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Donnie Yen & a pail full of screams

Caution: This will be an entry full of screams; because of Donnie Yen.

When I was a little girl, and I mean too young to even reach the TV power-on button, my dad would buy kungfu VCDs and watched them at home alone. Over the years, I became his most dedicated TV-companion, watching and sharing my views of the movie characters-ignorantly-as if I know a lot about kungfu. Since then, I had loved Chinese Martial Arts Shows- be it movies or dramas.

"Papi, the bad guy is going to through that door and 警察哥哥(Brother Police) is going to kick him right in his face...Yes! WOhooo...Good ah! Kick him! Be careful!" I cheered on.

My very first impression of Donnie Yen is he acting as a handsome policeman. However, I only knew him as "警察哥哥". My dad will laugh at me-a little girl swearing like a boy watching wrestling. In his roles, Donnie Yen loves to rub his thumb lightly against his lower lips, all the time. Subsequently as I grew older, Even in other hongkong movies:as a fighter, policeman etc, i came to realize this was his trademark.


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This is it- Ip Man.

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That was then that I can finally remember his name vividly-Donnie Yen. The character, Ip Man, has somehow enhances his personality; It is like Donnie Yen is Ip Man himself.

Note:He has lost his trademark by now; a major breakthrough I figured.

Unlike any typical martial arts movie, Donnie Yen has not once 'flash' himself half-naked in any of hsi Ip Man movies. (So nope, it wasn't his 8pacs perfect-shaped body figure that attracted me)

Fully-clothed, his swift and fast moves, his modesty with being a hero, the principles which he follows with a pinch of humour; morally upright and inspiring to many who have seen Ip Man. A 100% fatherly-figure(which I had lost that someone some years back) and a dedicated martial-arts lover. My salutes to you.


Ip Man was so real(he is real but i meant in the movies) that I ever blogged about this: If 'back then' was really that exciting and heroic, give me a chance to live in the past so that I can experience myself.

Not only had Donnie Yen carved out such a perfect impression for me, he reminds me of my childhood days spent with my Dad, whom I love so much. Reminiscing the 90s where I will sit in my father' lap, peeking from between his fingers trying to watch the good guy finally upbringing justice to the world...

Donnie Yen is going to do that again.

Starring in an upcoming movie, The Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen, he is back as a masked pariotic hero, tangle with those Imperialist bastards. Watch his moves!

Chen Zhen is a fictional Chinese Kungfu hero created by a hong kong writer, Ni Kuang. The character first appeared in the 1972 martial arts film Fist of Fury, which starred Bruce Lee. Read more about Chen Zhen on Wikipedia

I am ecstatic!

23rd September 2010- a movie NOT to be missed!

My question is,
how is Ip Man going to transform into Chen Zhen overnight?!

I can't wait until 23rd September 2010 to know the answer.
I have to have those movie premiere tickets!!!

The Shanghainese setting-perfect classy and elegant.
The fear of getting killed while walking on the street that shutters the citizens;
A place lavished with the best yet filled with the darkest secrets.
The patriotic hero which they look up upon to save their precious lives.


警察哥哥, may i give you a big hug if I get to see you in person, together with a photograph and an autograph?!

*scream even as I am thinking about it*
Oh god, I swear I will faint containing that much excitement.

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