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Retro-Inspired Gelish Nails by Lavishing Me For ULTIMATE VOICE SINGING CONTEST FINALS

I couldn't decide between these 2 nails designs referenced from Google for this Saturday's Ultimate Finals!

Google Image

Google Image

Evangeline from Lavishing Me decided to do BOTH for me. She even did some modifications to the strips and polka dots.

Simple and nice, just the way I want I like.  :)

I know she'll be at the shop doing nails for other customers and may not be able to turn up for the finals so she did this design as a symbol to support me in the singing contest.

This friend, always so supportive.
I love my Twinkle so much!

Lavishing me

Lavishing me

Want to view more of my nail designs done by Lavishing Me previously?
Click HERE.

I've been rehearsing and preparing for the SAFRA Ultimate Voice with a group of friends for the past 3 weeks. (which is why the lack of blog posts)

Deep down, I'm very thankful that this time round, I have 4 other like-minded friends braving through the rounds with me.  Joining a singing contest has never been this fun!  It was always stressful and nerve-wrecking until I met HuiShan, Jona, Yiyang and Shaun.

Ultimate Voice
Photo image from JIA883 Facebook page, Caption added by Wei Qing.

Ultimate Voice
Left to right: Yiyang, Jona, HuiShan, Shaun Jarrod

Thank you for being there with me on stage.

Yiyang and Huishan, thank you for being the song arrangers as well as the harmony advisors.
Jona Sis, thank you for advising on the dance steps as well as fashion tips.
Shaun, it'll never be complete if you haven't initiate our group's fashion theme. Also, thanks for buying us breakfast, lunch and even dinner most of the time!

They say a hungry singer is an angry singer.

Each member plays an essential part in this team.
I like how each person compliments the other.
I like how we can spend hours gossiping, laughing together if we do silly things but of course, taking rehearsals seriously.

Maybe you can try taking part in group singing contests next time too.

Our rehearsal footage for the Qualifying Round:

Round: Ultimate Voice Qualifying Round at Mount Faber Safra
Theme: Retro
Songs chosen for mashup: An Lian De Dai Jia + Shi Lian Zhen Xian Lian Meng By Grasshoppers.
Fashion theme: Polka dots for girls, Checkered for Guys

We made it to the Semi-finals!!!
Ultimate Voice

Friends and family came down to support us at Mount Faber Safra the following week:

Ultimate Voice

Vee & Colin.

Ultimate Voice
Jona's secondary school classmates

Ultimate Voice
Our WDA classmates!
Sidenote: The guy in the front row is the father of Elton Lee, one of our WDA classmates!

Thanks for coming down to support us even though the organisers ran out of votes.
Your presence means more than anything to us; all the support we needed that day.


Our performance during Semi-finals, Watch with your desktop:

Round: Ultimate Voice SEMI-FINALS at Mount Faber Safra
Theme: A little punk
Songs chosen for mashup: Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan by Aaron Kwok + Re Qing De Sha Mo by Harlem Yu
Fashion theme: Black + Denim

And we made it to the FINALS!!!

Watch with your desktop:

The Ultimate Voice 2013 FINALS is happening this coming Saturday, 19 OCT, 5PM at Bugis+.
Please come down and support Group See-Blinks: Yiyang, HuiShan, Jona, Shaun and me!

We've prepared many surprises for YOU for our performance.

VENUE: BUGIS+ Atrium, Level 2.
TIME: 5PM onwards

More rehearsals for the rest of the week but really, I've never had so much so much enjoyable time before whenever I participate in a singing contest, all thanks to my sweet group members.

WISH US LUCK, EVERYONE and remember to come down and support us while we entertain you with our finale song.

---- Update on 21 NOV ----

This is a special thanks to every single friend who came down to support the See-blinks!
We were awarded a consolation prize but don't worry, we'll keep improving!

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