Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Peacock & her life

My cousins got this for DD and I when they were in HK 2weeks back!
:) Thank you so much!!!

I am a peacock now,
though I'm supposed to be peahen.
Who cares- as long I am in brilliant colours.

I am going to go for tremendous hair spas and treatments after this whole hair bleaching and dying period.

It's too bad the length of my hair will be gone soon.

I'll have to grow it back again so that i can perm it by the end of the year.


Went over to Ion Orchard to look for UNcle Jeffery.

He works there- Ah Wok @ the B4 Food Hall.

I miss his cooking so i demanded he fried Sweet and Sour pork rice for me.

My heart aches when I saw his scalded finger,

burnt by the heavy wok during work.

It's infected and it looks really painful.

and he is aging...



I want to shop until i drop before the sales end!

I miss singing.

I miss my friends very much.

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