Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pizza Making by The New Paper Dating Challenge

Once Again, Thank you William,
for these wonderful Photos!

The Pizza Making Session organised
by The new paper, SDN and Exclusively Match
is officially a Success!

I can't wait for this week's Laser Quest!
I am going to play Real Counterstrike!!!

William is our best chef for the Pizza Making Activity. Grats!

Let me introduce the Pizzas now.

Lovely Hearty Pizza By William and Trina.

Anything Goes, by Clare and Daniel.

Minty d.d, by Mint and Jackie.

The GIRLS set up the tables all by themselves!

I've never done anything like this before,

and it's really exciting that i'm able to do something like this for my bf.

It's totally awesome!

The food is finger Licking good! Trust me. :)

The flower arrangement did by myself,

with my favourite Baby's Breath flowers and

DD's favourite WHITE colour.

(i don't know whether he likes Roses or not)

William suggested to hold the flowers like a Trophy.
He is hilarious! :)

DD and I started out in a very different way;
a unique one.

Although it's just the beginning,
both of us felt like we've known each other forever.

Recommendations to those singles out there:
join SDN(social development Network).
Or simply if u're shy,
organised more bonding activities together to pull your partner and u closer together effectively.

I know Sandcastle building,
amazing races,
Laser Quest or
playing sports together sound like teenage activities,
but these are some of those bonding activities that you can really do
to better understand your partner in a shorter time.

These activities bring out both of your real personalities.
So you'll be able to tell you really like him, or not,
as easy as ABC.

Frankly Speaking,
i was really shy at first.
Knowing i've to set up the table and flowers for DD.
But I did it,
and i feel proud that i did.

Going for Movies,
stay at home and rot,
Shopping together,
Go to the beach for a stroll,
KTV sessions,
are just ordinary couple Activites.
They do not really bond a couple as closely together.

Relationships needs maintainence.

Reflect upon yourself;
why did your r/s fail?
Did both of you really do enough to maintain it?
The feelings faded because of the lack of efforts,
or taking each other for granted, isn't it?

Mutual Trust.

Bring your partner INTO your life gradually,
you do not CHANGE your life.
Allow yourself to go into her world,
not CHANGE her/his life.


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