Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Go Lucky Production

The Production has finally come to an end.
I am looking forward to the final product;
Waiting for the screening day!


Although it's a temporary job,
I am fortunate to be able to gain precious experience,
made many new friends,
and the willingness these professionals and elders have to guide me.

Thank you,
Cinerent from KL,
Adam Tam(the Director of Photography) from Hong Kong,
Sherman the soundman & Ah Kin his assistant,
Uncle Jack from 摆家乐,
Xin Rong,
Lewis and Jing Ji Jie from Makeup unit,
Bee from the hair styling unit,
Kovit and Jason from wardrobe,
Sky Pan from Li Shi Ge Tai,
Kane from Props Department,
Harry the director,
Yeeman the executive producer,
Melvin and Ah bee, My PAs,
Bai Tu, the county,
Row, the coordinator,
Florence, Fann's nanny,
Weida for being my replacement,
and last but not least,
my DD,
for the encouragements and support.

Tears and Laughter,
Lessons Learnt and Experience gain.

I had a fruitful week.

Orange(Sherman), Adam (DOP)

Kane and Mint.

THe Number 2040,

which came out 2nd prize in lottery that very day i wore it. :)

The director and DOP.

Kelvin(the camera crew) and I.

Fann Wong and I

Ling Ling Jie and I.

Sky and I.

The production crew and I.

Although I am just a replacement Assistant Director,

I am proud to be part of this family.

I Heart All of you. :)

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