Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fujifilm Finepix F70 ERX

Thank You DD!
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love~

This year's model;
a worthy investment.
When I buy want to buy something,
I always want to buy one of the best ones.
And it comes with Exellent service too-
the girl serving us was patient, friendly,
and gave us a lot of free gifts!!!

Want to buy this camera?
Go to Harvey Norman at westmall.

Like I always say,
do noe matter the price,
as long as it's all worthwhile.


Naruto 48 is OUT!
I'm Hogging it.
I don't look like a comic reader, do I?

You're right!
I am not.
But only Naruto.

The friendship,
his character resembles someone I respect so much.

DD's going to HK in 2days' time.
I am officially going to miss him.
we shopped for some toileteries,
and I strongly recommand this Lip Balm.

It's awesomely 'oily'.

Look at the photo below,
spot the blue and white box that says 'QV'.
That's the lip balm i'm talking about.

next post;
I'm going to upload photos and videos of the praying ritual i attended
on Thursday and Friday.

Till then...

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