Sunday, December 6, 2009

Skirmish Combat

The New Paper is really so over!
They posted DD n My photo so BIG on the New Paper!
However i really love the shot.


The New Paper Dating Challenge crew played Laser Combat today.
It was tiring but painless!!!
But i think i played too rough so i got some blue blacks on my hands.

Trina, Bernard,
DD and I went Yishun for dinner after that.

a place i've not been to for a long time...
I was on vegetarian so i didn't eat the prawn noodles they ate.

However i know it's damn delicious.
THe food there is strongly recommanded:
XO fish head noodles soup,
Chicken Rice,
Prawn Noodles,
Wan Ton Noodles,
Herbal soup!

After that DD and I had a game of pool at OCC,
he won 3:2.
Next time,
my turn to win.

Have you ever been to Yishun Dam?
It's located further up Orchid Country club.
Just go straight until the end.

How about playing 5-10 and losers have to get 'flick' on the ears?


A good place to chill and chit chat with your close friends.
The ice cream is good too- mobile icecream.

Last but not least,
we took a stroll around Bottle Tree Park at Khatib.
we tried guessing the names of the plants there,
and figured out where Male Pheasants are so beautiful.
then we found a Swing, sat there, and talked for awhile.

Tuition classes are commencing.
I don't have time to play and chill anymore.
Watch me on the go again.
I've lost alot for the past 8months,
wasting time and efforts on someone whom i'm not supposed to dwell on.

Sorry in advance if I really don't have time to meet my friends,
family and DD.
I will try to balance up the time with everyone around me.


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