Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Countryside.

Have you ever been to this place?
It's at Neo Tiew lane 2;
D'Kranji Farm resort.

There's some resorts and Villa,
a prawning pond,
a BIG open space to run around,
a chill out place,
an open space Ktv PUB where u can sing karaoke on stage etc!

A really cool chill out place!
It's very cooling over there.
Drive Carefully please.

The beers there ranged from $6-8 per bottle(330ml),
and the drinks cost about $5 each glass.

Looking for a place to chill,
where you can make alot of noise without disturbing your neighbours???

Go to D'Kranji Farm Resort!

Advice: the drinks and food there aren't that great.
So dont expect too much from it.

Here's the Link to the website:

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