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[Mint.Music.Event on 17 NOV 2013] Intune Music FIRST OPEN HOUSE 2013


Open House Nov 2013_FINAL_resized

Hey everyone, this is Intune Music's FIRST open house!

EVENT: Intune Music Open House
DATE: 17 NOV 2013
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 10am to 7pm.



There will be FREE workshops held throughout the day, and these will be conducted by their instructors Evan Liao, Benjamin Eio, Zhi Hui, Wang Tong, Chi Sheng, Derrick Tham and special guest speaker Terence Teo (famous music arranger).

For those who are planning to come for the complimentary workshops,  
the time Schedule from the workshop schedule found at this webpage:

I've pasted the schedule here for you.
call Intune Music at 6336 0335 to register and chope seats beforehand.
*Limited Vacancies*

10am - 1050am: Encore Music Kinderbeat Group (2-4 year olds)
11am - 1150am: Encore Music Junior On Keys (4-7 year olds)
12pm - 1250pm: Fun Ukulele Workshop (All Ages)
1 pm - 150pm: Youth Singing Workshop (7-11 year olds)
2 pm - 250pm: Singing for the Stars by Benjamin Eio, SLS Certified Level 2 Instructor
(for teenagers and adults)
3 pm - 350pm: Making Music on the iPad (All Ages)
4 pm - 450pm: Classical Singing Seminar by Wang Tong (for teenagers and adults)
5 pm - 550pm: Advanced Singing Seminar by Intune Music Director Aaron Lim (only for teenagers and adults with singing background)
6 pm - 650pm: Songwriting and Music Arrangement Group Workshop by Young Composer of the Year 2012 award winner Derrick Tham (Composer for songs by popular artistes, including 李圣杰 "最近" and梁静茹“会过去的”, and 胡夏“当初”) , and Special Guest Speaker and Renowned Music Arranger Terence Teo (Arranger for songs like “如燕” by Olivia Ong and “遇见” by 孙燕姿).

Derrick Tham.
12 000 LIKES and still counting. 

Derrick has written popular mandarin KTV hits that are STILL being dedicated and sung at KTV sessions. I'm quite certain either you or any one of your friends have dedicated his song before. 

For a long period of time,  one of his songs was being dedicated and sang at KTV pubs for at least 5 times a day until honestly, I felt quite sick of it. Imagine hearing this song for at least 5x a day for at least one year straight! In addition, it's a popular song chosen by many contestants for performance during their singing contests.

This song, (referring to both the melody and lyrics) sang by Taiwanese Celebrity singer - Sam Lee Sheng Jie titled "Zui Jing", is one of his humble compositions:

 I got to know Derrick through my WDA Music Career Programme. 
In fact from the bottom of my heart, I'm very thankful of this song-writing course. After taking the course, I was introduced to more professional musicians who are already doing very well in the music scene. Musicians like Derrick Lao Shi. 

We are in the same lessons for certain courses like the Music History class but of course, being so much more advance in his music skills, he's in the music arrangement group. 

Derrick is very kind and humble classmate.
 He is always willing to share his music experience with his classmates. 
 Extremely gifted, he can churn up beautiful lyrics (even for crappy melodies) and immediately turned the song into a catchy hit! 

Derrick's sense of humour oh his sense of humour.
Since we are all classmates, he doesn't mind showing the silly side of him at times.
(I'm smiling as these beautiful friendship memories come back)

Once, we were given 2 hours to do a class exercise: write lyrics describing our class with a given song melody. Derrick came up with this super epic 'class song' which made the class laughed so hard we burst into tears! The lyrics made so much sense about our class' internal jokes. How awesome it'll be if we can make that into a music track and keep it for memorance sake. 

PS: I got the biggest shock in my life when I realise (on 26 OCT 2013) that the Derrick Tham who inspired me with his thank you speech on stage at the 17th COMPASS Music Awards Ceremony, is the same Derrick Tham Zhi Hua sitting in front of me in class all these while. What the…!

Passion forges friendship.
Thank you for being a friend, Derrick Lao Shi.



Also, there will be FREE recording for ALL throughout the day, from 12pm to 7pm.
This will be an Audio Technica Vocal Recording Experience, with all equipment provided by Audio Technica! Recording will be done in their recording room.

The Audio Technica Vocal Recording Experience will be conducted throughout the day at our in-house recording room, from 12pm to 7pm. Participants will be able to record a song for FREE and receive their recording later on via email. Music mmos will be provided by our school for specific songs. Should you wish to record your own songs, you will need to provide the music for these songs, in the form of an mp3 file in a thumb drive.


There will also be FREE light refreshments provided by Sunnyhills (pineapple cakes and orange juice), for all participants of the Open House.


For the 1st 30 participants who register for the workshops will receive a $50 Course Voucher that can be used for any of our courses.

What great perks to rejoice for Intune Music's FIRST Open house!

But remember friends, you have register FIRST for a place in our workshops ok?
CALL Intune Music @ 63360335 or EMAIL  at to register.


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[Advertorial] Get JJ Lin's and other Concert Tickets At TicketBis Instead - For Local & International

The first time I saw JJ Lin Jun Jie in real life and listened to his LIVE performance was at the 17th COMPASS Music Awards Presentation. That happened last year.


I've been listening to JJ Lin's songs for about decade now and that night, I was happy for him that he won more than one music award. Then and there he, together with more award-winners, inspired me to want to write and make my songs known to the world one day.

So I joined the WDA Music Career Programme to improve on my song writing skills.

Share with you something I just got to know about JJ: He ever broke a Guinness record by signing over 3,000 CDs in less than 3 hours and has also won more than a hundred Awards!

This year, JJ's back with his World Concert Tour 'TIMELINE'.

JJ Lin
Image Taken from Google Search

JJ Lin, our homegrown singer-songwriter, is coming back home to do one of his unforgettable performances at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 09 Novemeber 2013.  I was searching about JJ Lin's Timeline Tour online and was introduced to this website which is really interesting.

The tagline says it all:

TicketBis SG

Quick Facts About TicketBis:

As a seller you can select the number of tickets you want to sell for a selected event and then choose the amount you wish to sell them for.

In terms of recieving tickets TicketBis have a guarantee:

  • Protection guarantee Ticketbis
  • Guaranteed original tickets.
  • Receive your tickets on time.
  • 100% refund if the event is cancelled.

Interestingly enough, TicketBis covers Singapore events and concerts as well - including JJ Lin's Timeline Tour we were talking about. The website even included the concert description, seating layout, ticket pricing and other details.


Get JJ Lin's concert tickets HERE.

Matchbox 20's Singapore tickets?
No problem,  check and get them on TicketBis~

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.53.58 PM

There are other concerts and events (both local and international Sports events as well as Concerts)

TicketBis SG

Another way to get your favourite concert tickets today, whee~!

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[Mint.Music.Talent] Local Singer - Songwriter Chriz Tong's 汤薇恩 3rd Song Album

What a delightful Sunday evening attending Chriz' Unfinished Concert.
It was an hour FULL of LIVE! music and love.

Chriz tong unfinished concert Singsation


On a cooling evening of 20th October 2013, Chriz brought to us love songs from her popular TV drama series theme songs, some of which are her very own compositions. The hour-long concert was presented at the Esplanade Recital Studio, where she showcased a line-up of her favourite songs and her TV drama theme songs.

The themed concept of “Unfinished Concert” was inspired from her latest TV drama series, “Love at Risk” sub-theme song titled “An unfinished love song”. “Unfinished” refers to Chriz’s constant dedication in singing more well-received theme songs for her fans and audiences.

About Singsation 
(Pronounced as Sing-say-sion)

SINGSATION, is a major event production by EE-FTY LLP (艺工厂), to promote and support Singapore’s very own music and talents with a platform to showcase their music in a concert of their own. SINGSATION Concert (新声带音乐会) is a series of concerts featuring local artistes, bands, musicians all year round, to build up to the (SINGSATION Music Festival 2014), targeted to be held at the end of year 2014.

It was only until recently that I've heard of Singsation Concerts and I like it; definitely a great way to learn more about the local music industry. More importantly, it's about being able to support these homegrown music and talents. I'm looking forward to attend more Singsation concerts!

Chriz tong unfinished concert Singsation

Wait, I realise I've met Chriz Tong before her concert.
She was one of the three judges for the Ultimate Voice 2013 Semi-Finals which I took part in!

*What a small world*

I chiong-ed out of the recital studio and grabbed copies of her 3rd album. There was a post-autographed session with Chriz and I managed to get her to sign the copies, yes!

Chriz tong unfinished concert Singsation

Chriz tong

About Chriz Tong

Chriz’s 汤薇恩 had released 2 albums - her debut album in 2007 titled “Xazz Wei En” and her second album titled “Wei En, Love Savers”.

The album contained her very first Mediacorp TV drama serial theme song, “Kampong Ties”, which was nominated as the Best Theme Song in Star Awards 2012. Another local theme song “Truth, Virtue and Beauty” which was sung by Chriz for the drama “Don’t Stop Believin’”, was once again nominated as the Best Theme Song in Star Awards 2013. This song went viral, and attracted over 10 million hits since the drama was aired.

I'm sure you've heard of this song on TV if you've been watching; Kampong Ties is the story about two ill-fated girls who became the best of friends and helped each other in times of need.

Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 - 甘榜情缘 《甘榜情 Kampong Ties》Theme Song

Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 + Tay Kewei 郑可为 - 真善美 《我们等你! Don't Stop Believin'》 Theme Song

This year, Chriz launched her new single “Coffee Love Song” for the drama “96°C Café”.  Given the positive feedback given for the song, she was invited for several radio and media interviews, and was also invited to perform for TV variety show, The Sheng Shiong Show and other performances solicitation.

If you're someone who catches Mediacorp TV dramas, Chriz' songs should be familiar to you. You may not have seen her, know her personally or even have heard of her name, but her songs definitely sound familiar to many of us.

This is my favourite track in her latest song album, track 02 people - Coffee Love Song!

Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 - 啡情歌 《96°C 咖啡 96°C Café》 主题曲 Theme Song

And you know what, my WDA music theory teacher, Mr Daniel Chai, is the guitarist playing for Coffee Love song. So proud of him!


Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 - 爱情风险 《爱情风险 Love @ Risk》 Theme Song
The melody of Love At risk is written by Chriz herself, listen to her catchy melody:

Fans and people who have been asking on Youtube and Facebook where to get the FULL versions of these following theme songs, it's now released in Chriz Tong latest album, UNFINISHED LOVE SONG (没唱完的情歌)

There's a total of 10 songs of which, some are her own compositions.
I've heard them all and I can't stop:

  1. 橄榄树 -[小子当家]插曲
  2. 啡情歌 - [96°C 咖啡] 主题曲 (FAVOURITE!)
  3. 爱延蔓 -[让爱复原]主题曲
  4. 戏说从头 - [猪仔馆人家] 片尾曲
  5. 留声 - [岁月留声] 主题曲
  6. 真善美 - [我们等你]主题曲 (与郑可为合唱)
  7. 爱情风险 - [爱情风险] 主题曲
  8. 爱你 - [砂锅肉骨茶]片尾曲 (与陈 Peter 老师合唱)
  9. 无言是爱 - [猪仔馆人家 ] 主题曲(戏外版)
  10. 一首没唱完的情歌 - [爱情风险] 插曲
Would you love to own an autographed album of hers too?

====== Mint Music Blog Twitter/Instagram Giveaway ======

Join this giveaway, and ONE of you will walk away with Chriz Tong's latest album with her personal autograph, 没唱完的情歌!

Chriz tong

Chriz tong


1. Tweet/Post an Instagram this image (You may download it from - OR DO BOTH TO GET DOUBLE CHANCES.

mint_music chriz tong

2. Mention @Chrizweien and @MintLeong in your tweet/instagram.
3. Include Hashtag: #MintMusic
4. Post it before 01 NOV 2013, FRI, 11:00PM (SGT)

Winner will be notified on Mint Leong's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page and updated in this post.


===== WINNER UPDATE ======

Congratulations, @JuneUnicorn, you're the winner!
View the winner picking process via instavideo HERE.

Friday, October 25, 2013

[Mint.Music.Journey] WDA Music Career Program FINAL Project: Blog Ladies - 博客小姐

It's a special journey, how my WDA Music Career Programme classmate, Fif Phan, and I wrote and produce a new song together as our final project.
  • Fif and I, two music amateurs, explored blindly into all aspects of music and entertainment. Both of us have absolutely no idea what to expect at the end.
  • We seek your understanding that we have given our best shot to overcome the challenges we had faced.
  • This song is for our final project , Fif and I will learn and GROW so may lady luck be on our side (So far it has. Woots!)
  • The whole project timeline is THREE WEEKS. 
Three weeks to write and produce a brand new song, decide upon an artiste/band, promote and market the artiste/band as a record company, publish the song etc is almost impossible.  But we did it, even though it's only the minimal done.

The ups and downs, trials and errors, successes and the failures, joy and tears…
Thank you for being here with me, Fif.
Without you by my side, we couldn't have made it this far.

Our song titled Blog Ladies is a symbol of our friendship, friends for life!

Mint Leong meets Fif Phan

潘佳玉 pronunced as Pan Jia Yu

She told me her parents gave her this name because she's the most precious piece of jade in her family.
She's my precious piece of jade too. :D

As the assistant monitress, I have to get all my classmates to sign the attendance file and 'Phan Kiah Gek' is a name so unique, it remains vividly in my mind.

Our first photo taken together:
Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie

She's a May Baby so she got a birthday cake and the class sang a birthday song to all May Babies during the month of May 2013:
Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie
Left to right: Derrick Tham, Kai Ying, Zhijun and Fif Phan

Blog Ladies Bo Ke Xiao Jie

It wasn't until our first group project that I find her a reliable and trustworthy team-mate.
Remember the stop motion Jingle we wrote together some time ago?

Read Part I and Part II of our Jingle production with Stephen Tong, another classmate of ours.
Will You Live Your Dream is a 1-minute jingle created to promote our WDA Music Career Program.

YMP productions

Blog Ladies -博客小姐

Both Fif and I enjoy writing our blogs very much, sharing our life and music journey.
Hence, we decided to name our group Blog Ladies, 博客小姐 (Pronounced as 'Bo Ke Xiao Jie').

We hope to form a girl band together, sharing our music and passion through our blogs.
The concept is refreshing and interesting, I thought.

To work towards this plan, we decided to build a pilot programme and present it as our final project.

First, we did a photoshoot with the help of 3 sponsors:

BlogLadies BokeXiaoJie

Our Apparel Sponsor: Caramabes

Caramabes is a online boutique shop selling trendy female apparels and accessories.

It was so difficult to decide which designs to get for Fif and I because our builds are extremely different. We had a hard time trying to find suitable clothes to fit until Caramabes extended a helping hand.

We easily shortlisted 3 different designs of which, we chose the flutter hearts designs which best suited both of us. The interface of Caramabes is easy to navigate and the designs on their website are easy to relate to.

Caramabes BoKeXiaoJie

Caramabes BoKeXiaoJie

We chose this:
1) Fluttering Hearts Dress (White)
2) Fluttering Hearts Dress (Peach Pink)

The white dress was a little loose for Fif so she had to wear an overall inside.
It was just nice for me. :)

Caramabes BoKeXiaoJie

Caramabes BoKeXiaoJie

Caramabes BoKeXiaoJie


Thank you Caramabes!

For the latest updates, join their mailing list at

Our Nail Sponsor: Lavishing Me
Lavishing Nails BoKeXiaoJie

Need I say more?
Lavishing me never fails to surprise me with pretty designs and lasting nail art designs.

For Blog Ladies, I was given a classic heart-french design with silver glitter, simply sophisticated.
Just the way I like it to be and suits my dress perfectly:

Lavishing Nails BoKeXiaoJie

Lavishing Nails BoKeXiaoJie

Evangeline from Lavishing Me even lent me her accessories for the photoshoot when she heard I haven't any, so nice of her!

Evangeline BoKeXiaoJie

Evangeline BoKeXiaoJie

Twitter hashtag: #lavishingme
Facebook: @lavishingMe
Instagram: @lavishing_me

I'm having the Retro-inspired nails now.

Our Make Up Sponsor: Dblchin

We really owe Clara from Dblchin big time.
Thank you so much so much for helping us dress up, do our make up and hair in the morning despite your busy schedules!

Dblchin is a beautiful perfectionist.
She's a familiar name in the blogosphere, well-known fashionista and heart of gold.
Her brushes and cosmetics sets are always clean and tidy and she takes so much pride in her work.

She took the extra mile to discuss with Fif and I our direction, did some research and made references according to our preferences as well as gave constructive advice to us to prepare us for the photoshoot.

She knew it was Fif's first photoshoot and I wasn't that experience either. She got us to relax knowing she were both tensed up and nervous. Days prior to the shoot, she even offered us to have our photoshoot done at her place if we really can't find any studios, given our tight timeline and budget.

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

Richie, her dog is so obedient.
Always quietly waiting for us to play with him.

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

Spot Richie lying down on the floor behind me?

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

Here's our make-up done before we make our hairdo!
BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

My hair is so unmanageable that even Fif had to help me iron them out.
BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

Here's what Dblchin decided to do for us:
BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

Engage Dblchin's makeup +hair services:
Twitter: @dblchin
Facebook: @DblchinBlog
Instagram: @dblchin


Fif and I had very tight budget as mentioned,
She mentioned that it only cost S$16/hour/pax to take a 30-min photoshoot at Cheezz studio and we decided to book a slot there!

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

BoKeXiaoJie BlogLadies Photoshoot

Cheezz Studio doesn't have any photographers.

You choose your favourite backdrop colour and they'll leave you alone in a room full of props.
With the remote control, you can take as many pictures as you want and they'll pass you a copy of all the photos you took at the end of the session:

Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie

Blog Ladies Bo Ke Xiao Jie Fif

Hahahahha notice i used my foot to press the remote control?

Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie

Here's a close up:
Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie

My favourite picture of us:
blog ladies BoKeXiaoJie

After the photoshoot, we immediately rushed over to Stephen's place to continue writing our song and record it.

What a longggg day!

Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie

Blog Ladies BoKeXiaoJie

So there.
3 weeks flew past in a flash.

Here's the final product which we know there is still so much, so much more to be improved on.
Nevertheless we did our best.  There are things which are out of our control and I tried to the very best to salvage the situation. Sometimes, I wish I possessed more musical skills and be able to do what I wish to do for my music. Oh well, here's the demo of our product.

Fif and I are meeting up to rewrite and fine tune both the melody as well as the lyrics in the coming weeks:

Song Title: 博客小姐 (Bo Ke Xiao Jie)

This is an original song demo Stephen and us have co-written for our final assignment for the WDA Ocean Butterflies Songwriting Music Career Program. The team consists of Mint Leong, Fif Phan and Stephen Tong.

Special thanks to Morgan Law for lending his helping hand with the guitar parts.

The song is about friendship between BFFs and we hope that everyone who has heard this song will treasure precious friendships. To FIf and I, this song holds another significant value: to remind us of the good times and company we had, as like-minded friends, throughout the 300 hours of lessons.

Here's to our ever-lasting friendship!

Credits for Blog Ladies (Demo):

Melody by: Mint Leong, Fif Phan, Stephen Tong
Lyrics by: Mint Leong, Fif Phan
Music Arrangement by: Stephen Tong
Song Mixed and Mastered by: Stephen Tong
Produced by: Stephen Music Productions
Vocalists: Mint Leong and Fif Phan
Lead Guitarist: Morgan Law
Electric Guitar by: Morgan Law


M/F: 简单的 傻笑着
M/F: 就这样聊到天亮
M/F: 很单纯 很自然

M: It's so funny
M: 怎么觉得你真好
F: 拉~ x4 有你真好

M: 就像 情人一样
M: 冷了让你抱
F: 哦 x 4 我让你抱

Verse 2
F: It's so funny
F: 怎么心情多快乐
M: 拉~ x4 多么快乐~

F: 搞笑的你
M: 爱哭的我
M/F: 甜蜜苦涩 一起走

M: 偶尔发脾气
F: 流过多少泪
M: 梦想都放弃
F: 陪我的是谁
M: 始终还有
C: 你那么爱我 疼我

F: 简单的 傻笑着
F: 就这样聊到天亮
M: 很单纯 很自然的
M: 用心呵护着

F: 因为你
M: I Believe~
C: 博客小姐的日记 有你 有我
C: 生命有了颜色

Verse 2
F: It's so funny
F: 怎么我沉默你懂
M: 拉~ x4 我要什么~

F: 搞笑的你
M: 爱哭的我
M/F: 甜蜜苦涩 一起走

M: 偶尔发脾气
F: 流过多少泪
M: 梦想都放弃
F: 陪我的是谁
M: 始终还有
C: 你那么爱我 疼我~哦

M: 简单的 傻笑着
M: 就这样聊到天亮
F: 很单纯 很自然的
F: 用心呵护着

M: 因为你
F: I Believe~
C: 博客小姐的日记 有你 有我

Last chorus
C: 简单的 傻笑着
C: 就这样聊到天亮 分享 唱歌^ woh-oh-oh
C: 因为你 I Believe~~
C: 这世界我还有你 疼惜
C: 我会真心爱你

There's still much more to learn in the media industry and this is only a pinch of it, I know.
I enjoyed every single process, despite the good and bad times, I really do.
Thanks for reading and still this supportive of my blog.

Thank you….