Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dear Santa

Do You Believe In Santa Claus?
Children in Singapore still do.

This year,
Singapore Post received a total of 250 letters on Xmas,
40% more than the 173 letters last year.
and 2.5 times more than the 100 letters in 2002.
most of these letters were sent out without stamps.

DHL will set up a special section between Nov and Dec
to manage these letters to Santa.

What do they do to these letters?

They help send it to Finland!
Every letter will be pasted with a $1.10 stamp before DHL
help these children to mail it out.

Finland receives a total of more than 60 thousand 'to Santa Claus' letters
from 150 countries annually.
volunteers and postmen will help to reply these letters
as much as they can.
Some people who believe in this tradition wrote it to Germany too.

May this tradition lives.

Children drew pictures of Santa,
reindeers and Christmas trees with Presents.
The wishes written in the letters varies from PSP,
pokemon cards and other toys,
to wishing that they get a good teacher when school reopens.

Many even promise to be obedient and well behaved in the coming year.
I acknowledge the importance of these little beliefs
because these are what kept faith and determination going.
When children wants to be well behaved,
they really really will.

Next Christmas,
I would like to write one too:

Dear Santa,
i wish for Peace and Love in this world.
Gone should they be;
Poverty, Starvation, Discrimination and Disrespectful.

Merry Xmas and with love,

and you shall receive.

Xiao Razer is the sweetest Mei you can ever know.
She came to Woodlands personally just to pass me her handmade cupcake.

Thank you for the Xmas Gift.
I really appreciate it very much.


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