful and safe.

What better way is there to be aware of the real global issues we face and tips on how to protect our country than interesting 1-minute digital animation clips?

I look forward to this competition every year as many of these competition entries about Singapore's Total Defence are so relevant and close to the heart. 

Organised by NEXUS, they have received a total of 760 stories from 437 teams this year.
They will be selecting the Top 100 and eventually down to the Final 10 in this upcoming 1-week selection programme between 3 - 10 September 2016!

The Top 10 teams will be judged by a panel comprising industry professionals and the public. 
The public can vote for their 3 favourite clips around January 2017 at, Facebook or via SMS.

LIVE updates of N.E.mation! 11 can be found on their facebook page:

The winning team will win a coveted trip to visit renowned animation studios in the USA!

Finally, remember to visit my new online space,
Thanks for reading and good luck to the 100 teams!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Mint Leong's Blog Has Officially Shifted To A New Site!

Yes yes yes, finally it's happening!

Colin and I have been working on a new website together and we've just launched our new site.
Visit for our latest posts and updates.

See you there!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

[Review] Finally A Facial Session after 2 Years - Dr. Belter Cosmetic [Derm-A-ReNew] treatment by Annabelle Skin

Ever since my adult acne broke out due to misuse of products 2 years ago,  I've been skeptical about going for facial sessions.  

However there is this saying, 

When the invitation came for me to try out this new range of fruit acid products that could help treat skin problems like acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, scarring and ageing due to sun exposure, I decided to give it a try.  

Introducing German cult brand Dr.Belter Cosmetic, and their latest range developed with its signature GreenTec concept.

I visited Annabelle Skin last month to try out Dr.Belter Cosmetic's latest 2-in-1 chemical peel offering, [Derm-A renew] treatment. Annabelle Skin is one of the facial salons where Dr.Belter Cosmetic is exclusively available. 

This new type of fruit acid treatment by Dr.Belter Cosmetic focuses on 2 key concepts:

#1 Skin renewal though the use of Dr.Belter Cosmetic's newly developed fruit concentrates
#2 Skin Nourishment thought the use of the brand's line of ampoules and facial masks tailored to the skin's needs.

We began the session with a personalised consultation by Annabelle Skin to access my skin sensitivity and disorders. The therapist also made it a point to attend to my fears of facials by thoroughly explaining the procedure and the type of products (in detail) used on me. 

With Step 1 done and my feeling set right, I'm ready to enjoy the rest of [Derm-A Renew] treatment!

As this is my first time trying out fruit acids on my face, the therapist applied the Derm-A-ReNew skin renewal concentrate 10% on my face and neck for about 5 minutes. 

10% is the lowest concentrate, in case you're wondering. 

I could feel a warm tinkling sensation throughout the session. She explained that the concentrate amount could be increased to 20% and 40%, depending on the skin condition of each individual. This will be done bi-weekly for a more effective result.

Then, she used the Neutralising gel and Aloe Vera Ampoule to calm my skin as it is reactive. The aloe vera concentrate is said to help soothe immediately and promote healing for pimples. 

Last but not least, my skin felt fresh and softer after applying the Caviar Physio-Marine mask which helps in cell-restoration with Caviar and sea elixirs. Catering to each individual's needs, they have other masks to aid with pore refining, whitening, cell regenration and even anti-oxidants. 

I felt rejuvenated and was vainly admiring at my complexion after my session. My skin became smoother and cleaner and I like touching it. 

I'm thrilled to know that Dr.Belter Cosmetics works for me because my skin is sensitive to many products out in the market.

I did another follow up review at Annabelle Skin about 2 weeks later to clean out some pimples.

Thank you Annabelle Skin for being so patient with me throughout the treatment procedure. I'm proud to say that my confidence to go for more facial sessions in the future has been officially restored!

The Dr.Belter [Derm-A ReNew] treatment is available at SGD238 and is suitable for both male and
females, as well as different skin conditions including acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions,
scarring, pigmentation, and mature, wrinkled skin.

Try it yourself!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Another #LifeGoal Achieved: I'm Officially a COMPASS Member!

It's Official!

Another Life Goal achieved.

The member card is also a NETS flashpay, cashcard, ez-link card and could be used at so many places to get discounts. HOHOHO.

Mint is a happy girl. 


What is COMPASS?

The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) is an organisation created to protect and promote the copyright interests of composers, authors* (and their heir) and publishers of musical works and their related lyrics. COMPASS is a non-profit public company which administers the public performance, broadcast, diffusion and reproduction rights in music and musical associated literary works on behalf of its members. COMPASS deals specifically with music copyright and the usage of musical works.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Life Goals 2016

They say new year resolutions are a waste of time.
You make them at the beginning of the year and forgot about them all by the following month.

I beg to differ.
I feel good when I have something to focus and look forward to every year.
I may not fulfil all my resolutions but I aim to complete as many as I can.
I don't talk about them all the time but periodically I will visit and review them to make sure I'm on track.

Here are my resolutions for 2015.
It's also about time I make new ones for 2016!

Resolutions 2015

I made 10 and here are my results:

1. Lose weight and maintain at 48KG PERMANENTLY! - lost 2KG and counting
2. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments. - decided to postpone this until further notice so that I can allocate my finances for more important priorities.
3. Get my driving license. - could never get started on this.
4. Learn and Play the Ukulele AS WELL AS the keyboard smoothly. - keyboard classes checked!
5. Grow roomiesWorld locally so that more people will recognised local bilingual music talents. - still working on more opportunities for my fellow musician friends, fighting!

Photo credit: Expressionately Yours

6. Work and save up for my wedding plans & preparations. - in progress
7. Bring Mama, Er Yi and Xiao Yi on another short overseas trip/luxury staycation! - Taiwan holiday checked!

8. Bring Bubble out at least once every quarter year. - checked!

9. Stabilise The Aircon Uncle for a stable income.
10. Focus on becoming an even better host and emcee! - I'm still doing my best. Thank you for the opportunities!

Resolutions 2016

1. Lose weight and maintain at 50KG PERMANENTLY.
2. MUST get my driving license.
3. Grow roomiesWorld locally so that the mass public will start to support local bilingual music talents and listen to their original creations (spread the love for local music).
4. Create more opportunities to showcase my original compositions with Mint Show 2016.
5. Improve on my conversational skills to become a more engaging/fun-loving bilingual emcee for roadshows, community functions and weddings.
6. Bring Bubble on outings at least once every 2 months. Picnic at Beach/Walk in the Park/Dog Cafe/Friend's house.
7. Execute Wedding Plans.
8. Cultivate a habit to save up 50% of all my earnings from now on.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mint Show 2016 Kicks Off At Esplanade For Huayi Festival 2016

Image specially designed by multi-talented Cookie.
She drew this by hand and I adore the design to bits!

I will be using this design for all my shows this coming year so let me know if you wish to pre-order this Tee. I'll do my best to find a kind-hearted supplier who can give a poor musician the best rate.

Inspired by one of my original compositions titled 'King Of Toys', the wordings of 'Mint' and 'Show' are made up of adorable monsters, toys, sweet stuff and signed off with a hidden cookie, manage to spot it?

If you're now at Esplanade, I sincerely thank YOU for making the time down to support this mini show. You have no idea how much your presence means to me. For someone who started with nothing and worse being chased down the stage by strangers, I'm thankful that you made time to come down and listen so that I don't awkwardly sing to the walls.  Your presence is a form of great encouragement for me to go chase and ride that rainbow, 4 years and counting.

THANK YOU, my friend and loved ones.

TBH I'm actually quite stressed up on stage at this very moment as it's the first time my original compositions are being sung in front of Mass Public. 

How would strangers react to my songs this time?
Will they stop to listen?
Will they get the story of my songs?

I have 100001 more worries on my mind but I'm just gonna do my best for this show so stay tuned!

You know, I've always been doing closed door showcases and thanks to Huayi Festival 2016 for organising this Singer-songwriter segment, I finally plucked up enough courage to step out of my comfort zone.

This is THE kick-start session.
After this I'll be visiting schools, other performing venues like SCAPE and tagging along more shows to showcase more originals compositions as well as to perform. You are most welcome to join my talented musician friends and me if you have time :)

For those who have heard my songs previously, please try and sing-along to your favourite tunes this time. For those who are listening to my songs for the first time, I hope that you'll like them.

Oh yes, remind me to take a group selfie with all of you okay!

If you're taking videos and photos and posting them up on your social media platforms, include #MintShow2016 so that i can find and view them when my session is over. Thanks so much!

We prepared a total of 8 songs, hopefully we manage to feature them all.

Today, we stripped our band down to just a simple Keyboard companion and a cajon.

Meet today's keyboardist, Tan Yao Zong:

Also, Jamie from The Madhatter Project. 
She's usually on the drums but for today, she'll be on the Cajon: 


Let's start the show!

Here are the Song Lyrics

Song 1 - 梦中情人

 Quick Fact: First attempt on a Bossa Nova song at the age of 23. 
I wrote this in my aunt's store room on the ironing board in the middle of the night for fear of waking my family up. :D

词曲: Mint Leong
Original Song Arrangement: Chan Yiyang

静悄悄 听到我心跳
身体在 随着音乐摇
渐渐的 你靠过来

呼吸声 你在哪里
阴暗中 我感觉到你
到底在 假装什么神秘
不认识你 No No No

梦中情人 触动了我的心
牵引着我 渴望的爱情

什么时候 我才能清醒
应该是醉了 疯了 忘了
才和我的梦中情人 谈感情 谈了感情

深睡 在铁塔中的最高
我逃不掉 谁来救我
巫婆狂笑 哈。。。

梦中情人 触动了我的心
牵引着我 渴望的爱情

什么时候 我才能清醒
应该是醉了 疯了 忘了
才和我的梦中情人 oh

梦中情人 触动了我的心
牵引着我 渴望的爱情

什么时候 我才能清醒
应该是醉了 疯了 忘了
才和我的梦中情人 谈感情 谈了感情

Song 2 - Will You Live Your Dream
 Quick Fact: A song written for one of our mini team projects during out WDA song-writing Music Career Programme. This jingle was initially written to encourage others to join the next music career programme. It's now a song about love & passion and the ultimate question, will you live your dream?

Lyrics & Melody: Fif Phan, Stephen Tong, Colin Chang, Mint Leong
Original Singers: Fif Phan, Mint Leong
Song Arrangement: Stephen Tong

One (want), to make good music
Two, but we had no clue
Three, lots of love & magic
Four (for) dreams to come true

One (want) to make a difference
Two, For love and passion
Three, that's who we want to be

Can you feel the colours, motifs make melody
Can you feel the music, enjoy the lyrics
Can you feel the story, as crazy as it seems
Will you Live your dream?

Song 3 - 我们这一班 主题曲
Quick Fact: Thank you Richard for giving me this opportunity to sing, with a group of chirpy children, for Channel 8's Blockbuster Teenage Drama Series titled We Are Good Kids. It was a hit!

编曲:John Kuek
主唱: Mint Leong

Verse 1
童:你的笨伤透脑筋 你的真不比我聪明
女:还能耐多久也糟透了 你的坏一律不欢迎

Verse 2 *
童:你说我无理取闹 我说你不欣赏流行
女:却能够体谅你的任性 再多的书也劝不醒
童(shout): 哼!

女:你在闹情绪 气我的冷静

Verse 3:
童:你说我目无长辈 我说你没用心聆听
女:成长的岁月摇摆不定 悲和喜是一扇风景

Verse 4
童:让我们全心改造 要快乐高速前进
合:我们这一班继续同行 未来去向我来决定

Verse 2 *
童:你说我无理取闹 我说你不欣赏流行
女:却能够体谅你的任性 再多的书也劝不醒
童(shout): 哼!

女:你在闹情绪 气我的冷静

女:你在闹情绪 气我的冷静

Verse 3:
童:你说我目无长辈 我说你没用心聆听
女:成长的岁月摇摆不定 悲和喜是一扇风景

Verse 4
童:让我们全心改造 要快乐高速前进
合:我们这一班继续同行 未来去向我来决定

Song 4 - 泪不停不停地流
Quick Fact: An emotional song written for Buddy Laren Goh when he passed away in a bike accident more than 10 years ago. It was an extremely difficult time for me, dealing with the loss of my bestest friend, at my lowest point of time when I was barely 20 years old. It's certainly hard, but it comes to a point when I finally realise that his passionate spirit and optimistic character has deeply influenced my life and imprinted in my heart. I shall carry on his legacy for as long as I live...

词曲: Mint Leong
Original Song Arrangement by: Ethan Choo




谁懂, 谁问过




谁懂, 谁问过





珍惜过的承诺 ~ (fade)

Song 5 - 沙发
Quick Fact: My favourite song of all times written by talented Desmond Wong, also my Silly Big Guy who was the musician I did all my shows with when I first started out in this industry. He plays the guitar. Thank you for willing to sit with me for days just to find all the chords for my originals and play them for me. That's why you are Silly Big Guy. :)

词曲: Desmond Wong
Piano Arrangement: Chan Yiyang

每一天 走在人海茫茫的路上
一直到 所有店户打了烊
其实我 心里早就已经失去了方向
指南针 它不会帮上什么忙

我不能 就是不能那么快将他遗忘
回到家 坐在沙发上幻想

坐沙发上 不想回到那张床
窗户外 星星围绕着月亮
很希望 沙发会变成肩膀
心灵受创伤 他会伫立我身旁

躺沙发上 闭上眼睛又在幻想
他陪着我 度过地久天长
不愿梦想 这样一直对我撒谎
愿明天能够 看到幸福的曙光

我不能 就是不能那么快将他遗忘
回到家 坐在沙发上幻想

坐沙发上 不想回到那张床
窗户外 星星围绕着月亮
很希望 沙发会变成肩膀
心灵受创伤 他会伫立我身旁

躺沙发上 闭上眼睛又在幻想
他陪着我 度过地久天长
不愿梦想 这样一直对我撒谎

为你淌下眼泪 也曾为你心碎
付出了一切 只能前进不可后退
我不再 沦为爱情的傀儡
让我们的故事 变得完美

坐沙发上 不想回到那张床
窗户外 星星围绕着月亮
很希望 沙发会变成肩膀
心灵受创伤 他会伫立我身旁

躺沙发上 闭上眼睛又在幻想
他陪着我 度过地久天长
不愿梦想 这样一直对我撒谎
愿明天依然 能够看到希望的曙光

Song 6 - 玩具国王
Quick Fact:  A song about pure, simple happiness. 

This song was written when i was 12 years old when my mum tried to throw my favourite stuff toy away. I begged repeatedly until she finally gave in and returned me my Toy. It's with me ever since, even till this day.

The lyrics is about asking my Stuff Toy to bring me to his Toy King if he could walk, and turn me into a toy as fortunate as he is, and have someone dote on me, pamper and love me with all his heart.

I performed this snog a few times at weddings. :)

词曲: Mint Leong

小熊 你今天好吗



玩具国的国王 收留我吧
玩具国的国王啊 求求你把我变成

小熊 你真可爱啊

Repeat *


Song 7 - 要我怎么说

Quick Fact: Zhi Hao and I had 2 totally different originals compositions with similar storyline. 

His was about an angel and a devil who knows they shouldn't be together despite loving each other deeply. 
Mine was about a girl and a guy who choose to always make the other upset on purpose despite loving each other deeply.

We decided to combine the songs together and Viola!
The song even comes with an encouraging ending now~

词曲: Zhi Hao, Mint Leong
Music Arrangement: Sin Sek Jhia

Verse 1:
女: 爱一个人有时候 胜过于爱自己
男: 难道是上天 赐给你和我的恶作剧

女: 为何对我不理不睬 疼在心中不说出来 Oh Baby
男: 就是把爱紧紧锁进口袋 抓紧不被祝福的爱

Chorus 1:
男: 要我怎么说你才会明白 天使魔鬼永远不能相爱
再多的微笑 你温柔的拥抱 我故意逃开
女: 要我怎么说你才会明白 黑白之间 能有灰色地带
一次次的伤害 一切的不愉快 不能重来
合: 兜了一圈才明白

男: 这样一天一天的过 心底复杂的挣扎好久
女: 让爱填满所有美丽的梦 别将心掏空

Chorus 2:
女/男:要我怎么说你才会明白 天使魔鬼永远不能相爱
女/男: 再多的微笑 你温柔的拥抱 我故意逃开
男/女: 要我怎么说你才会明白 黑白之间能有灰色地带
男: 一次次的伤害 一切的不愉快
(女: 我的伤害 我的不愉快)
女: 兜了一圈才明白

Last Chorus:
男:要我怎么说你才会明白 天使魔鬼永远不能相爱
一次次的伤害 一切的不愉快 我故意逃开
女:要我怎么做你才会明白 黑白之间 能有灰色地带
女: 再多的微笑 你温柔的拥抱
(男: 我的微笑       温柔的拥抱)
女: 一定能重来 只有恋人才明白
(男: 只有恋人才明白)

女: 敞开胸怀 我们勇敢地去爱
男: 敞开胸怀 我们勇敢地去爱

Song 8 - 便当日记

Quick Fact:  A typical local indie-style song about friendship. 
*Indie refers to independent style

Yongwei is not so versatile in mandarin and the type of jokes he cracked can be really #LastWarning most of the time. Nevertheless he is a very good friend to many, always lending a helping hand whenever he can. 

Here's our story revolving around a lunchbox which eventually fosters a friendship between a bully and her victim.

词曲: Mint Leong/Goh Yong Wei
Arrangement: Evan Tiang

女: 我早上起床
听着 Mari kita
Majulah Singapura

男: 我准备便当

合: Oh no… x3

请你不要忘记 (不要忘记)
便当不属于你 (不属于你)
请你给我回 (我不给)

发大脾气 (我会生气)
我哭了没人理 (谁要管你)
这是什么道理 (什么道理)



男:请你不要忘记 (不要忘记)
便当不属于你 (它属于我)
请你给我回 (我不给)

发大脾气 (我也会生气)
我哭了没人理 (没人管你)
这是什么道理 (什么道理)


Oh yeah...

See you at the next show at SCAPE on 20 Feb 2016

Friday, December 25, 2015

Save My Bag, 100% From Italy - Read Until The End For A Tiny Christmas Surprise!

Merry Christmas!

By the way, here's what I'm listening to right now while blogging this post:

I'm going to share my jaw-dropping moments about their bag with you as well as ending this post with a Christmas-New Year Giveaway to a lucky individual who's reading this.


The First SAVE MY BAG Flagship Store in Singapore

Sings: SAVE MY BAG is coming to town!

Distributed in 30 countries and more than 700 selected boutiques worldwide, SAVE MY BAG (SMB) is now available in Singapore at Wheelock Place.

This new Italian brand is developed in Bergamo in 2013 by Stefano and Valentina Agazzi.

Valentina even flew in specially for the launch of its first flagship store in Singapore. She possesses such a sweet and gentle personality and is so likeable at first sight. I promised to bring her around Singapore the next time she visits :)

I was also delighted to meet two beautiful ladies, Christine and Melody, who brought in this brand to Singapore. 

100% Made In Italy, SAVE MY BAG has more than 30 different colours and a total of 11 different models of which, 6 are currently available in Singapore. In 2016, SMB is looking at bringing in a total of 100 colours, which were recently launched in Milan.

As the name indicates,  SMB was originally an idea to protect our own bags, like a cover. It soon grew so full of personality that it became a cult bag of its own.

Look at the beautiful colours!

I can't wait to carry them all.
Now available in 30+ colours, 100 in Year 2016!

*Finds a Mirror*

Jaw-dropping Moment 01

 I took one of the designs and was astonished to realise how light it felt the moment I carried it. Bags of SMB are made of Poly-Fabric with Lycra, a material use for sports and swimming apparels. Weighing barely 400grams, SMB is one of the lightest bag I've ever carried.  

Not to mention that it can hold up to about 15KG of load.


Is it me or did I just notice that the material is glittered?

Jaw-dropping Moment 02

With the use of this material, SMB is not only light but also rain proof and washable by hand or in the washing machine. Just remember to set it to cold water and the delicate cycle function.

And you'll never have to bring out a dirty bag again!
Go for white, yellow, turquoise and even neon colours without fretting over having to clean it yourself, hohoho.

Jaw-dropping Moment 03

Call me a 'mountain-tortoise' but this is the first time I'm seeing a 'made in Italy' tag.

The base of the bag has a layer of hard-board support so you don't have to worry about your SMB bag losing its shape.

MinutemanSG trying to pose with a SMB.

Very soon, the rest of us followed suit.

Everyone showing off their favourite colours. 
You'll be surprised that these bags cost less than S$200 each.

(Pssstt... Some of us are doing a giveaway too. Visit their blogs to find out more!)
Left to right: MinutemanSG, me, YingziCookieJessieCaren

SMB Designs

There are 6 out of all their 11 bag models currently available in Singapore. 
The photos so far feature the Icon and Icon Weekender series. 

Icon Mini series:

I'm thinking of getting one for attending weddings and dinners.

Hippy Joy and Hippy Clutch series:

Pouches and Accessories are also for sale. 
Every bag has a matching pouch colour!
You can get the pouch separately.

Medusa Keychain (S$39) in assorted colours to mix and match with your SMB:

To add on little personal touches, you can even customise words or letters on your SMB for S$15 per letter:

Unable to resist any longer, I got mine :)


My perfect peach pink Icon SMB:

Shopping Girls = Happy Girls!
Check out our awesome takeaways! 
Some are for you!

========== XoXo ==========

MintLeongSG Blog Giveaway for Christmas!

To celebrate Christmas, I'm giving away a brand new SMB pouch!

Win in 3 simple steps

3. LIKE and SHARE this SMB Photo below posted on Mint Leong's Facebook Page.

Click HERE to access the facebook photo.

ONE Winner will be chosen on 30 Dec 2015 and announced via Mint Leong Facebook Page on the same night. Thank you in advance for sharing the photo for me :)

Good Luck once again, and here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sidenote: Xmas Nails by ManicureMermaidSG

is located at Wheelock Place #B1-05