Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kampong Days

My DD sent me to school before going off to work today,
and i feel that i'm on top of the world.

Lao EE has the cutest shirt ever!
Mine's cute too!

It's like out of nowhere on the shirt design,
there're two rabbits humping each other.


Why did I take a photo of the rubbish at the POSB machine?
i would like to highlight what inconsiderate people do.
I decided to dare Lao EE to pick up the coke can and EAT IT.
He dared me back by saying he'll do that
IF I picked up the bottle beside the coke can,
drink the unknown substance that is contained inside,
and EAT IT.

Both of us stared at each other in silence for a few seconds,
then agreed that we're the lamest pair ever known.


Look at the amount of paper i printed for my students!
I've no choice because my students' books are not here yet.
I support 'GO-ECO' you know.

While waiting for Saiful and his friends at the Agora Hall in school,
there was a temporary Kampong Exhibit.

I saw a 'Five Stones' booth
and decided to play with the five stones game available
while waiting for the rest.

Really amazed with myself that i can still play!
Seems like one can never forget something u learnt.
It just takes practice!

I love my new "Mr Shark" top that DD gave to me.
He got a few of these big size tops from Taiwan.


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