Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Aboard!

Something irreversible had happened today!
The Jpeg and PSD formats of my namecard was saved in my digicam memory card to be sent for printing. The china-born guy who served us at this printing shop did something to my memory card, which I don't know what-the-fuck, and the memory card was REFORMATTED. Go and learn how to read ENGLISH.

I would have skinned him alive!

When something turns negative in life, the first blame should be on oneself;
My stupidity for saving it in the digicam memory card.


Those photos can never be replaced again!
They were taken on the Singapore Flyer- there was this 30s fireworks video, YOG performance at the floating Stage, NDP2010 rehearsal at the Padang, photos of Mum, DD and I on the flyer, the breath-taking night sceneries and the lighting up of spotlights on ALL the skyscrapers 30sec before the YOG fireworks, YOG performers at their rest area and how they walked up like a nest of ants to their performing stage.

I am extremely upset about this;
Never gonna bring this issue up again.

The Flyer ride was complimentary given by the Big Walk.
The fireworks from a sky view was such a bonus for me.
A pity i can't share the mesmerizing sights with you.


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