Friday, December 4, 2009

Buddy's 4th Year Death Anniversary

It's Buddy's 4th Year Death Anniversary.
As usual,
i couldn't withstand the loss of my Buddy although it's been so long
and broke into tears.

The only difference is,
for first time in my life,
Someone was there to hold me in his arms when i wept;
Thank you, DD.

Friends are For life;
One should learn to cherish genuine friends who's been there for you.
And tell them that you love them before it's to late.

The only thing about my Buddy I didn't regret;
days before he passed away,
i just left a Friendster Testimonial saying
he's the best buddy in the whole world,
that I love him very much,
and thank him for being there with me all these while.

I love you,
Buddy Laren Goh Tian Rong.

To cheer things up a little,
DD brought me to the zoo for my fav Ben and Jerry's!
Being considerate,
I ordered his favourite mango flavour.

Give and Take in relationships.

We transferred newspaper cut-outs onto an album we bought,
watched a few episodes of HK drama together.
That very night we met up with his friends,
Ming Kiat, Kimberly and Melvin for supper at Changi Village.

I think we've spent another day of quality time with each other;
Learn to find simple pleasures in life.

I love this top because it says 'never die';
that's the spirit everyone should have in life-never say die.
Persevere and u shall get what you want.

Des, my silly big guy,
has promised to sing this song on my wedding day,
Start Practising!

One thing I love about Facebook,
it really connects people together.
I found one of my mother's cousin in Facebook,
Ah Fern Ah Yi.
Somehow i feel we're more connected now.
at least i can know what she's doing through Facebook.
Otherwise it's like,
we will only see each other on Chinese New Year- not enough.

Another thing about facebook,
I created the Annual Xmas Event Invitation
and invited my family members there on behave of my youngest Aunt!

Family, Friends, Boyfriend- all connected through facebook.
I heart FACEBOOK. :)

I'm rushing off to meet Nave,
will post a longer post next time!

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