Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's Start The Ball Rolling, 98C!

This is unlike any other meal.

The happy meal makes one plain joyful eating it.
I am one of those people.
Who says a 24 year old can't eat a Mcdonald's Happy Meal with a toy?

I just did; period.


Yesterday's short meeting with my Primary Schoolmates-Zaki, Jo and Weiqin- is yet another fulfilling one. Since April 2010, we've been working on a mega reunion this coming November 2010.

I can't wait to blog that down!!!

That's Jo, my most abled-assistant event coordinator.
Without him, I'm handicapped.
He's always there for alternatives solutions;
definitely my brain when it's not functioning.
He'll think of the impossibles, the hidden risks, the harshest obstacles we'll face, and to give us a good laugh when we needed one.

By coincidence, we saw another primary schoolmate of ours-Wee Hong, and invited him to the event as well. He's the guy holding a tray standing in the background. At first when we named names of our previous schoolmates, Wee Hong told us he could remember neither of them. He was skeptical about coming for the event.

But when he saw WeiQin(who came later), he yelled his nickname- Monkey- from afar. That was when we asked again if he'll come for the event. He said with a smile,"Can lar. Can see all these old friends of mine. Need to pay money buy tickets also nevermind."


It will be different when you have really met them, your ex schoolmates.
You will be amazed how much everyone of us has grown up; and how differently or the same. Indulge in those nostalgic moments of your primary school life here, and only here, at the Bpps'98 Mega Reunion.

I can't wait to blog that down!
I don't care, I just want to say it again

On the left is Zaki, my most capable Programme Planner. A perfectionist, he can write the best proposals, visualise the most complicated event and draft out complex work flow diagrams!

On the right of the picture, that's Weiqin, our event chief designer. He is ready to design our event poster and banners, taking down all the necessary information. Kindhearted and soft spoken, he is modest of his achievements and life.

Carnival, Live Band, Bpps Idol, Recess, Photography- SHIOK!

Members of the Nine-Eight Committee are united and working day and night for this event. We all want it to be successful and memorable for our schoolmates. So, if you're a BPPS schoolmate of ourselves in the year 1998, come for the Mega Reunion!

We would like to see you in person!!!



I know you can't wait to see the result of my photoshoot.
There's a cliche that says 'save the best for the last'!
Anyway for one, i haven't gotten the photos yet.
Two, I need OMY to publish it on their column first before I can.

I strongly believe that after this photoshoot entry, you'll ALL be tempted to be on your way to The Studio to get your own photoshoot; both guys and girls alike. Be awed how a plain Jane like me can somehow look like a supermodel under their meticulous guidance and care!

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