Thursday, December 31, 2009

Contents- Gone

Why did my carelessness do this to me?!

All i did was to paste a right-click disable function script into my old blog and,
the entire blog malfunctioned!!!

Profile contents,
Tags etc.

Now i've to re-do everything AGAIN.
This is going to take days!

I could just cry.

The Peacock & her life

My cousins got this for DD and I when they were in HK 2weeks back!
:) Thank you so much!!!

I am a peacock now,
though I'm supposed to be peahen.
Who cares- as long I am in brilliant colours.

I am going to go for tremendous hair spas and treatments after this whole hair bleaching and dying period.

It's too bad the length of my hair will be gone soon.

I'll have to grow it back again so that i can perm it by the end of the year.


Went over to Ion Orchard to look for UNcle Jeffery.

He works there- Ah Wok @ the B4 Food Hall.

I miss his cooking so i demanded he fried Sweet and Sour pork rice for me.

My heart aches when I saw his scalded finger,

burnt by the heavy wok during work.

It's infected and it looks really painful.

and he is aging...



I want to shop until i drop before the sales end!

I miss singing.

I miss my friends very much.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Singapore Discovery Centre

If you think The Singapore Discovery Centre is boring,
think again.

How would you be able to know ALOT about Singapore in 45min?

Go to the Singapore Discovery Centre!

$10 admission ticket:
Entry to the exhibits + Lucky Draw + Iwerks movie 3D + Paintball + Bus Tour to Safti.
Discounts for Safra card members too.

DD and My tickets only cost $17.

$13 admission includes everything above + latest movies like Avatar etc,
more worth than going to GV.
Plus it's free seating.
Grab a good seat by going in early!

Singlish is FUN!

AN overview of the SDC from the 2nd level.

Congrats! I've got a reclaimed land!

365, the shiok, the ulu and the Obiang!

This exhibit section is divided into NOrth, South, East and the West.

The New gadget in SDC.

GO and Play it- 4players by the way.

I played it with 3 little GIRLS speaking Malay that I dun understand.

But i managed to get them to speak English in the end.


THis LIttle George is clever.

TOo smart to be true.

He can answer to ANYTHING I ASK HIM.

and i even thought about bringing him home to keep as a pet.


Later did I know,

there's actually a Man behind THAT BLOODY ONE SIDED MIRROR behind this robot.

He's the one answering to all my questions.

I was so disappointed after that.


We had a lucky draw.

I got a notebook and DD got a handphone strap.

Getting tired of Movies, shopping and Singapore?

Don't be.

GO to the Singapore Discovery Centre.

You can even go on guided Tours FOC!

The SDC closes at 6pm and Mondays.

Check this place out! :)

Chinese Garden

Don't think that CHinese Garden is a boring place.
Spend 1 peaceful hour there with your love one,
and you'll know how fulfilling it can be.

so what if the main purpose DD & I went there
to try out our new camera???

We enjoyed it anyway...

I did a little photoshoot.

So did DD>>>

Thank you Jia xin, Jia ning and Jia Qi for the bangles on our feet.

THey bought it specially from HK for us!

Best Cousins in the world!

Chinese Garden: Free Entry.

Go there to try out great photoshoots,

or just to spend some private moments with your love one. <3