Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bubble Fever

When Bubble meets children,
it means cuteness overdose!

He is awesome with children.
He doesn't bark, jumps, runs around but just sit there tamely and waits for children to come stroke him.

Look at how cuddly he is in my arms.
Do you want to hug him too?!

I've aready standby his new year clothes. Have you gotten yours for your doggie? It's on sale now!
He will give me his trademark oogly-bear look whenever he's waiting for his meals.
Bubble can sleep in any position, direction, anywhere.
He is actually really 'pong'. look at his actual size when he showers!
He loves his walks, all the time.
But he has to stay in his cage now due to Revolution. It is a flea + ticks + ear mites + roundworms + heartworms prevention medication he has to appply monthly; Strongly recommended by petshop owners and friends who owns dogs.

Sorry you have to be locked up for 3days Bubble.
Mummy Loves you all the same!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Donnie Yen & a pail full of screams

Caution: This will be an entry full of screams; because of Donnie Yen.

When I was a little girl, and I mean too young to even reach the TV power-on button, my dad would buy kungfu VCDs and watched them at home alone. Over the years, I became his most dedicated TV-companion, watching and sharing my views of the movie characters-ignorantly-as if I know a lot about kungfu. Since then, I had loved Chinese Martial Arts Shows- be it movies or dramas.

"Papi, the bad guy is going to through that door and 警察哥哥(Brother Police) is going to kick him right in his face...Yes! WOhooo...Good ah! Kick him! Be careful!" I cheered on.

My very first impression of Donnie Yen is he acting as a handsome policeman. However, I only knew him as "警察哥哥". My dad will laugh at me-a little girl swearing like a boy watching wrestling. In his roles, Donnie Yen loves to rub his thumb lightly against his lower lips, all the time. Subsequently as I grew older, Even in other hongkong movies:as a fighter, policeman etc, i came to realize this was his trademark.


Photograph taken from : http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c53/killer_guitarist/DONNIE.jpg


This is it- Ip Man.

Photo taken from: http://www.cinemaisdope.com/news/films/ipman/ip_man_2.png

That was then that I can finally remember his name vividly-Donnie Yen. The character, Ip Man, has somehow enhances his personality; It is like Donnie Yen is Ip Man himself.

Note:He has lost his trademark by now; a major breakthrough I figured.

Unlike any typical martial arts movie, Donnie Yen has not once 'flash' himself half-naked in any of hsi Ip Man movies. (So nope, it wasn't his 8pacs perfect-shaped body figure that attracted me)

Fully-clothed, his swift and fast moves, his modesty with being a hero, the principles which he follows with a pinch of humour; morally upright and inspiring to many who have seen Ip Man. A 100% fatherly-figure(which I had lost that someone some years back) and a dedicated martial-arts lover. My salutes to you.


Ip Man was so real(he is real but i meant in the movies) that I ever blogged about this: If 'back then' was really that exciting and heroic, give me a chance to live in the past so that I can experience myself.

Not only had Donnie Yen carved out such a perfect impression for me, he reminds me of my childhood days spent with my Dad, whom I love so much. Reminiscing the 90s where I will sit in my father' lap, peeking from between his fingers trying to watch the good guy finally upbringing justice to the world...

Donnie Yen is going to do that again.

Starring in an upcoming movie, The Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen, he is back as a masked pariotic hero, tangle with those Imperialist bastards. Watch his moves!

Chen Zhen is a fictional Chinese Kungfu hero created by a hong kong writer, Ni Kuang. The character first appeared in the 1972 martial arts film Fist of Fury, which starred Bruce Lee. Read more about Chen Zhen on Wikipedia

I am ecstatic!

23rd September 2010- a movie NOT to be missed!

My question is,
how is Ip Man going to transform into Chen Zhen overnight?!

I can't wait until 23rd September 2010 to know the answer.
I have to have those movie premiere tickets!!!

The Shanghainese setting-perfect classy and elegant.
The fear of getting killed while walking on the street that shutters the citizens;
A place lavished with the best yet filled with the darkest secrets.
The patriotic hero which they look up upon to save their precious lives.


警察哥哥, may i give you a big hug if I get to see you in person, together with a photograph and an autograph?!

*scream even as I am thinking about it*
Oh god, I swear I will faint containing that much excitement.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's Start The Ball Rolling, 98C!

This is unlike any other meal.

The happy meal makes one plain joyful eating it.
I am one of those people.
Who says a 24 year old can't eat a Mcdonald's Happy Meal with a toy?

I just did; period.


Yesterday's short meeting with my Primary Schoolmates-Zaki, Jo and Weiqin- is yet another fulfilling one. Since April 2010, we've been working on a mega reunion this coming November 2010.

I can't wait to blog that down!!!

That's Jo, my most abled-assistant event coordinator.
Without him, I'm handicapped.
He's always there for alternatives solutions;
definitely my brain when it's not functioning.
He'll think of the impossibles, the hidden risks, the harshest obstacles we'll face, and to give us a good laugh when we needed one.

By coincidence, we saw another primary schoolmate of ours-Wee Hong, and invited him to the event as well. He's the guy holding a tray standing in the background. At first when we named names of our previous schoolmates, Wee Hong told us he could remember neither of them. He was skeptical about coming for the event.

But when he saw WeiQin(who came later), he yelled his nickname- Monkey- from afar. That was when we asked again if he'll come for the event. He said with a smile,"Can lar. Can see all these old friends of mine. Need to pay money buy tickets also nevermind."


It will be different when you have really met them, your ex schoolmates.
You will be amazed how much everyone of us has grown up; and how differently or the same. Indulge in those nostalgic moments of your primary school life here, and only here, at the Bpps'98 Mega Reunion.

I can't wait to blog that down!
I don't care, I just want to say it again

On the left is Zaki, my most capable Programme Planner. A perfectionist, he can write the best proposals, visualise the most complicated event and draft out complex work flow diagrams!

On the right of the picture, that's Weiqin, our event chief designer. He is ready to design our event poster and banners, taking down all the necessary information. Kindhearted and soft spoken, he is modest of his achievements and life.

Carnival, Live Band, Bpps Idol, Recess, Photography- SHIOK!

Members of the Nine-Eight Committee are united and working day and night for this event. We all want it to be successful and memorable for our schoolmates. So, if you're a BPPS schoolmate of ourselves in the year 1998, come for the Mega Reunion!

We would like to see you in person!!!



I know you can't wait to see the result of my photoshoot.
There's a cliche that says 'save the best for the last'!
Anyway for one, i haven't gotten the photos yet.
Two, I need OMY to publish it on their column first before I can.

I strongly believe that after this photoshoot entry, you'll ALL be tempted to be on your way to The Studio to get your own photoshoot; both guys and girls alike. Be awed how a plain Jane like me can somehow look like a supermodel under their meticulous guidance and care!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When thriftiness can still be fun!

It's that time of the month again;
the last week, my poorest week.
But wait, my next 24hours can still be fun!

From 7am onwards.

For the first 6 hours: A visit to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.
Find it there at one of Singapore's Last Natural Habitat-the mangrove;
There's plenty of fresh air and wildlife for everyone for the price of only S$1.

Next 4 hours: A visit to the saloon.
Through an assignment for a hair model competition,
I got a $1000 saloon cash voucher;
a free hair cut + hair spa treatment + new colour + wash and blow.
They serve hot tea and little snacks.

I felt like a 4-hour tai tai;on complimentary.

Next 2 hours: At home spending time with my love ones.
Playing and walking my 4-month old puppy, Bubble, requires full concentration and energy. Dog-lovers will agree with what I say: This is great exercise.

Sometimes, my 2 hammies comes out and play along with Bubble.

That's a priceless and full-of-love 2 hours spent.

Next 2.5hours: Watch a local Soccer match.
A 5-min walk to the Stadium.
If you're as lucky as I am, you might get a free Anderson's ice-cream cup.
A great dessert after homemade dinner.

This $5 ticket is all worthwhile.

The last 8 hours: A good night's sleep.
Nothing beats a good night rest.
I am holding on to this pillow bf's mother gave to me.

See, my 24 hour can still be really fun and heart-warming.

What will happen if I have $8000 to spend for 24 hour instead?
I will go for a 24hr ultimate make-over; one that will enhance my external appearance for good. I've already made plans for it: braces, eyebrow emcroidery, facial. Can't help behaving like a vain pot.

How about you?!

OCBC will be giving away $8000 to 3 people with the most creative and interesting ideas on how to spend $8000! The ideas will also be filmed on TV!

This big hooha, is nothing but the upcoming OCBC YES!card challenge.

(Click on the link, click on the link to know more!)

There's also an OCBC YES! Card, just so you know.
It is a debit + visa + ez-link + Nets + ATM;
there's just so many plus-es you must get one!

A all-in-one card in your hands.
There's no better convenience you can get than from the OCBC YES!Card.
Fall in love with it now.

*Wait till I lay my hands on my OCBC YES! Picture card;
i'm going to buy Bubble lots of goodies!

scroll down to my previous posts to know about my OCBC YES! Picture Card
and about me joining the OCBC Yes! Card Challenge.

Monday, August 23, 2010


All the Love that comes along with.

All About Eve Bar + Duet Singing Contest

Picture these scenarios:

Scenario 1
You have just knocked off from work. Some colleagues and you wish to avoid the heavy traffic flow in town. The cramped cabins of the train, the crawling traffic, the heavy crowd in shopping malls...

Scenario 2
You intend to meet up someone for makan-and-catching up session. You wonder what to do after dinner: Watching a movie (means very little catching up time), Window-shopping around in the mall(tiring & you can't walk for hours non-stop), KTV session in the evening (too expensive).

Scenario 3
You and your lovey-dovey partner wants to spend some private moments together; have a drink, sing some songs as well as to listen to them, just stare into each other's eyes for hours.

Scenario 4
You are by yourself and just wishes to relax after a long busy day...

Scenario 5
You want to watch Soccer with some of your brothers and realize you have nowhere to watch it conveniently.

Scenario 6
You think you're going to miss your 7pm or 9pm channel 8/u/5 drama.

Come to All About Eve Bar located at Arab Street for a change- a 3-minute walk from Bugis Junction MRT Station.

All About Eve Bar
144 Arab Street #02-01
(7-11 convenience store is downstairs)

Opening hours:
5.30pm - 2am, Sundays to Mondays
5.30pm - 3am, Fridays and Saturdays

Happy Hours Promrion (before 9pm):
2+1 Calberg Jugs for only S$50 nett price

If you're walking there from Bugis Junction,
1. Cross the traffic junction to Raffles Hospital.
2. Keep walking straight and cross over to Golden Landmark Hotel
3. walk straight again and cross final the traffic junction to All About Eve Bar
(look up before you cross and you'll see the big pink flashing sign on your right)

This is Won aka Long Gor, our friendliest boss.
He loves to have a big laugh there and then and a Beatles-Fanatic.
Try talking to him, and you'll realise how easy-going and modest he is.
Oh and by the way, he's a great singer who'll awe you with his live performances!

He has just celebrated his birthday(no one can tell he's over 40 now) last Saturday.
There was free Buffet catering at the bar for every customer to help themselves to.

Nave and Norman were one of the customers there to pamper themselves with the food.

The interior of the bar is cosily furnished;
High ratten seats, parquet flooring and squarish tables just the right size for friends to mingle around without having to shout at the top of their voices. The 3 LCD plasma TVs will guarantee a good view of the MTVs and soccer screenings shown, no matter at which table you're sitting.

If you're a KTV-lover, you may dedicate songs found on this baby here. (below)
Like I say, Long gor loves to sing. So he'll know what KTV-lovers expect from the sound system.

You don't sing, neither do you watch TV?
We have GAMES!!!

Dice, poker cards, photo-hunt, prize-machine, take your pick.
If that's not enough, We have wireless access too! Simply get the access password from the counter.

For further assistance, you may approach the friendly staff- for help---> (haha)

Catch the All About Eve Live performances every Monday from 8pm onwards.

That's Desmond and I performing at All About Eve Bar. Come support me if you can! I need crowds to talk too while I'm on stage you know!!!

All About Eve Drinks Menu(Rough):


Chivas :S$138
Couvoirsier: S$138
Martell: S$158
We serve Hennessey, Bombay Sapphire, Macallan etc.
Comes with 3 mixers which you can choose.
*Water does not count as mixer*

Housepours are at S$35 per jug.
There are mocktails like Lychee Martini as well.


Calsberg Jug: S$24
Carlsberg Tower: S$55
Calsberg Mug: S$6
Calsberg Pint: S$8
Heineken, Hoegarden: S$40 (5 bottles)
There's Guiness Stout, Erdinger etc.

Non-alcoholic drinks: S$5 per can
Blackcurrent juice, orange juice, fruit punch, honey lime, lime juice etc.

To know about more about the drinks menu, kindly leave me a tag/comment and I'll get back to you asap.

(click for larger picture)

8th September 2010
All About Eve DUET Singing Contest

The winner of this contest is determined by 80% judges vote and 20% audience vote.
Winner will bring back S$300 worth of All About Eve Food and Drinks Vouchers.
One lucky voter stands to win a bottle of Couvoirsier as well!

For more info on how to participate, click on 2all2s.blog.

Time is running out,
Take part now!!!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

WOW is here!

For centuries ever known, women have used a variety of menstrual protection. (Guys, you should at least know something about this to impress the woman. So read on.)
From towels, to cloth, to pads and tampons;
you name it, we got it.
We even have a Museum of Menstruation, located in Washing D.C, offering interesting insights about this woman issue.

The term 'Menstruation' or 'Menses' refers to the release of endometrial tissue and blood that occurs as part of the menstrual cycle. Women call it their 'Grand-aunt'(大姨妈 or Da Yi Ma in mandarin)' ,'来红(Lai-ang)' and just simply, 'that One'.

Sanitary Pad-a form of a porous item that has the capability of absorbing the flow of menstrual flow. Too chim? Just know that we termed these sanitary pads as 'pamper', 'bread' or just 'kor-tec'.

Do you know that disposable sanitary pads only started to be available in the market only around the year 1895. However, the prices of these sanitary pads were very high, which made them exclusive toiletries of rich women. (But it's available worldwide now, WORLDWIDE!)

The earliest forms of sanitary pad was shaped in such way, that it could be easily attached to a special belt or girdle. Belted sanitary pads those days were inconvenient(i said that like as if i'm also from those days). They soon became outdated and replaced by stick-on pads . Pads those days were so 'ley cey', being up to two centimeters thick. Leaks(i mean blood) were a major problem then.

In this modern day, pads even come with wings(that cannot fly),fragrance, and even anions pads!

So what else can be new?!

The Kotex Blogger Party @Heaven's Loft blew me away. When I first heard of it from Alvin, I went,"Are you serious?!" On that very same night, i recieved the invitation e-mail.

Fast forward to 21st August 2010, 2.45pm.

Lions at Orchard Central greeted me on my way to the toilet to meet Tiff.
(What's wrong with that? People cannot meet in the toilet lar?)

Look! They were their cubs too!

Sidetrack abit:
I simply heart this cake at Heaven's Loft!
Does anyone really buy it back as a birthday cake?

Here I am, finally at the private event- Kotex Blogger Party!
It was held at Heaven's Loft, Orchard Central, #08-01.

In the United States, Kotex became well-known in the 1920s, when Kimberly-Clark placed adverts in Good Housekeeping magazine. If I am not wrong, Kotex was the first sanitary pad product to place their ads via media in the year 1888. Correct me if I am wrong please. In August 2009, Kotex launched a premium subbrand called Kotex Luxe in Singapore.
(click on the links to know more about them. I've been there and done that.)

One of the 'fewest' males I saw, in fact the only guy I know there- Alvin.

I was surrounded by ladies, ladies and more pretty ladies!
About 80 of them, I am SO fortunate I tell you...

There's really yummy-looking food (and yummy yummy desserts!), an engaging Design-your-own-cupcake Booth, an instant photography booth, a free Ben and Jerry's ice-cream booth(I was screaming with Joy!) and an insightful presentation personally presented by Crystal Lin, the Management Trainee from Kimberly-Clark Singapore Pte Ltd.

Are You ready to WOW at Kotex's new products?

Wait wait.
Before you scroll down further, how do you think the new designs of sanitary pads will look like?

Have something in mind yet?
Let me present to you, the new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads!

Look at the pretty colours!
It comes with a total of 6 new designs, whose creations are influenced by comtemporary fashion trends-The girl-next-door collection and The indie-chick collection.

These are drawstring polybags-Light, portable and reusable! The photo of the actual sample product taken below in the goodie bag section.

Packcount: 6 pads per pack(3 designs per pack)
Pad length: 23cm
RSP/pack: S$1.95

They also have the Upgraded Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Fusion Day and Night Pads. (pic unavail) Comes in only 1 design though. Also packed in drawstring polybags, with 20pads per pack in the Day pad(23cm) pack, and 14 pads per Night pad(32cm) pack.
RSP: S$6.40

Do you know what's in this big book(below) so much so we can't get our hands off?

Why yes! The samples themselves!

They were so soft,comfortable and cottony- the thoughtfulness of Kotex Luxe. Come on, you'll think that we ladies are making a big fuss out of it. You will be wearing it inside and not flaunting it off. So what if there's colours and patterns on the pad? Let me tell you, COLOUR IS THE IDEA. Women needs to feel good in order to look good. So if we feel good from the INSIDE, we will naturally look good on the outside. Get it?

Hmmm...I wonder if this can reduce my PMS now that I feel happier and more cheerful with the colours and those awesome designs?

Consumer Launch date of this product: 13 September 2010
(available at leading supermarket chains in Singapore).
Check out their colourfully designed booths then!

Pre-launched: One week prior to its official debut on retail shelves, with a countdown timer and interactive features on Facebook Page, http://www.facebook.com/iknowmovement.

If you join the FB WOW page now, there'll be freebies, complimentary samples, screensaver, wallpaper and many more just for you!!!

You think that's the end of it all?

When we first arrived, we were given a flower badge to write our names on. According to the colours of our flower, we were grouped into 6 groups to play a game.

There were 6 tables placed just outside the open-lounge of Heaven's Loft. On each of the 6 tables, there was a plain poster with a bag of stationery supplies and products which we could use to design and colour the poster with. We girls really work it out I tell you.

This was what my team did-THE RED TEAM!

Later on, we combined all the 6 posters on the stage to present a even bigger poster that says 'WOW'. It really 'wow-ed' me, I swear!

Each of us was given a goodie bag with lots of goodies.
Kotex Luxe is definitely more generous than I thought.

There is a special mug in the goodie bag(every lady will have one) that WOW us yet again. It is black initially. But when you add in hot water, a picture 'WOW' gradually surfaces!

Special thanks to Silver Ang for being my hand model. HAHA

Finally, there's free instant photographs you can take home at the instant photograhy booth with ready props to choose from.

Sidetrack another bit:
This pair of shoes caught my eye so much I just had to blog it down.
While I was waiting for my photographs, I asked if I could take a photo of them.
The owner of this pair said she bought it from Ebay. :)

Thank You Jia qi and Jia ning(my dearest cousins), for attending the event with me.
And not to forget Jiaxin and dearest Tiffany Babe!Hi Joyce, I see you!!! Check out her blog!
Not to forget Ying Zi too! (Yong Wei, jealous right?)

Best of all, I met Winnie.
This all-girls' party will not be complete without my Silver Jie!

I've never known that an All-girl event could be so happening! With the colours, the games, the information and the crowd. All these make me feel so worthwhile to be a girl, for once.

WOHOOOO, What a party!!!

Source taken from: http://www.anion-sanitary-napkin.com/sanitary_napkin.html