Friday, December 25, 2009

Sembawang God Of Wealth Temple

DD accompany me to the Famous GOd of Wealth Temple in Sembawang
to thank God Tai Sui for blessing me over the year.

Next year is DD's turn because it's his Zodiac Year.
I like this temple because the management made the efforts
to hire taoist prists to pray and do rituals for you so that
the blessing messages really gets to the GODs.

It's going to be really crowded with devotees.
So be early.

If you want to strike lottery,
you can try your luck and pray there.


where is it???

It's in Sembawang,
next to Northlink Building.

Take SLE and exit Woodlands Ave 12.
Go straight all the way until you reach Woodlands Ave 10,
keep going and you'll pass by the temple on the right hand side.

It'll look like this.

Turn right at the traffic light.
Further up,
you'll see Sembawang Camp on the left.
Somewhere after passing Sembawang camp,
turn right at the Traffic Light,
and then right again at another traffic light.

You're there.

So, if you're born in the year of Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig,

make your way down to Sembwang God Of Wealth Temple between

the 1st Day of Chinese New year to the 30th.

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