Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Annual Sacrificial Praying Rituals

Devotees who offered to sacrifice has to eat at least 21days of vegetarian.
Their Gods will bless them ALL;
The courage, the determination,
the Sacrifice.

Exellent Job done.
I am proud of everyone who went through The Sacrifice for their Gods.

Note: See that Guy in a blue towel and black shirt?
His name is WeiLong,
my Primary school friend.

We were still good friends in Secondary School.
He has ever bought a pair of ice hockey skates for me as a gift. :)
Something and someone whom I will never forget.

If you have parties, weddings, events or even performances that requires Beautiful Balloons decorations,
approach me and I will get him for you.
He has the ability to make a dull room look bright and colourful and sunshine.

I mean it!
I've seen his works.
Very impressive!
Let me look for the photos i've took though.
It's in my old blog. =p

Yes Yes,
these needles/tubes you see above,
are no jokes.

They are real and ready-definitely disinfected,
to be pierced onto a devotee's back.
You'll get to see it as you scroll down and read on.

The pictures below are sacrifices of piercings on the foreheads,
hands and bodies.
And kavadi too.

Do note that those ropes and chains hung on the kavadi are linked to sharp hooks, and these hooks are attached to the bodies of the devotees carrying them.

Very Beautiful.
And mind you,
these Kavadi-s are really heavy.

About 10Kg and more each.

These are lemons,
all 108 of them,
hanging on hooks which are again,
attached to the bodies of these people.

If you're a girl/woman/lady/auntie/grandma etc.
As long as you're a female,
even if they drop on the floor.
Otherwise, it cannot be hung on the devotees anymore.

They are superstitious when it comes to matters like these.
Hence if u realize,
men did most of the piercing jobs.

Warning: If you feel uncomfortable watching the piercing in process, please do not watch the video.

After the piercing process,
the devotees, led by their master,
have to parade the park.

This is something call "You Geng",
which means bringing their Gods out for a 'walk'.

I have to re-edit the video of the parade first before uploading it online.
Wait for me!!!

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