Saturday, August 14, 2010

GV Yishun Renovation Party + PCK movie premiere

I prepared this especially for last Wednesday's Gala:

You guessed it, i hadn't worn the yellow boots which I'm supposed to.

Well you know me-I'm always hungry;
Yong Wei and I had reached as early as 4.30pm after his YOG performance at Yishun ITE so we decided to grab some appetizers before the Sumptuous buffet later in the evening. That's Sushi at Northpoint's Japanese Foodcourt @Level 3.

Here we are at Yishun Golden Village, the first ever multiplex in Singapore.
Built way back in 1992, The multiplex consists of 10 halls which can screen up to 10 different movies at a time. Back then, this was a big ho-ha. After 18 years of rain and shine, this multiplex is ready for its biggest make-over.

It is honoured, i'll say, to be able to join the last few hundred people to watch the last movie screenings here, to bring back nostalgic memories of my family movie outings together.(something which will never happen again)

That's HP, Yong Wei and William posing for my camera(below)

Oh yes, GV was extremely generous. You can take my word for that. Besides giving away each movie ticket with a goodie bag fill with a regular pack sweet popcorn and a bottle of orange juice with pulp, the organisers arranged a cocktail reception buffet for ALL media and their guests! Plus, we were given 2 movie premiere tickets to watch Phua Chu Kang The Movie.

Each of us got two tickets each, which i didn't know at first. Anyway my mom has been a great sport because at 6.30pm, she rushed down from Queensway to attend the movie premiere with me!

This young lady(below) is Thiang.

At the party, we were supposed to dress up like construction workers. Tiang is most probably the hip-piest construction worker that day. Have you guessed by now who was she imitating? Yes! A combination of Rosie and Phua Chu Kang! her hair-do was bunned up matched with leggings like Rosie, and a big white shirt representing Phua Chu Kang.

Innovative, isn't she? :)

This is pure coincidence. I met Jie and she has also invited her mom to the movie premiere. I reckoned that our local productions are always suitable for everyone, from the young to the old. Now at least there's a movie suitable to watch together as a family rather than just cartoons.

From the left: Silver's Mom, Auntie Anna, Silver and my mom.

Phua Chu Kang The Movie

Definitely something familiar yet different from watching its series on Channel 5. I know it sounds ironical. But wait until you finish reading my explanation for this. The humour, the slang, Rosie's exagerrated make-up and nonetheless,Phua Chu Kang's laughter. Did these ring a bell to you? On top of the familiarity of the above said, the movie has more emotions, more than just the clean English they always speak of. Definitely something refreshing.

The story has more meaning filled in- to have filial piety towards your grandparents, to trust your partners and that it's never too late to tell someone that you love him/her.

Oh yah, if you're thinking of re-painting your house anytime soon, watch PCK and they'll tell you all about the colourless, odorless and customize-abled Nippon Paint, alot advertising throughout the story.

Gurmit Singh rocks the world!!!

In the movie, he acted the roles of multiple characters. Other than PCK himself, he is also his own grandfather and the younger version of the grandfather. He is so natural!

The last part of the story became rather impractical and draggy. Lim Lap Pey, the incorrigible Director from the Elderly home played by Henry Thia, managed to escape from the police not once but TWICE. How is that possible to sneak out from the police car when he's already been caught? The story probably ran out of ideas later...

In short,
It's a freaking hilarious yet meaningful movie, go and watch it!

No wait, that's not all.
The renovation party is not over yet. Apart from the goodie bags and movie screening, PCK and Rosie also came in person to attend the party. They 'snooked' the emcee with their unique 'par-quek'(parquet) and 'Hor-noured'(honoured) english vocabulary and gave us a good laugh.

Last but not least, Hall 6 was filled with momentos of the cinemas for us to take away, a piece of the old Yishun GV before it's New.

Look at the photographs below, they had cut out pieces of the carpet and framed it up for us to choose from-the blue patches with a star in the middle. The rows of number tags which you see were taken from the cinema seats which we can keep as momentos as well.

I thought we couldn't take the posters hung at the side of the hall. the truth is, we can! I wanted the IP Man poster so much and was rammaging through the boxes of posters to no avail. In the end, I took a photo of it for memorance. In the end, YONG WEI took it home!!! ROARRRR....

Yishun GV, i'll see you again with your brand new look on 3rd November 2010!

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