Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mediaviewing at Dragonfly

"Welcome to Dragonfly!"
Or so this is how my CCBs(Chao Chee Buddies) reacted at the entrance to welcome me.

You don't really have to worry about the music level if you're sitting at one the dome-shaped VIP tables. These specially designed compartments can amplify your voice so that friends sitting opposite you can hear you perfectly as well.
(When Yongwei was speaking to his friend, i thought who was talking behind me when there's already a wall.)

From Left: Evan, Me, Yongwei, Ziyuan, Firdaus, William and HP
Photographer: Lionel

What is 'eating to your heart's content'?
(That's only 7 out of the 15 over items we ordered)

From left: Evan(Nave), Me, William and HP

With the new food menu at Dragonfly(St. James),
stop worrying what to drink,
start worrying what to eat!

The menu is bilingual-english and chinese.
How thoughtful!

These finger food items, bolognaise, lasagna and spaghetti will definitely satisfy your taste buds!

The top dish is my favourite of all- Codfish Tofu with wasabi mayonnise.
Crispy on the surface, melting soft on the inside.
The mayonnise is a well-mixture of wasabi & mayonnise just enough to tease your tastebuds, leaving behind a crave for more codfish tofu. I can finish at least 3 baskets myself!

The above picture looks like common meatballs to you, doesn'
Known as Balls Of Fiery-this dish matches its name perfectly.
As you mince on the meatball, it sends you tiny waves of spiciness.
Want to add some spice to your life?
Try the Ball Of Fiery for a change. :)

This hongkong style turnip cake shown above is also a must-try-
which reminds me of our local delicacy-the carrot cake.
It's been cut into bite-sizes;
Ladies do not have to worry about spoiling your image.
Go for a dip in the black sweet sauce and chilli that comes along with the dish,
you will not regret you ever done that!

There's a saying about heavenly food being fit for the emperor;
I'll say that good service should be included in this package as well.
Candy, who serves us, certainly deserves to get an Employee-of-the-month incentive.
She sincerely attended to our every request. Not to mention her patience in explaining the new food & drink menu. On top of that, she wasted no time serving our food to us-piping hot.

Candy doesn't want to have her photograph taken.
So, try to make out how she look like from the background instead. (below)

We have a new Happy Hour Band- Hacker(China) at Dragonfly! (click on the link and scroll down to Dragonfly to find out who sings live there!)

This talented band played popular songs including Hotel California, 新不了情, 你最珍贵 etc. So don't think they only know songs from the mainland!

The band is accompanied with vocalists like Sylvester Sim and Norah.

The candid shots tells you that we really enjoyed ourselves alot,
no kidding!

Join the Dragonfly facebook group now.
Thank you OMY, Dawn and of course Dragonfly for a wonderful Happy Hour Evening!

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