Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When thriftiness can still be fun!

It's that time of the month again;
the last week, my poorest week.
But wait, my next 24hours can still be fun!

From 7am onwards.

For the first 6 hours: A visit to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.
Find it there at one of Singapore's Last Natural Habitat-the mangrove;
There's plenty of fresh air and wildlife for everyone for the price of only S$1.

Next 4 hours: A visit to the saloon.
Through an assignment for a hair model competition,
I got a $1000 saloon cash voucher;
a free hair cut + hair spa treatment + new colour + wash and blow.
They serve hot tea and little snacks.

I felt like a 4-hour tai tai;on complimentary.

Next 2 hours: At home spending time with my love ones.
Playing and walking my 4-month old puppy, Bubble, requires full concentration and energy. Dog-lovers will agree with what I say: This is great exercise.

Sometimes, my 2 hammies comes out and play along with Bubble.

That's a priceless and full-of-love 2 hours spent.

Next 2.5hours: Watch a local Soccer match.
A 5-min walk to the Stadium.
If you're as lucky as I am, you might get a free Anderson's ice-cream cup.
A great dessert after homemade dinner.

This $5 ticket is all worthwhile.

The last 8 hours: A good night's sleep.
Nothing beats a good night rest.
I am holding on to this pillow bf's mother gave to me.

See, my 24 hour can still be really fun and heart-warming.

What will happen if I have $8000 to spend for 24 hour instead?
I will go for a 24hr ultimate make-over; one that will enhance my external appearance for good. I've already made plans for it: braces, eyebrow emcroidery, facial. Can't help behaving like a vain pot.

How about you?!

OCBC will be giving away $8000 to 3 people with the most creative and interesting ideas on how to spend $8000! The ideas will also be filmed on TV!

This big hooha, is nothing but the upcoming OCBC YES!card challenge.

(Click on the link, click on the link to know more!)

There's also an OCBC YES! Card, just so you know.
It is a debit + visa + ez-link + Nets + ATM;
there's just so many plus-es you must get one!

A all-in-one card in your hands.
There's no better convenience you can get than from the OCBC YES!Card.
Fall in love with it now.

*Wait till I lay my hands on my OCBC YES! Picture card;
i'm going to buy Bubble lots of goodies!

scroll down to my previous posts to know about my OCBC YES! Picture Card
and about me joining the OCBC Yes! Card Challenge.

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