Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The side effects of my h1n1 injection have subsided!

Alouis is so nice!
He made a video for the song i wrote for him and intangible Bond;

THere were some typos when i first gave him the lyrics,
so i did another one myself. :)

Desmond came over to my place this afternoon.
My Silly Big Guy,
there's always sunshine after the rain.

I cooked vegetarian porridge for myself tonight.
Not bad for the first attempt.
I am impressed that i still can cook after not touching
the stove for at least a year now.

I miss cooking somehow...
More cooking sessions from now on!


  1. I simply love this song of yours very much ! What it lacked , I personally feel , right now is only a really good script / plot that can carry the weigh and the full essence of this song !

    A story about love , hatred , revenge , misunderstandings etc .... would be really perfect ! Wonder if The Intangible Bond is this genre of a story !

    If so , this song & the Drama will be purrrfect ! A really well written song !

  2. TO Mystery Blogger: Thank you so much!
    To my surprise,
    you got the essence of the song right,