Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is a whole experience.
I gave my virgin visit to a Funeral Parlour on Thursday.

Together with William and Adeline, we were there at the Ang Yew Seng Funeral Parlour
to film for Channel 8's On The Beat Variety Show.

This parlour provides Funeral Parlour Rentals- classy and elegant. Best of all it's air-conditioned, furnished with baroque-designed wall and a chandelier, fully equipped with clean toilets, a shower cubicle and a TV room with sofa couches. I heard that they provide 24hour/7 service, where attendants will attend to you upon request.

That's me filling up the Mediacorp Agreement Form. The bottles in the foreground were free from the parlour.

When William said, "look! There's a monkey on the tree!" I thought he meant a real one. The toy one looks cute anyway.

What's more, we got to see bathing dogs-one after another!

Through the filming, I got to know about coffins. In the past, the coffins took really long to be cremated. The founder of this company, the late Mr Ang Yew Seng, spent his entire life designing new types of coffins to shorten the cremation process. His daughters have since took over to run the company-capable successful women. And mind you, they've got both the intelligence and the appearance.

Through the introduction for the show, I also learnt that we could customise the decorations and displays in each parlour.

Take for example, the deceased is someone who used to love to bake muffins alot, loves to knit. You may arrange for some of the items made and loved by the deceased to be put on display in the parlour.

Here is the address:

Thank You, 都是大发现.
Thank you, William.
Thank you, AYS for the willingness to empart the cultural knowledge.

Catch this episode on Channel 8 very soon!

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