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N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 Finalists - Team #NE11C01, [Blank Space]

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This year, it's to my delight that I'll having closer interactions with top 5 of out 10 finalist teams of N.E.mation! 11 instead of the usual 2 teams. From the previous post on my visit to the competition production site at Nanyang Polytechnic, did you manage to mix-and-match the 5 random items belonging to five different teams?

Each item is either a part or a source of inspiration of the team's animation story which brings out an important message about Total Defence. The theme for this year is Together We Keep Singapore Strong

Let's reveal the following item and its connection with its team.

Item 5 - Characters from the Sylvanian Families

*Drum roll please*

Item 5 belongs to Team 1 - [Blank Space]!

Team [Blank Space]  consists of 4 Secondary two students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. They are going on Sec 3 in the new year and this is their first time taking part in a national competition. The girls' friendships began in when they were put in the same ICT class in school. They shared with me how surprise they were when their team name was announced in the Top 10 list! One can still feel the excitement trembling in the voices as they speak.  

How [Blank Space] Came About

You would think that they are fans of Taylor Swift when you first hear their team name. On contrary, they only figured out this relation of their team name with Taylor Swift's hit song titled Blank Space AFTER they had decided on the name. 

'Blank Space' came about during the registration part. The girls couldn't think of any team name for themselves and hence, they name their team after the blank field where they had to fill in their team name. 


No matter what, I think we should still invite them to do Taylor Swift's Blank Space cover on my next visit or something, heh-heh-heh.

Meet the girls!

From left to right: Hui Xin, Adilah, Olivia, Jing Yi

4 Girls But Everything About 'FIVE'

If I remembered correctly, these humble girls also randomly mentioned how they were already planning for their quickest exit during the announcements of the Top 10 results. Being in Top 10 was a huge pleasant surprise! Not only are they in the top 10 of this competition right now, they are also the team who is using the MOST media platforms to showcase their animation clip. We're talking about a total of FIVE media platforms and they include:

Paper Cut
Live Action
2D Animation 

Coincidentally, their story evolves around the story of human FIVE fingers and based on the functionality of each respective finger, the girls decided to represent the FIVE different pillars of Total Defence to each finger.

So many fives. 

(Hey, this means 'hahaha' in thai)

Wait, I just realise another coincidence.
I've been paired up with 5 different teams this year and that I had placed their item in the 5th order in sequence in my mix-and-match game, wow!

This write-up contains so much laughter, I'm laughing so hard right now.

More interesting fun facts are going to be revealed in this post so read on.


Jokes aside.
The girls became really serious when I asked about their work and crafts. 

Using the apparels from the characters of the Sylvanian Families, as well as some other relevant fabrics, the girls braved through and completed their first sewing sessions in life. I think they faired pretty well looking at the finished products. The team told me that sewing was difficult to master as they've never done any prior to this contest. They got their fingers pricked a few times while working on their sewing.

The team was fully engrossed in paper-cutting when I stepped in for a visit.

It's undeniable that these 4 girls has got to be some of the most hardworking students when you find out the vast amount of efforts they put in to their research before their story pitch. 

Not only were they exhilarated to share with me about the anatomy of human fingers, the team could also describe the functionality of each finger in detail. By the way, the girls even turned these dense information into interesting fun facts for me. The reason behind making these scientific research was simple; so that they could make better judgement when it comes to matching each finger representation with the significance of each Total Defence pillar. 

Team [Blank Space] had also incorporated true Singapore stories into their clip. One of such stories you'll notice in the clip is about a church, opening up its carpark grounds for muslim worshippers to park their cars for their Friday prayers as there weren't enough parking lots nearby. Little acts of kindness goes a long way. The was the link to the article introduced by the girls, click HERE

To find out more about Team [Blank Space] , follow their instagram account:

Alternatively, you may catch their blog, together with the postings of all other Top 9 teams on

Official hashtag: #NE11C01.
(We'll be using this hashtag to vote for [Blank Space]!

Team 1 [Blank Space], 
go go go!

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