Friday, December 11, 2009

The Clinic.

Feels peaceful to be the ONLY ONE in class.
I'm studying for my Marketing Understanding Test now.
Of course,
not to forget about blasting my favourite songs on my Lappy.

Though late for school,
I've been diligently attending it-thanks to DD's morning calls, thereafter
travelling all the way to Tampines to give tuition since Monday.

DD has been coming to fetch me after the classes daily
because of my frequent complaints of motion sickness.
We'll have dinner in either Yishun or Woodlands
before he sent me home to do my RJs(school work).

I'll be so tired after that,
and will knock out almost at once my head touches the pillow.

The hassle of the classes this month;
I've to set my own worksheets for my students
because the books have not arrived yet.

I'm a tree killer yet AGAIN!
These are the worksheets i've set this Saturday's
creative writing classes- all 3 of them.

I'm participating in this!
Something I've never done before.
Nave has re-edited most of the songs and sent it to me.
Longyin has agreed to help me perform IF any of my songs manage to be selected.


12th XQRJ Regional Chinese Song Writing Competition

I miss singing...

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