Saturday, December 10, 2016

N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 Finalists - Team #NE11C03, DinoSoar

Today, I'm going to reveal my 3rd finalist team of N.E.mation! 11.  

There was a mix-and-match activity on one of my previous posts, asking you to try and match 5 random items belonging to five different finalist teams. If you've missed that post, catch it HERE.

Each released item is either a part or a source of inspiration of the team's animation story which brings out an important message about Total Defence.

The theme for N.E.mation! 11 is Together We Keep Singapore Strong

Our 3rd team is none other than....

Team #NE11C03 - DinoSoar

The item that matches to the team is the olympic logo!

Item 3 - Olympics Logo

Their N.E.mation Story

Inspired by Singapore's olympian champion, Joseph Schooling, DinoSoar plans to draw a unique connection using the 5 different colours of the Olympics logo with the 5 pillars of Total Defence. They have also gone through rounds of careful selections to pick out 5 different Olympic sports which suggest prominent significance to represent each force in Total Defence.
If you wonder how these Olympic sports are going to represent Total Defence in their clip, follow DinoSoar on!

Team DinoSoar

DinoSoar is made up of 4 students from Kent Ridge Secondary School.

 Left to right: Jihan, Putri, Farihah and Iqmal aka The Only Boy

They are close friends from the same CCA - Media Club.
All of them are videographers.

They bring so much joy to the production site at NYP Lounge.
You can hear squeals of laughter as you pass by their tentage. 

When it's time to get down to work, you'll see them fully engaged in discussions and will only be satisfied when they have completed the work TOGETHER. They keep one another strong and tap on one another's strengths to complete their tasks. They also have one of the neatest work areas on site. 

They mean serious business.

Check out the instagram posts of DinoSoar on

Official Hashtag: #NE11C03
(We'll be using this hashtag to vote for DinoSoar in the contest)

Alternatively, visit to read their blog.

Keep soaring high, DinoSoar!

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