Monday, August 16, 2010

All Aboard!

I had a 'Heaven-Of-A-Time' on board this Magic Cola Bus!
The coca cola theme song was play on repetition now it's stuck in my head for good.
Tiffany played a really good host- the happiness crew of Coca Cola.
Make a guess what material is the Cola T-shirt made from?

You'll never guessed it, It's made of recycled COCA COLA BOTTLES!

Goh Wei Jie, the 12 year old torchbearer who ran 12km holding the YOG torch. The moment this young, promising boy ran into the YOG HQ passed me, I was in tears of pride. You know what? He had a whole school of supporters backing him up. And they all ran after him chanting at the top of their voices," Go Wei Jie Go, Go Wei Jie Go!'

The weather was sorching HOT. And so were our YOG spirit!

These torchbearers came well-prepared.

Yongwei claims that he's cold and felt like putting on his jacket. I wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me when I spotted beads of perspiration accumulating under his chin... On the other hand, Silver Jie finally came wearing leggings and a jacket.

2.45pm: Everyone got ready to board the Red Bus.

Look how ecstatic we were! Or, I was.

We immediately did all the necessary preparations from chopping seats,

QC our goodies: poncho, cap, lanyard, vuvuzela, clappers, a bottle of coke etc.Not to forget my handy-dandy portable fan.
We got to the extent of making sure our Vuvuzelas are working fine,
Joyce (below) made sure those incoming tree branches would mind their business and stop poking their 'noses' into the bus.

And this is how it looks like from inside the Cola Bus.
From Kay Siang Rd, to Holland Rd, Napier Rd, Tanglin Rd, Orchard, City Hall, Suntec, Esplanade, Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Park etc. We kept waving non-stop at onlookers,strangers or not, and they undoubtfully waved back at us. As we cheered on, the torchbearers got down from the bus in front of us to take their places for the incoming torch relay.

Seeing the cola bus meant that a few hundred meters behind, torchbearers were running, passing the YOG flame from one hand to the other. We were extremely welcomed. In fact, the anticipating crowd were escalated to see us coming!

I blurted out to Tiffany that I would like to help give out goodies to the public. Moments later, I was jumping out from the moving bus and giving them out! YOu think it's easy, wait until you try it on your own. I almost lost my balance a few times as i was alighting and boarding the moving bus. But all thanks to teamwork, I succeeded my mission: to give out all the coca paper fans and vuvuzelas.

Here's how you do it:

In the bus, someone appoints 5-7 volunteers to 'jump off' the bus equip with goodies. On 'go', we jump out in an orderly manner and we are not supposed to stop running. We had to keep ahead of our bus, way ahead. When there is a junction, we must stop. If the bus is too far away, we had to run back to it. If the long blowing of a vuvuzela sounds, it's the call for us to run back, regardless of.

There will be a 'sheepdog' guarding us(the sheep). He will run always be at the last, shouting for us to keep in, picking our dropped goodies for us, as well as to make sure no one gets left behind.

I got pulled into the crowd once. Someone wants the vuvuzela and wouldn't let go of me. He was tugging at my sleeve, demanding for the item. I let go of the rest of my vuvuzelas and ran back to the bus without turning back.

Here's those who had liven up my day on the bus:

Yong wei

Top Left: Silver Jie Top Right: Joyce

Bottom Left: HongPeng, Bottom Right: Tiffany

Not in Photo: Clarance

And there's the NYP student volunteers on board the bus: Yihui, Tjoandi, Josephine and Izzac.

Thank you Coca Cola! And most of all, HP-my CCB

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