Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year Eve 2011

Silver's dog, Alton, is here to stay!

It's my 1st time looking after another dog other than Bubble. I have mixed feelings; worried for Alton's comfort yet excited of his presence.

Bubble is quiet, timid and dormant while Alton is the exact opposite: curious, playful and active. A similarity between the two is that both Bubble and Alton are so cuddly and thoughtful towards their caretakers, knowing when to snuggle up and when to stay down at one side when I'm doing my work.

I'll be doing my 2012 count down with Alton, Bubble, my twitter, my blog, the TV and Jackie Goh at home.

How are you celebrating yours?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu, Coming Soon to MTV Asia!

MTV Sessions is a brand new television series(on MTV Asia) for artistes to showcase their skills in an intimate studio environment. Filmed live in front of a studio audience, music fans will be introduced to fresh young talents and get to know a different side of their favourite artistes, through live performances and up-close Q&A sessions.

Vanness Wu(吴建豪) is the first artist to debut on the new MTV Sessions, held on December 14, 2011 at Resorts World Sentosa's Waterfront Studio. I WAS THERE! 





And I followed instruction:

So did everyone who started pulling out their mobiles to tweet and ask Vanness intimate questions like "Which chipmunk will you be in the movie, Alvin and the chipmunks?"

Vanness replied was Theodore because he loves to eat just like the chipmunk. Thanks for sharing so much with us that night, Vanness!


A personal comment with no offense:

I felt that the audience took too long to warm up, that includes me. We were too.. safe to the extent we were... stiff and boring. No one was going ga-ga over Vanness, so I didn't dare to be siao char boh among such a quiet crowd, especially when I standing right at the back. The singer was trying his best to amuse and loosen us up with a lighten spirit yet no one really seem to show that he/she cared.

All of us have a role to play.

As supporters, the least we can do is to be REALLY spontaneous. Even if we're shy, we can always smile, clap or even wave a 'hi' to show that we care that's why we come to watch a show. I'm certain that's what all performers really look forward to see and feel appreciated for. Also, performers on stage will feel more relax. In return, he/she can perform better. Let down your hair and enjoy!

It wasn't until the encore session that everyone began screaming and swaying their hands along with Vanness' singing. I can tell that then, he was so excited and sang with so much passion he'd wanted to stay if time allowed.

Too late; The recording session was over.

Nonetheless, I was glad that we finally decided to show our utmost support by initiate screams & applause for him JUST before he ended the session with us; fond memories to bring home and be looking forward to come again(I hope).




Vanness Wu is on Twitter: @VanNessVanWu.


The FIRST telecast of MTV Sessions will be aired on MTV Asia on 1 January 2012, Sunday, 5pm (WIB) 6pm (SIN/HK/PH) 7pm (MAL)

Thank you for inviting, Zesta!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[REVEALED!] Winner of Xmas Eve Blog Giftaway!



And this is how she had celebrated her Christmas with her special one:

I'm sure you've met my bf during the Social Media Day event at Scape. 
He recently moved to Jb with his family so we haven't met for 3 months! 
So long, i feel like dying I swear! 

Communication is pretty hard too, honestly. It's just across the causeway but his working hours are crazy. So today, we met for a short date. Lunch at LJS and we shopped abit at Causeway point. It was a simple date, but what's most important is i spent my Christmas with someone really special to me.

I'm so happy for you!!!
Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Babe!
Have a blast!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mint's Blog Christmas Eve Giftaway(FREE GIFT) by Pink Parlour

Merry Christmas in advance everyone, it's Christmas Eve today!

On Christmas eve for 2 years in a row, I'll be performing at All About Eve Bar beginning from as early as 9pm with the rest of the bands. It's a season to be jolly! I seriously love countdowns in a cosy place! To hip things up abit here, I'll be giving away something(Hint: X'mas goodie bag), at the end of this post, so do continue reading!

I attended the a-BROW-cadabra party held at Pink Parlour(Orchard Central Branch), the one which I headed down on a Thursday only to realize it was held on a Friday instead. I'm such a sotong queen.


Pink Parlour is famed for their hair removal solution like their signature brazilian and boyzilian as well as Alpha Laser Technology Diode. Paying good attention to your grooming needs, they also provide manicure and pedicure services using trusted products such as O.P.I., Norvell and Caron, eyelash extension and achieving your tan the painless way with its Organic Spray Tan.

I find this service really interesting:

The Organic Spray Tan is about an eco-certified spraying technology which sprays evenly on your body to create a tanning effect; sort of like body painting. There is a range of light to dark tanning colours for you to choose from. In less than 20minutes, you'll come out of the shower looking as if you've been tanning naturally in the sun for long hours without experiencing any sunburn feeling. Not only that, your new tan lasts up to about a month or 2!

Guys, you can give it a try too! 


I was totally immersed in the pre-x'mas erotic-themed ambience at the A-brow-cadabra party that I thought it ended too quickly but in actual fact, I stayed for more than 4 hours!






 Just as I was thinking how the decoration reminds me of a hen's party, I spotted this poster:


You can really hold Hen's parties at Pink Parlour which come along with a range of spa packages to choose from! What Pink Parlour does is that they will block out suitable areas for you to party with your girlfriends in private. How lovely!







The Precision Wax Wand is a convenient D-I-Y product which you can use to magically groom your brows anytime, anywhere. A product made in Australia, it's ideal for people on the go who want to achieve salon quality removing unwanted hair & brow shaping in minutes!

The wand is suitable for both male and female, for both face and brows.
It is advisable to do a test patch on a small area of your skin that is to be waxed approximately 24 hours before use to ensure that no skin irritation occurs.

Scroll down to see our trials at the party on BOTH guys & girls.

Retail Price: S$35.
Available at all PINK PARLOUR outlets.


First, we were taught how to gauge the shape of our eyebrows.



Our first male model to try out the wax wand. He was given a proper eye brow hair removal with the wax wand and then a simple brow dye to match his hair colour. (Brow dyes are advised to be done at the salons).

=====Start of waxing=====


If you accidentally applied too much 'sugar', it can be easily washed away with water.

NOTE: Strips are given in the box.


====End of waxing & Start of Dye ======




VIOLA! Neat and clean!

==== End of Dye ====

Interior of Pink Parlour where their services are conducted:




The waiting room.

I finally got to meet the other 'Yongwei' which Yongwei has been mentioning to me for so long!
Meet Patricia, and her chinese name is Yong Wei.  She's a beauty blogger.


=== Mint's Special Christmas Blog Giveaway! ===

Having to share with you all about the wax wand, what's more exciting than TRYING it out yourself? I'm giving away ONE Pink Parlour's a-brow-cadabra party exclusive x'mas goodie bag(see picture below) to the most interesting response to this question in less than 100 words:

How will I celebrate/have celebrated my Christmas 2011?


Email your response to complete with your name, contact and password(the retail price and places for sale of the precision wax wand) by 26th December 2011, Monday(that's 3 days from now).  Winner will be announced on 27th December 2011 with his/her response published!

Thank you Pink Parlour!


Hohoho, Merry Christmas 2011 everyone!!!

Pink Parlour Outlets are located at:

Marina Square, #01-229 
Far East Plaza, #05-83
Orchard Central, #03-20
NEX Shopping Mall, #01-47
Tampines ONE, #05-09/10
East Coast, 171 East Coast Road, Santa Grand Hotel

Contact and Maps here.

Operating Hours
Mondays - Saturdays, 11.30am to 9.00pm
Sundays, 10.30am to 7.00pm

Pink Parlour has an extremely active facebook page filled with customers feedbacks and plenty of offers. You'd like it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

插班生, The Freshman Showcase


Situated along Temple Street, CrazyWorld Cafe is a cafe, a gallery, a stage, a retail boutique, a crazy world with a distinctive flavour of its own.

You might have walked past a few times before.
It's time to walk in and take a look.




Many celebrities such as Tay Kewei and Yuheng have done showcases at this special venue previously. I've never known what are Showcases until I did mine in January this year. A Showcase is an intimate and informal music performance where you may purchase tickets at an afforable price of less than $50 and be able to watch & interact with your favourite stars while they sing/perform up-close. These showcases usually last for about 1 to 2 hours and held in cafes where you may enjoy some drinks while enjoying live music. So far the prices of showcases I know of range between $10 - $30.



On 3rd Dec 2011, The Freshman or otherwise known as 插班生, did theirs. From what I know, this was not the first time they are having their showcase at CrazyWorld cafe and by far the response were all positive! You see more and more people turning up.

The Freshman is a duo female band made up of Chen Diya and Carrie Yeo from Project Superstar II. On September 2010 after 4 years of preparation and hard work, this talented duo released their debut album, Life Experiment 101.


Doing their showcase starting at 10pm for the first time considering a late hour, the response from the crowd was... yet another FULL HOUSE! (in fact the cafe overflowed and the latecomers had to stand up. It's normal when the crowd had to stand while watching showcases by the way.)

I've heard their originals a few times being played on radio station YES! 933. But listening to them singing Live for the first time was a pleasant experience; a showcase worth going back for. The theme for this showcase was music revoluion, where they perform songs which they felt are significant to a certain music era through a 10 year span. Songs like Da Er Wen by Tanya Chua, songs from May Day, Lin You Jia and of course, their originals!



This was the song they sang that day:




The song which I heard from Yes!933 several times.
The song is vibrant, motivating and bubbly; extremely nice!

You know what, like them.
The Freshman Facebook Page:
CrazyWorld Cafe Facebook Page:

More photos here.

Information on CrazyWorld Cafe

24 Temple Street Singapore 058569
(Chinatown MRT Exit A) 


6223 7553


Opening Hours

Mon: Rest Day (休息)
Tues: 6pm - 10pm (Half Day 半天)
Wed & Thu: 12pm - 10pm (Full Day 全日)
Fri & Sat: 12pm - 11pm (Full Day 全日)
Sun: 12pm - 10pm (Full Day 全日)