Monday, December 14, 2009

Journey In The West

A Sunday in the west area of Singapore.
All thanks to DD's Canto-lution.
His Piccanto, that is.

There were 2 satisfying matters which i would like to bring up:

First thing first,
I've eaten alot of 'good' food for the past few days.

DD and I packed PART of his room.
We didn't have enough time to pack the rest,
hence we'll continue to do that when he comes back from HK.

This, was the horrible mess We managed to clear.
How 'clean' is it after 2.5hrs of cleaning???
I'll keep the answer in suspense first.

Taman Jurong,
a place i've NEVER been to.
DD had his haircut while i read Naruto on the Couch.

If you happen to go there,
go and try out the noodle stall on the 2nd level.

Looks like i'm hungry again, argh.
I have a strong feeling if i continue to eat at this rate,
Xela is going to have to call me 'Fatmaine' again.

after eating my fav Mee Tai Mak Soup,
I even ate Prima Deli's chocolate Waffle
with Bubble Tea.

That's not all.

Straight after our 'breakfast' at Taman Jurong,
we had Lunch at NTU's canteen 2.
It a 10min drive away from taman Jurong to NTU.

From breakfast to lunch,
with an interval of only 10min!!!
tell me how NOT to be fat?

i seriously needed exercise.
So DD and i went to IMM to look for his friend,
and the money changer.

We parked at Chevrons and walked over.
I realise that the carpark at IMM is ALWAYS FULL.
Later, I got to know why as i pass by the signboard of rate;
1st 3hours of parking is FREE OF CHARGE at IMM.

No Wonder.

The Warehouse Garage sales looks tempting to walk in.
It's an Akira Warehouse sales,
up to 70%.

We went to take a look.
My eyes almost fell out-
1 dining table + 4chairs = $99
DVD player sets $50++,
Vacuum Cleaner goes at the price of $35++
19' plasma tv sets at only $269.
Cordless phones going at $19.90.

This. is. so. freaking. cheap.

DD told me this place actually hold furniture sales
at least ONCE a month.

Where is it?
It's at 10 Toh Guan Road,
the building next to Chevrons.

We went back home after the 'exercise'
to pack his room.

In the midst of packing,
DD received a phonecall from his friend, Christina,
that she's got an Eye Infection from wearing her contact lens
for prolonged period of time without taking it out.

We sent and accompanied her in Alexandra Hospital.
I love the concept of this hospital because
it's one of those hospitals which proves that hospitals ain't
all about squarish, serious, dull and white;
for the dead.

It's colourful,
full of pictures of flora and fauna,
and bright like sunshine!

I kept bugging DD that i wanted to eat the sandwiches sold by
this vending Machine.

The sandwiches were LOVED.

we came back from the hospital,
and continued our Clean up Session.

Look at the end results!

It's not perfect,
but we used our heart and sweat to pack it as neatly as we could,

Credits to DD.
Who really made the effort to start Packing his room!

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